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Barbies Gone Wild

There’s a new Barbie in town

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

You may have heard of the “Human Barbie,” the average Ukrainian citizen Valeria Lukyonova, who used plastic surgery to achieve what most scientists and doctors believed to be impossible: the physical proportions of Barbie.

Well, good news to those of you who were scared she’d sell out before Christmas: There’s a new Human Barbie on the block, the Russian Olga Oleynik, whose preferred “Barbie name” is Dominika and who is now best friends with Valeria! This new Human Barbie appears to be yet another victim to the strange yet somehow enticing phenomenon of plastic surgery.

While many people condemn plastic surgery as shallow and wasteful of money and resources, proponents of the practice would likely argue that these procedures can be beneficial to increasing one’s self-esteem or, in cases of weight-loss surgery, increase one’s life expectancy, and it’s hard to belittle these benefits. However, sometimes these procedures are taken to such an extreme and done in such strange ways that one can’t help but judge.

Let’s take a look at Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures, including breast implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and butt augmentation.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would pay a doctor to transform her face into a freakish Halloween mask and her breasts into oversized bowling balls. While Heidi has stated that she now regrets the procedure and admits that she should have done more research on plastic surgery…come on.

It shouldn’t take “extra research” to figure out that if you spend the majority of your time on a surgeon’s table having your face and body cut up and injected with silicone, you are going to come out looking pretty deformed. Either Heidi might really be as stupid as she seems, or Spencer completely brainwashed her so that his fantasy of being married to a blowup doll could be fulfilled.

Moreover, a recent article discusses the rising trend of mother-daughter plastic surgeries.

The reason for this phenomenon may have something to do with the airbrushed images of impossible physical ideals that dominate magazines and billboards, or it may simply have to do with the fact that mothers and daughters are bored of comparing newly purchased shoes and bags from the traditional mother-daughter shopping spree and are looking for more exciting things to bond over, like newly purchased body parts.

Given all these crazy body alterations, people are going to have to get more and more outlandish if they want to receive attention like the Barbies have received. Who knows—Maybe next thing we know, some man will transform himself into a living replica of Ken.




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    what did i just read

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    what is this i dun even

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    mother/daughter bonding wins.

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