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Spectrum | Mar. 4 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Glass house, lox

It’s late. You’re up. If you still haven’t been able to thaw from today’s chill, we hope this stuff will warm your heart:

Heard along the Ivy: Yalies simply will not put up with the miniature bagels their dining halls have offered lately. Fight the power, Yale! Also, “Silliman Dining Hall.”

Random of randoms: In an attempt to find a bagel pun for the story above, we found this site of bagel jokes. They’re so terrible, but like, in a fantastic way.

A little bird tweeted:  The line for the Suits on Campus screening tonight was just a little bit long.

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Spectrum | Jan. 30 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Officially one day until freedom

It’s late – and so were we, when we published this a tad bit off schedule. But you’re probably still up, so congratulations for making it this far. Now read the 1:11 (or 1:42, but you – and we – may never know…)

The Best Part: I’m officially caught up with American Horror Story, which also qualifies as “The Worst Part,” since Ryan Murphy & Co. squandered any potential for a good season. Not entirely surprising, though—Glee, their other televisual spawn, peaked in its first season.

Reality Check: In case you’d forgotten, John Boehner has the emotional maturity of an embryo. I’ve volunteered in nursery classrooms, and no three-year-old can top this killer pouty face. (Well, it’s either a pout or a cry for Pepto-Bismol.)

Heard along the Ivy: A study claims that Yale students aren’t huge fans of hygiene. Yale “does not require students to take out loans for their education,” but if this data’s accurate, they should require students to take a month-long shower instead.

A little bird tweeted: Dudes of the Internet, be discreet. Anna Kendrick doesn’t need to see what you’re liking for future reference, and neither do I.

The End: Judging by the “literally crying”s and “OH MY GOD”s on my Facebook newsfeed, The Fault in Our Stars is a big, depressing deal. (My friends told me to read the book; I read the Wikipedia entry.) Catch the trailer here:


Spectrum | Jan. 21 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Back for more: the old-meets-new 1:11

It’s late. You’re up (or, like me, have fallen prey to jet lag.) Congratulations, you’re standing on the brink of the spring semester—but before that begins, let’s get on with this.

The Best Part:  Closed for renovation after the fire, Citibank has resiliently set up ATMs in a little truck on 111th Street. A little close for comfort, but the money dispensers seem to work just fine.

This day in Spec history: Back in 1995, SSOL’s ancestor was a manual class registration process. A Barnard first-year writes about the nightmare of signing up for a required gym class: “This task should have been accomplished in an orderly fashion, but then who cares about order in this modern day and age?”  With Wait Lists and Wish Lists swirling around the vortex that is class registration, we feel ya.

From the Twittersphere:  Sociology Professor Shamus Khan makes it for the very first Tweet of the Day, with his appreciative welcome-back to us. Carman residents verbalizing their excitement to return to another semester of debauchery in those generously wide hallways?

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News | Jan. 18 5:56 pm EST

Mental health at Yale

Illustration by Ashley Lee

It turns out Columbia students aren’t the only ones who are unhappy with their school’s mental health care system. Yesterday, the Yale Daily News published a weekend lead article about how Yale students have been disappointed by long wait times and unhelpful staff: A Yale College Council report showed that 31 percent of students who received help from the school’s Mental Health and Counseling Department rated their experience as “poor” or “very poor.”

The Yale Mental Health and Counseling Department employs 28 mental health clinicians, 22 of whom work full time, to treat Yale’s student body of almost 12,000. Columbia’s Counseling and Psychological Services, by contrast, employs 38, 33 of whom work full time, to treat a student body of over 29,000. According to data from 2012 from the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors, both schools have two to three times as many health professionals per student as do institutions of similar size.

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Sports | Nov. 8 1:32 pm EST

You can’t teach a young team experience

Kiera Wood / Spec

This has not been a good year for the Columbia football team. It’s been a case of everything that could go wrong going wrong, usually at the worst possible time. Columbia has been plagued by injuries, and the team is relying on very young, inexperienced players. This week, I’m going to take a look at a play from the Yale game where youth really hurt the Lions.

Columbia is down 23-6, but they have the ball at the start of the third quarter and they’ve just picked up a first down. The game isn’t out of hand yet, and it’s a big chance for the Lions to make it a close game.

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Spectrum | Feb. 28 9:03 am EST
Wake-Up Call

Lionmail gets creepier

Courtesy of Yale Daily News

Open up Lionmail and check some of your most recent emails. Notice anything different? The display names for some Columbia emails now show the sender’s middle name. Just a fun observation to start off your Thursday.


Read this: If you don’t know who Emlyn Hughes is by now, then you’ve probably been living under a rock… or in Butler. The infamous physics and Frontiers of Science professor met with Columbia administration and expressed his regret over the last week’s FoS lecture.

Know this: Pressure’s on in men’s basketball as Columbia is set to face Yale. Austin Morgan, Yale’s guard, will face off against our own Brian Barbour this Friday.

Here’s more: Orchesis‘ spring show and Barnard Dances at Miller falls on the same day due to the process of pre-calendaring, but the real problem behind all this is the shortage of space for performances.

Kimberly Flores / Staff Photographer


Sports | Feb. 24 6:54 pm EST

LIVEBLOG: Men’s basketball at Yale (FINAL SCORE: Yale 75, Columbia 67)

The Lions are back in action tonight at Yale. A few weeks ago, the Lions held a 21 point lead against the Bulldogs in the middle of the second half, but saw it evaporate as Yale came back to win. You can check out the preview here, catch the game on the YES Network, and follow along with the liveblog below.


Spectrum | Jan. 27 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

Republicans get real—real personal

It’s late. You’re up. But it’s Thursday! You must be ecstatic. Or maybe you have work—I know I do. Love Thursdays at Columbia.

Actual News:

Republican brawl:Bitterness between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney took center stage during Thursday’s Republican debate. The two argued over immigrations policies and their own financial holdings. Things got a bit personal, seeing as Gingrich’s campaign released (and later pulled) an advertisement that accused Romney of being the most anti-immigrant candidate.

Other Ivies exist: Don’t feel bad that applications to Columbia dropped 8.9% this year. It appears that applications to Harvard went down 1.9%, even after they reinstated their early decision program. Penn also dropped 1.7%, whereas Yale saw an increase of 5.8%. More »


Sports | Jan. 13 10:33 am EST
new man in charge

Yale’s got a new football coach

Courtesy of Harvard Athletics

The news out of New Haven is Yale has found its newest head coach for their football program. Tony Reno has been hired as Yale’s 34th head coach, after serving as Harvard’s special teams coordinator and secondary coach for the past three seasons. Before that, Reno spent six years at Yale as a wide receivers coach in 2003, and then secondary coach from 2004-2008—so it’s technically not Yale going completely against the ideals of the Harvard-Yale rivalry. (I mean, c’mon, would the Yankees ever hire a coach who just worked for the Red Sox? I doubt it.)

Reno replaces the recently resigned Tom Williams, who left Yale after it came out in November that Williams lied about being a candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship. Williams’ claim of also playing on the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers practice squad in 1993 proved to be false as well. It probably was a really stupid idea to lie about things like that, but regardless Williams left Yale with a record of 16-14 in three seasons, including 5-5 in 2011.


Sports | Dec. 21 10:34 am EST
Coaching shakeups

Yale football coach resigns

Tom Williams, the Yale football coach whose claims about his academic record have recently drawn scrutiny, has resigned. Concerns that he had falsely claimed to be a Rhodes Scholar candidate, in interviews as well as on his résumé, were ultimately enough to push the embattled coach out.

One of Williams’ players, quarterback Patrick Witt, attracted national media attention earlier this year when he chose to play in his team’s last game against Harvard rather than attend his finalist interview for a Rhodes Scholarship. Williams found himself in hot water after commenting that he himself had been forced to make the same choice as a college football player at Stanford. “I followed my dream to play NFL football,” Williams said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “I have no regrets about it at all.”

Only two things were different about Williams’ decision. The first difference is that he missed his interview not to play against Harvard, but to try out for the San Francisco 49ers. The second difference is that he didn’t actually miss his interview, because he never applied for a Rhodes Scholarship. More »