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Opinion | Nov. 17 3:05 pm EST

Historic Morningside

katmeresin / flickr

This Tuesday, Spec published a piece about the growing effort in this neighborhood to get Morningside Heights recognized as a historic district by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. This is an issue that’s been on my mind for a while now, and not only because I’m in the middle of writing a Blue & White article on the subject. For the past few weeks, I’ve been delving into all sorts of information about the local drive to earn such recognition, partly out of duty and more so out of a budding personal interest.

The Morningside Heights Historic District Committee has been lobbying the city’s preservation for the better part of fifteen years now, though the efforts of its members have yet to bear fruit—which seems a bit strange to me, since the state’s Historic Preservation Office determined over two years ago that the neighborhood met both statewide and national criteria to be registered as a historic place. But New York City’s guidelines are far more nuanced. The LPC oversees all five boroughs, which makes prioritizing historic landmarks and districts a little complicated. More »


Opinion | Sep. 8 11:30 am EST

We’re not 42 anymore!

It’s starting to seem like there are some journalists out there with a serious vendetta against the U.S. News & World Report and their annual college ranking.  First there was the irrational Forbes’ report that put our Alma Mater on the Hudson Shore at number 42, right behind Scripps and quite a ways below Centre (I’ve never heard of either of them, and I’d be willing to bet that Princeton grad Steve Forbes hasn’t either). Now Newsweek’s weighing in with a list of their own that seems just as arbitrary in its selections, if not even more scattered than the job done by the people at Forbes. At least we fared a little better this time around, although we’re definitely not excelling in “Weather” or as a “Party School.” More »


Opinion | Sep. 5 10:48 pm EST

A matter of introduction

Illustration by Maddy Kloss

As I’m a freshman at Columbia, it’s become my duty to lend a perspective to Spectrum that is at once naïve and cynical—think Horatio Alger on six cups of coffee a day. Having spent the last two years in a sad and desolate corner of Wales, it’s high time that I adjust to city life and move beyond the drizzle and the sheep. The pubs won’t be the same and neither will at least one meaning of the word “rubber,” but there’s the slightest chance that some of what I learned there just might translate.

Having minutely sized up my surroundings during NSOP out of sheer paranoia, I feel confident in stating that every member of the Class of 2015 has something unique to offer, and I eagerly welcome my peers and the myriad of perspectives that they bring to Morningside Heights. These will be an interesting four years for all of us, and I hope that our varying ideas and opinions—and our jackass, toolbag criticisms of those ideas and opinions, deserved and undeserved alike (but constant nonetheless)—will make the time we spend together all the more interesting. At the very least it’ll be entertaining.

William Holt is a freshman.