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Opinion | Dec. 10 11:24 pm EST

Thoughts on the semester

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For this week’s Quick and Dirty, we asked our bloggers to reflect briefly on the semester.

Emily: I’m withholding all reflection on the semester until after finals are over, at which point I will become either infinitely more or exponentially less positive about the past fourteen weeks than I am at this moment.

Will: I practically stumbled into Professor Mikael Hornqvist’s Liberty & Empire by accident, but I can think of no other class this semester that was more fulfilling. What’s better than being taught by an expert on Machiavelli?

Naomi: I got a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more familiar with Butler.

Well the days were long
But the weeks went by too fast
Same as always, yo.


Opinion | Dec. 1 3:42 pm EST

On Costco, exams and survivalism

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Finals are fast approaching us,  and you’re probably tired of hearing it. Some of us, however, inadvertently (or intentionally) made the wise decision to fill our schedules with classes that don’t actually have finals (read: Beginning Fiction Workshop). That being said, I’m not getting out of the end-of-term crunch so easily. The next two weeks or so will be chock-full of more poor-quality, mad-dash writing than a month in the life of Stephen King, so it’s time to buckle up for the ride. More »


Opinion | Nov. 17 9:05 pm EST

To pass a class

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If you’re in Barnard, you may still be deciding whether or not to Pass/D/Fail. (Sorry, rest of Columbia, the deadline was at 5 p.m.) So here is the advice from our beloved bloggers for those who still don’t know what to do—remember to decide by 11:30 tonight!

Caroline P/D/F: Please/Don’t/Fret! Your life and character cannot be contained by an inked letter on a piece of paper, no matter how much that letter meant to you at the time.

Neil: Aside from the whole “you’re not allowed to P/D/F a language” thing and the fact that the Core plus your major requirements means you’ll MAYBE get to use it twice in your college career, the Pass/D/Fail option is a pure good. Like pumpkin pie and “The Rescuers Down Under.”

Emily: If you wish you had dropped it, PDF it like it’s hot. (It’s a little known Snoop song.)

Will: Pass/D/Fail seems like a really great option if you’re talking a course just out of a vague and general interest. But what about your ego?


Opinion | Nov. 10 3:54 pm EST

For those who would rather still be on (summer) break

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Maybe I’m a little late to the game on this one—because this has definitely been making waves around here—but yesterday afternoon I had the good fortune of spotting the Coolhaus truck on Broadway between 114th and 115th Streets.  Surveying the menu, I chose to order one of the most simple ice cream sandwich combinations that I could think of: hot cake cookies (pretty much maple flavored) and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. Combinations like red velvet cookies with brown butter and candied bacon ice cream seemed a little daunting as a first-timer, as did the $6 price tag. A $6 ice cream sandwich sounds a lot like a $5 milkshake to me—it better be a damn good ice cream sandwich for $6.

And Coolhaus does not disappoint. I’m not sure how many more weeks they’ll have a truck stopped curbside here in Morningside Heights, but it’s worth seeking out while the Indian summer lasts. On October 27, they brought their MasterCard-sponsored Coolhaus University Tour to Columbia along with Korilla Barbecue, shelling out complimentary lunches for the first 500 customers (so one can only hope that this is something they’ll repeat before the cold weather sets in for real). More »


Opinion | Nov. 3 12:34 pm EST

Reframing the smoking debate

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For the two months that I’ve been at Columbia, the debate around smoking on campus has been almost ceaseless. The issue has been discussed time and again at the University Senate town halls as students have argued whether we should maintain the current 20-foot ban or enlarge this ban to cover all of campus. On one extreme we have chain-smokers, and on the other, health nuts—but most of us fall somewhere in the middle. The student body is majorly ambivalent: 50 percent of students say this isn’t even an issue for the University.

Personally, I don’t care what happens, and I smoke. But maybe we need to reframe the argument in order to get somewhere with this debate. We have some serious questions to pose in looking toward the future of this campus. For example, what sort of university do we want to be? Whenever I think about what sort of person I want to be, I ask myself: “What would Don Draper do?More »


Opinion | Oct. 28 11:31 am EST

Playing the part

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For this week’s Quick and Dirty, opinion bloggers reveal their dress-up plans for Halloween.

Naomi: Candy corn—yellow pants, orange shirt, white hat.

Will Holt: When in doubt: Hunter S. Thompson.

Caroline: I may or may not have purchased an adult footie pajama set with paw gloves and a pin on the tail to look like Max from Where The Wild Things Are. Costume that doubles as pajamas = WIN.

Emily: In my senior year of high school I dressed up as a prep, and everyone told me how much better I looked than usual and asked if I was my sister. In my freshman year of college, I drew whiskers on my face and called myself a cat. Sophomore year, I visited a friend at the University of Texas, and was told that I had to be a Slutty Gypsy (I have since realized that this is offensive to both women and the Roma people). Last year, I went home and sat on my couch. But this year, I’ve got it all figured out. I’m going to be a preppy Slutty Cat sitting on a couch.

Neil: I’m going as Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Which reminds me, does anyone have a Hawaiian shirt I can borrow?


Opinion | Oct. 27 12:04 pm EST

On Delbanco and the Core

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I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Andrew Delbanco’s words the other night at the Italian Academy, and I can’t help but feel that he’s sort of right in addressing what he sees as threats to the Core—actually, he’s totally right. Underclassmen, particularly, would do well to heed his warnings.

On Monday evening, the Mendelson Family Professor of American Studies addressed an audience of roughly one hundred people, and he let it be known at the outset of his speech that his words would not be gentle. Talking specifically about the Core, Delbanco said that “bloated class size … threatens to erode the distinction between the discussion and the lecture.” More broadly, the college runs the risk of losing relevance if we fail to recognize this. More »


Opinion | Oct. 21 1:49 pm EST

Staying sane

Caroline Blosser / Spec

For this week’s Quick and Dirty, we asked bloggers for tips on de-stressing during midterms.

Emily: Drink peppermint tea. Do as much as you can and no more. Sleep. Repeat as necessary.

Will: I don’t always take history classes . . . but when I do, I prepare for my midterms with Drunk History.

Neil: I’ve heard dropping out does wonders for your skin.

Caroline: 0:54 seconds.

Naomi: We have midterms? (Denial.)


Opinion | Oct. 20 1:54 pm EST

Bringing in a wider audience

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This past week, Columbia’s been drawing in high-powered speakers like it’s nobody’s business. Last Saturday, Jeffrey Sachs gave an impassioned speech calling for Americans to reclaim their political system before heading down to Wall Street. On Monday, famed linguist Noam Chomsky spoke on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Tuesday, we had Tom Sherak, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences giving a talk in Dodge, and Thursday, Zadie Smith giving a lecture on creative writing.

That’s all quite impressive … but am I the only one who thinks this is all a bit too high-brow? Has it not occurred to anyone else that we need to break the shackles of elitism and go, well, lower in our choices? I’m not necessarily talking about dropping our standards, because we can keep the high-brow guests for special occasions. The fact of the matter, though, is that we should also learn to relish the kitsch. We need to wallow in the depraved every once in a while, and the best way to do that would be to retool the guest list. More »


Opinion | Oct. 14 12:09 pm EST

Behind the Bollingerian curtain

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Under the impression that I was accepting the honor of all honors, I spent nearly two hours this past Tuesday evening at 60 Morningside Drive, livin’ it up at PrezBo’s first Fireside Chat of the year with a plate of Camembert and donut holes.  For 90 minutes, the Man Himself fielded questions from roughly fifty students, tackling subjects as disparate as Occupy Wall Street and his personal reading list (the guy likes Montaigne, for starters, and has a fiery passion for Thoreau).

Overall, the “chat” was fairly broad, and it was only after I’d walked out the door that the real questions began to percolate. For example, does PrezBo even live there? More »