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Spectrum | Mar. 8 1:11 am EST
The One Eleven

Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

It’s late. You’re up. The Internet connection is probably pretty crap and you’re opening up your list of Wi-Fi networks to reconnect to Columbia University when you see this:

Courtesy of Jessica Karch/Claire Ding

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Spectrum | Apr. 29 4:09 pm EST

BREAKING: CUIT launches UNI-authenticated wireless

In an email sent to Spectator, CUIT announced that it has instated a new wireless network, which would involve UNI-authentication to increase wireless security. This new wireless system, called “Columbia U Secure”, which is similar in style to Barnard’s WiFi, spans through Morningside Heights and Manhattanville. For more information, read the newsletter CUIT sent out. Access to Columbia’s old, unauthenticated wireless will still be available.