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Spectrum | Apr. 14 2:34 pm EST

We are liveblogging Baccha90s!

Andrea Chan/Spec

UPDATE: The show is over! Read over our liveblog for some highlights from the event, and let us know what you thought in the comments!

7:15 p.m.: The show is over! Last thoughts from some of our people:

“Big Gigantic was really good. Surprisingly. That was a really fun show. And that seemed to be a collective feeling, which just made it better.” — Grace Bickers, Spectrum Opinion Deputy

“Wavves was–perfect music for the weather. Curren$y was great too. I didn’t understand why Big Gigantic had a saxophone. I’m impressed by the people who made it onto the facade of Kent, even though it meant that there were random people in the men’s restroom. Also I didn’t think Columbia could go this hard–this kid I know crowd surfed for like 8 minutes.” – David Salazar, Spectrum Eye Deputy

“My thought: sweaty.” – Charlotte Murtishaw, Spectator senior staff writer

“I cannot attempt to type thoughts.”  – Samantha Henderson, Spectrum token drunk daily editor

“I fell asleep during Big Gigantic so they probably suck.” – Darron Kinney, Spectrum daily editor

Check after the jump for the rest of our liveblog — featuring profanity, vomit, and even a wedding! Also we occasionally talked about the music or the musical acts or whatever.

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Spectrum | Apr. 1 2:58 pm EST

Bacchanal performers disappointed with student lineup

Wavves would prefer the crowd look more like this guy. Photo courtesy

This weekend the music world eagerly awaited the release of the Columbia student lineup attending this month’s Bacchanal festivities, but were widely disappointed by the announcement. “The students just seem to get worse and worse every year,” Wavves lead singer Nathan Williams said. “It’s like they don’t even consider the acts performing on stage when they pick these guys.”

Curren$y was equally frustrated after scanning the list of 6,000 undergraduates who would be attending the concert. “Who the hell chose these people? Ben Pulaski CC’13? Sarah Bennington SEAS’15? I’ve never heard of these no-names,” the New Orleans-based rapper said. “I remember when they used to have cool students here like Amanda Peet, Stephen Jay Gould, and Radovan Karadžić. Considering the theme was Baccha90s, you think they could have at least gotten someone like Maggie Gyllenhaal, CC ’99. I have no idea what the fuck Bacchanal was smoking when they came up with this shit.” More »


Spectrum | Mar. 31 1:00 am EST

Guess who’s coming to Bacchanal?

The theme for this year’s Bacchanal, Baccha90s, has already been announced. Tonight, we know the performers. The student opening act will be the Spicy Special Crew. Then there are three main acts, and they are: Wavves, Curren$y, and the headline act will be Big Gigantic. Check after the jump to see some of the work of each musical act and judge for yourself what you think of this year’s selection!

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