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Spectrum | Apr. 8 1:11 am EST

Looking for a silver lining? Monday’s over

It’s late. You’re up. I don’t like small talk, so let’s get down to business.

Font fix: Good news for any second graders too classy for Comic Sans—Australian designer Craig Rozynski hopes to overhaul the font associated with your dull summer vacation essays, which is the typeface equivalent of smearing lipstick on a cockroach.

God bless Amazon: “The incest part and stuff bummed me out,” wrote one online critic of Oedipus the King. This Tumblr shares some insightful one-star book reviews, all of which could pass as a lazy senior’s AP English essay.

Today’s funny grasp at relevancy: Yahoo—your grandma’s favorite search engine— announced plans for Netflix-esque original programming. Is Neopets next?

The end: It’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for the Vine generation: user Bottlerocket gained 300,000 followers for his filmed reactions to his daughter’s Spotify playlist.


Spectrum | Dec. 2 7:58 pm EST
the pc version

Respectful rappers Tumblr is nothing short of amazing

Wikimedia Commons

As a politically conscious person, sometimes listening to rap music can be a bit of a challenge. With irresistible beats, I simultaneously rock out and cringe to these lyrics.

Columbia grads Eli Grober and Bob Vulfov created a tumblr that will solve all your problems: Respectful Rappers.

Respectful Rappers dreams of a world where rappers are politically conscious upstanding citizens in support of women’s liberation and sophisticated vocabulary. Here are the best.

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Spectrum | Sep. 25 9:47 pm EST
Ya heard? With Columbia

Six amusing ‘Overheard’ submissions


Because I was ensconced in a small and thoroughly oblivious hole underground and also New Jersey for the entirety of last semester, and because I mostly ignore friend requests by unknown entities and anthropomorphic buildings on principle, I only just recently found out that there was an Overheard Columbia Facebook page (and an Overheard Columbia Tumblr). It is by far one of my new favorite time-sucks sources of enlightenment distractions. Presented below are some very choice recent submissions that you may have overlooked regarding stress, tension, and the uncertain future, because misery loves Facebook likes.

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News | May. 5 5:20 pm EST

Goodbye, Tumblrgrad

Selby Byashimova / Spec

Don’t look now, but it looks like the Uris Tumblrgrad is no more.

The blog,, featured presumed undergraduates—and other non-Business School students—using Uris Hall’s Watson Library inconsiderately. It’s been causing quite a bit of controversy lately, especially since we broke the news last week that undergraduates (except for economics majors) would be banned from Watson Library during Business School finals.

While the Watson ban is still under effect today, the Tumblr is now completely blank. No more pictures of students sleeping, eating, taking up too much space, or failing to wear sufficient clothing.

Katherine Cutler, a CC and SEAS Student Affairs spokesperson, told Spectator on Friday that students had contacted Student Affairs asking the office to get the blog taken down. Cutler said she directed the students to Tumblr’s Terms of Service, which contain information about how to report a blog or ask that certain information be taken down. Student Affairs inquired with Tumblr, which responded with step-by-step instructions on how to request that certain pictures be removed.

We’re not sure if the blog is down in response to a request, but we’ve reached out to Tumblr and will update if we hear back.


Spectrum | Feb. 1 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

The men of Columbia University

It’s late. You’re up. Time to celebrate the fact that we’ve finally made it to Friday! I can’t believe that two weeks have gone by… wait no, I can totally believe it because I’m staring at the three problem sets I have due next week. Let’s also not forget I have this waiting for me in my room.


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The Eye | Nov. 30 3:21 pm EST

Eye Multimedia: Peeking inside Rachel Seville’s closet

In this week’s interview, Kaitlin Phillips chats with Rachel Seville, the creator of the fashion blog Pizza Rulez. The Eye visited her Upper East Side apartment to take a look inside the closet of an internet fashionista. 

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The Eye | Apr. 25 4:55 pm EST
tumblin' tumblin' yeah

Our roundup of quality tumblrs

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There’s a lot more to tumblr than low-angle pictures of buildings, grainy shots of New York, and Doctor Who gifs—although those make up a really big majority. There are also people who use tumblr for good (or, at least for entertaining others).

What follows are some of the best tumblr blogs out there, some run by famous celebrities, others run by folks like you and me. Rest assured, all of them are high-quality. Feel free to recommend tumblrs to follow in the comments, as everyone could use some more variety on their dashboard. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 23 6:24 pm EST

What should Columbia call me when…

After lolling at the recently created #WHATSHOULDCOLUMBIACALLME Tumblr, I decided I wanted to join in on the fun.

What I think I look like dancing at a frat party

What I actually look like

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