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A&E | Apr. 4 12:13 pm EST

This weekend: ‘Of Mice and Men,’ Adele Dazeem, and plenty of campus performances

Illustration by Mohamad Tuffaha

Best laid plans: James Franco, Leighton Meester, Chris O’Dowd star in ‘Of Mice and Men’ on Broadway—In its first revival on Broadway since 1987, the classic “Of Mice and Men” just got a celebrity-studded reboot. Check out what some of the stars and the director, Anna Shapiro, have to say about putting together such a famous show with actors who aren’t accustomed to the stage. Opening night is April 16—keep your eye out for student tickets!

Courtesy of Richard Phibbs

‘Game of Thrones’: Fourth-season premiere awkward at points, but promises strong plot—If you haven’t become obsessed with this series yet, you’re bound to know at least three people who have. Season four premieres on April 6, but Chancellor is here to give us a sneak peak of the first episode. While he classifies the premiere as a typical “table-setting” episode, he promises that it’s far from boring.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Columbia alums’ ‘If/Then’ hits dull note—Tom Kitt, CC ’96, and Brian Yorkey, CC ’93, couldn’t replicate the success of their acclaimed musical “Next to Normal” in their new show, “If/Then,” starring Idina Menzel. The production features the struggle of New Yorkers to overcome anxiety, with scenes set amongst large crowds and even in a stalled subway car. While Idina can do no wrong, Jillian says that this is all done “clumsily,” aside from a few moments in the second act. Check out the review to find out more!
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Spectrum | Apr. 2 11:05 am EST
wake up call

Critical news regarding sandwiches

Good morning! It’s April, so it’s nice that it’s actually going to not feel like the cold underarm of an ice wight north of the wall (street).

Columbia news:

  • GS held candidate debates for a variety of positions—highlights are here. Voting for ESC, CCSC, and GSSC elections opened today, and it closes on April 5. Click here to get your political efficacy on.
  • The vacant theater on 99th Street and Broadway shall remain vacant, despite hopes to the contrary.
  •  The Lion reports that a resolution to create a sandwich ambassador will be put on a ballot at the end of the semester, proving that activism is delicious and a $10 sandwich is tyranny.

Outside the bubble:

  • Epidemiologists have discovered the true cause of President William Harrison’s death.
  • The American Museum of Natural History is putting together a new special exhibit about FLYING DINOSAURS, running from April 5 until next January.
  • SCOTUS just stuck down limitations on campaign donations.

A&E | Feb. 26 7:33 pm EST

Playwright profiles: Inside the writing process

J.Marshall / flickr

There’s a ton of original student theater across campus this spring—NOMADS, Latenite, the Varsity Show, just to name a few. So, we sat down with a few of Columbia’s many playwrights to talk about their productions and the writing process. Here’s what they had to say.

Responses were edited for clarity and length.

Courtesy of Deniz Rosenberger

Courtesy of Deniz Rosenberger

Eric Donahue, CC ’15 and Rae Binstock, CC ’15 (writers of the 120th Annual Varsity Show)

What’s your favorite part of the show?
E: My favorite part is going through a read-through or seeing it performed in front of people and having laughter and good feedback. Like seeing the West End preview last week, of course some jokes didn’t land, but when a joke landed, everyone was laughing. To me, that’s my favorite part of the whole process.
EB: Very much agreed.
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A&E | Feb. 21 4:01 pm EST
which came first?

Egg and Peacock producers prepare for sleepless day

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What can you get done in 24 hours? For KCST’s Egg and Peacock, a team of writers, directors, and actors work to put on seven plays by Saturday night.

Writers will get to work around midnight in the Broadway sky lounge and write until about 6:30 a.m., when the directors show up ahead of casting at 8 a.m.  Twelve hours later, the curtain goes up on the first show, with another at 10:30 p.m.

Ahead of her sleepless saturday, one of the event producers, Emily Snedeker, CC ’16, said that she and co-producer Emi Lirman, CC ’16, were excited about the prospects for this year’s show—their second, after directing for it last year. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 7 2:09 pm EST
EVENTS on campus

This Saturday night at Columbia, sponsored by Rebecca Black

Kimberly Flores / Spec

Bored in Butler? Wondering what to do tonight? Worried that this weekend may in fact be the last time you see another human outside the library? Spectrum has your agenda for this fine evening, but first, take a look at Rebecca Black’s latest foray into days of the week songs. Keep in mind that she’s still 16 years old.

1. At 9 p.m., FeelGood and Beta are hosting a benefit concert at the Beta Theta Pi house. For $5, you can check out student bands like Phonoscenes and Standard Delivery—and, of course, amazing grilled cheese. All proceeds will go to FeelGood CU‘s annual contribution to The Hunger Project for the Sustainable End of World Hunger. Tickets can be purchased here or at the door. More »


A&E | Nov. 16 3:04 pm EST
Questions with XMAS!8

XMAS!8 team talks with Spectrum—Part 2

File photo

‘Tis the season for Q&As with XMAS!8. For the second part of Spectrum’s conversation with them, we interviewed Sophie Solomon O’Connell, director, and Renée Kraiem, co-producer. You can find the first part of the interview here. Read below for the history of XMAS! and what’s different this year.

What is the concept/theme behind this year’s XMAS!?

Renée: One of the things that I don’t know if they told you, but would help toward answering, is that we have the largest cast ever for an XMAS!. We have 17 cast members and three dancers which puts us at 20. Which, as you might think, suggest that we are looking at a plot that involves a lot of people, a lot of union, and a lot of banding together of people.

Sophie: The second I start to answer I’m giving away everything. More »


A&E | Nov. 5 4:01 pm EST
questions with "xmas!"

XMAS!8 team talks with Spectrum—Part 1

file photo

Spectrum recently caught up with the creative team behind this year’s “XMAS!” show. The show’s plot remains under wraps, but they revealed one possible clue (“flirty”), talked about their favorite parts of the experience, and shared an upcoming collaboration with the Columbia Hillel. It may or may not involve Chinese food.

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A&E | Jul. 25 7:16 pm EST
Lowin High

A Q&A with rising musical theater star Rebekah Lowin

Courtesy of Rebekah Lowin

Varsity Show alumna Rebekah Lowin, CC ’14, became the very first champion of musical theater competition The Callback at 54 Below on June 24. In an interview with Spectator’s theater editor, Emily Neil, Lowin describes the process of The Callback and reflects on winning her own cabaret engagement this fall at the famous establishment as well as an appearance on Seth Rudetsky’s Sirius XM radio show.

Emily Neil: How did you first hear about The Callback competition?

Rebekah Lowin: I first heard about it in the winter from different musical theater blogs. I thought, I’ll submit a video audition, and I found out my video had been accepted a month after I submitted it. I found out on a Wednesday, and had to perform the next Monday, which wasn’t too bad because I’ve been singing and performing at Columbia and in the city for a while now and am used to having to prepare material to perform. But 54 below is a big Broadway venue, so I was freaking out.

The semi-finals were decided by audience vote. It was finals week at Columbia then, so that made it hard for my friends to come, but luckily I gave it all and I was able to get the audience’s votes and advance to the final Callback.

EN: What was the most exciting part of the competition?

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A&E | Jul. 25 10:09 am EST
Lydia & Tom hit Fringe

CUPAL project ‘Lydia & Tom’ heads to NYC Fringe Festival

After reaching its fundraising goal on Monday, “Lydia & Tom: A New Musical” will be going from the Columbia stage to the international theater world this August at the New York International Fringe Festival, the largest multi-arts festival in North America.

The student-run show was sponsored by the Columbia Performing Arts League after having debuted on campus last fall. Lydia & Tom will continue to feature predominantly Columbia performers at FringeNYC, with four students performing in the production itself and a cast and crew composed of 90 percent current CU students and recent graduates.

“It’s really exciting to move something out of the Columbia network and be able to do a real professional production,” said Allie Carieri, CC ’15, co-marketing coordinator, and member of the producing team for Lydia & Tom. “We get to show the New York indie theater community what Columbia students can do.” More »


A&E | May. 2 4:06 pm EST
in case you aren't busy

All this weekend’s on-campus happenings

Steven Lau / Spec

Get ready, everybody, because this weekend is the weekend for campus events.

Columbia Ballet Collaborative Spring Performances

Featuring professional and student choreography and dancers (including students who are former professional dancers), CBC’s spring performances will bring ballet to Miller Theatre on May 4 at 8 p.m. and May 5 at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $10 with a CUID and can be bought online or at the box office.

The 119th Annual Varsity Show

One of Columbia’s oldest traditions, this year’s student-directed, acted, scored, written, and choreographed Varsity Show will make you feel part of a tradition—and probably make you laugh. (In case you missed it, meet the cast and Creative Team behind V119.) More »