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Spectrum | Apr. 20 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Ted Nugent was talking in metaphors, y’all

It’s late. You’re up. Here’s the news, and a funny video! Enjoy your weekend!

Actual news

He’s crazy: Singer Ted Nugent recently seemed to threaten the President’s life, saying that he would “either be dead or in jail” next year if Obama is re-elected. But the Secret Service is closing its investigation after deciding no threat was actually intended. As Nugent explained, “Metaphors needn’t be explained to educated people.”¬†Anyway, the Secret Service has its own problems to deal with right now.

Last words: According to The Daily Beast, Trayvon Martin’s last words were “Okay, you got it.”

Hate crimes: 16 Amish men and women accused of forcibly cutting the hair and beards of other Amish people have pleaded not guilty to hate crimes charges. If convicted, they face up to ten years in prison. More »