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Spectrum | Apr. 4 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Extra-terrestrial waterskiing, anyone?

It’s late. You’re up. Check out what’s going on here on campus, at other schools, and even on other planets.

Out of this world: Researchers have found a sea on a moon of Saturn the size of Lake Superior, making Saturn a new likely extra-candidate for life, even more so than Mars. Grab your aluminum hats!

Heard around the Ivy: Harvard students are calling upon the administration to change policies after an anonymous op-ed went viral last week titled “Dear Harvard: You Win” in which a student described her experience with reporting a sexual assault and her agony at failing to win justice or peace. 

Reality check: If Walmart paid its workers a living wage, your mac and cheese would only cost one cent extra.

Girls run the world: Afghan women are taking control of politics by speaking out more, even alongside their husbands. One women’s rights advocate, Fawzia Koofi, had said that she would run for president earlier this year but missed the minimum required age of 40.  “A woman for vice president? Eleven years ago, even dreaming about this was impossible,” she said.

The end: Bacchanal student openers will be Taylor Simone, CC’14 ,and Mitchell Veith, CC’14. Check out Simone’s recently released music video for “Greedy.”


A&E | Apr. 3 7:25 pm EST

California Love and Mitchell Veith, CC ’15, to open Bacchanal

File photo

Updated: 4/6, 6:30 p.m.

California Love—made up of Taylor Simone and rapper Josh Mac, both CC’14—and Nøvachørd (aka Mitchell Veith, CC ’15) will be opening Bacchanal on April 12, according to a Facebook post by Bacchanal Concert Chair Ben Kornick, CC ’16, and Simone.

The student openers were chosen by a student vote, which opened on Monday after Bacchanal canceled a Battle of the Bands performance scheduled for March 28.

“We are super excited for the upcoming show and were thrilled with the voter turnout for the battle,” Kornick said about the voting results in a Facebook message.

Simone recently released the video for her song, “Greedy,” and California Love is her working with Mac, who she’s known since high school. EDM artist Nøvachørd is something of a newcomer to the campus music scene.

“Most of my music I’ve shown to more close friends and I  just recently started expanding my reach,” Veith said. “It’ll be a  great pop to share my music with a lot of people. … Obviously I’m super excited—two of my favorite days at Columbia so far have been Bacchanal.”

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A&E | Oct. 6 7:44 pm EST

Thursday pregame playlist: Taylor Simone

Courtesy of Taylor Simone

For this week’s “Thursday Pregame Playlist,” we asked CUSH Poetry Coordinator and singer-songwriter Taylor Simone, CC ’14, for her top 10 party songs. More »


A&E | Apr. 16 4:37 pm EST

Columbia student to perform at the Nuyorican tonight

Courtesy of Taylor Simone

Taylor Simone, CC ’14, may only be a first-year, but the Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter has already come across the country to New York to pursue her career as a musician. Simone will play the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in Alphabet City tonight, where slam poets and performing artists like Saul Williams and Ntozake Shange have both taken the stage. Spectrum talked with Simone about her songwriting style, her influences, and her plans for the future. For more information, check out her Tumblr page or see Simone live tonight at the Nuyorican with the World Music Ensemble and Grace Gibson. It’s $7 at the door. Full interview after the jump. More »