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Spectrum | Nov. 20 12:02 pm EST
Real World news

Happenings outside the gates

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Thanksgiving break next week, Thanksgiving break next week … just keep saying that until you get there! And to help bide the one week that’s left, here is some engaging news of the past week:

- 3,982 people are reportedly dead and 1,602 are missing in areas of the Philippines affected by typhoon Haiyan. Here is an inside look at the job of the designated body-collectors.

- George Zimmerman has been arrested in Florida after reportedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend. More »


Spectrum | Jun. 10 7:52 pm EST

Assad aide admitted to Columbia, expatriates group urges school to reconsider

Sheherazad Jaafari, a 22 year-old aide to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and daughter of the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, will be attending SIPA in the fall, according to the New York Times Media Decoder. Why is the Media Decoder, a blog that primarily covers, well, the media, interested in this story? Because Jaafari may have gotten a little help in getting through the admissions process, courtesy of interview queen (and friend to the Assads) Barbara Walters.

Jaafari, who had previously helped arrange Walters’ infamous interview with President Assad, had struck up a friendship with Walters, referring to herself as the TV journalist’s “adopted child” in emails obtained by The Telegraph in Britain. When she applied to SIPA, she wrote Walters for help:

I applied for Columbia and I hope to get accepted. If there is any way you think you can give my application a push I would really really appreciate it. You did mention that you know a professor there.

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Spectrum | Feb. 24 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

Yo quiero ‘mas?’

It’s late. You’re up. I’m up. We’re all up. Let’s all scream for being up!


Actual News

Edwards sex tape: Fortunately, the sex tapes of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have been ordered to be destroyed as per a settlement agreement. Let me reiterate: that’s fortunate.

#Syriaproblems: Eighty Western and Arab countries will meet in Tunisia on Friday to attempt to quell the still-escalating revolts and reactions throughout the region, but a year after it began its downward spiral, Syria isn’t showing any major signs or hope for improvement. More »