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The Eye | Apr. 10 12:52 pm EST
eye drops

This week in The Eye: Asian Americans at Columbia, startup rage, and grinding at Bacchanal

The weekend is upon us, but before you mark your calendars for Bacchanal pregames (which one to attend? The struggle is real), or make alternative plans (a quick trip to Penn’s Spring Fling perhaps?), read this week’s issue of The Eye. They’ve got some good stuff in store for you, so read on to get a flavor of this week’s arts and features highlights.

Minority Report: This week’s lead story investigates the obstacles faced by Asian-American students at Columbia, from making it through admissions to finding community to fighting stereotypes.

Homeless and Helpless: In this week’s View From Here, Dan Garisto, Spectator’s opinion editor, reflects on witnessing homelessness in the city yet feeling unable to help.

Started from the Bottom: Startups are all the rage right now, but why are they so attractive to our generation in particular? Ali Lake examines startup culture and the tactics new companies use to lure in student talent.

The End of Tipping? More and more restaurants are replacing tips with service charges or higher wages. Andrea Chan explains what’s wrong with tipping and why this shift is important.

DFMO like a pro: Read a step-by-step guide to grinding and DFMO-ing at Bacchanal.


Spectrum | Mar. 7 10:43 am EST

The origins of bitcoin, and that $50,000

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia! It’s looking to be a cloudy day with a high of 38 degrees. That’s about as excited as we can get about the weather. Here’s your daily dose of morning news:

In Columbia news:

  • The president of Planned Parenthood is expected to be the Barnard Class of 2014 commencement speaker.
  • Lions’ baseball heads south this weekend to Georgia to play Kennesaw State.
  • $50,000 is up for grabs in a business startup competition to be held next month.

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Opinion | Mar. 11 8:54 pm EST

Setting out and starting up

Last week I posted the first interview in the “You in a Few” series. (There’ll be a few more before the semester ends.) I’m a tech guy, so naturally my first interviewee was a startup founder. I spoke with Jared Hecht, CC ’09, who dropped a Teach for America offer at the last minute to work for Tumblr and eventually found GroupMe. He discussed the pressure to go down more traditional job routes like finance and TFA after graduation and the importance of risk-taking.

The big vs. small company debate is one many of us face when thinking of life after graduation. There are a lot of factors to consider: salary, reputation, perks, hiring, network, and most importantly, the kind of experience you’ll get. More »


Opinion | Apr. 26 7:12 pm EST

Back to the start(up)

Courtesy of Columbia University

Yesterday, Caroline wrote a moving post pointing to the recent undergraduate solidarity regarding the GS Class Day controversy as proof that after years of division and contention between our schools, there is finally unity. It is the culmination of much of what Caroline spent her time writing about, and it’s a result that we can all appreciate.

In the same vein, I’d like to point to a positive sea-change that I have seen this past year, namely the noticeable increase in non-traditional post-graduation employment for the class of 2012. Back in November, I published a lengthy article discussing a problem that many had identified: a disproportionately large amount of Columbia grads have been going into consulting and banking and not other professions. I made the case that startups were a perfect fit for our core-educated minds and that there should be more of an effort on the institutional level to promote this career path.

Two things strike me as I head out the door: More »


Spectrum | Apr. 17 7:57 am EST

CC musician performing abroad and other news close to home

Jenny Payne / Spec

Good morning Columbia! Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

Read this: CC junior Anthony Da Costa performed at Joe’s Pub this past weekend and will be touring Canada and Denmark soon. [A&E]

Know this: ESC announced that SEAS is likely to change its core requirement for computer science. [News]

Here’s more: Opinion columnist Arvin Ahmadi looks at the Instagram-Facebook deal and how startups can become mainstream. [Opinion]

Katie Chrest is a former World Cup winner with Team USA and is helping the Lions lacrosse team build a foundation. [Sports]

Events of the day: Two today! There’s a Live at Lerner event and it’s also Barnard Spirit Day.

Weather: Sunny with a high of 77!