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A&E | Feb. 28 9:13 am EST

REVIEW: Robicelli’s brings complex cupcakes to Northwest Corner

Kimberly Topilow / Spec

Joe Coffee has been recently injected with some sugary sweetness. Robicelli’s cupcakes have been added to Joe’s roster of baked goods that add a savory complement to the chain’s renowned coffee. If you check out Robicelli’s website, you can see quickly that cupcake flavors change with the seasons, holidays, and the imaginations of the creators. A recent invention was the “Partida Margarita” in honor of National Margarita Day (Feb. 21).

The two flavors of cupcakes that Joe is now offering are Chocolate Butterscotch and Pecan Potato Chip. The cupcakes are $3.25 a piece, so to protect wallets (and waistlines), students may want to stick to just one. The Pecan Potato Chip is no doubt the more inventive of the two, so our choice of which cupcake to taste test was easy. More »


Opinion | Feb. 13 9:33 pm EST

Hey Robicelli’s, I’ve got some cupcake ideas for you

ms.Tea / Flickr

You saw the thing about Robicelli’s cupcakes coming to Joe Coffee? For those of us who’ve been wanting buttercream in our faces immediately after running a few laps in Dodge, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

I’ve never had a Robicelli’s cupcake, but their deal seems to be coming up with crazy/clever recipes, like “Pecan Potato Chip” (Pecan potato chip cake, vanilla buttercream, crushed pecans and potato chips, salted butterscotch drizzle) and “The Bluth” (Chocolate banana cake, chocolate buttercream, roasted walnuts, ganache). That first one sounds absolutely disgusting!

Anyway, the “point” of this post is that I have a few Columbia-y cupcake ideas that Robicelli’s is welcome to steal. Bon appétit! More »


A&E | Feb. 13 11:42 am EST
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Robicelli’s Cupcakes are coming to Northwest Corner on Feb. 21

RachelfromCupcakes / flickr

Starting Feb. 21, Robicelli’s Cupcakes will deliver at three new Joe Coffee branches—including the branch in the Northwest Corner Building. Their cupcakes will be sold at the Joe Coffee store, which has already partnered with Donut Plant Donuts and Cafe Iris to make Joe Coffee much more than a coffee shop. Robicelli’s will deliver to Joe Coffee the first few weeks on Monday and Friday and eventually could deliver on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.

Car Bomb Cake

Robicellis / flickr

Robicelli’s first delivery batch also happens to fall on National Margarita Day. In commencement, Allison Robicelli, owner of Robicelli’s Cupcakes said the first cupcakes will include the Partida Margarita, the Angry Mango, and Classic Margarita cupcakes. Later on, some other cupcakes she mentioned would be delivered include chocolate caramel cupcakes and chocolate peanut cupcakes. More »