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Opinion | Feb. 23 2:34 pm EST

Wasting wisely

Caroline Blosser / Spec

Some people see the immoderate amount of time I spend lounging, or going on long walks or exploring the city, or just sitting and watching four or five movies at a time and, understandably, label me a lazy time-waster. But I do not see it like this.

In fact, I loathe waste, and I hate inefficiency even more. So I drink water straight from the faucet if I just want a sip.

And instead of wasting money, effort, and calories on spreading peanut butter and jelly over (superfluous) bread, I just plop some jam into the peanut butter jar, and eat the globs straight from there. I think this is brilliant—my roommates say it’s why I’m still single. More »


Opinion | Nov. 5 9:20 pm EST

Casual Friday: Time out

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Editorial Board takes its position as the voice of Spectator very seriously. However, in keeping with the Spectator-wide effort to put the “college” back in college newspaper, the board members, who do not take themselves quite so seriously, submit to the consideration of the University population a different sort of editorial each Friday. A casual editorial. More »


Opinion | Oct. 26 6:50 pm EST

Do nothing, Columbia

You look like hell, Columbia. Look at you. Your eyes are half-closed, you smell like a middle schooler who hasn’t discovered Axe yet, and you’ve got a red splotch on your forehead from passing out on your desk. And a hoodie? Really? Where’s that nice coat of yours? More »