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The Eye | Dec. 7 5:06 pm EST

Back to your roots: Surviving winter break

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Winter break is a heart-warming time when family gathers round to cherish the blessing of being together. But for some, it’s also a sobering reminder of how our homes can be a far cry from the progressive political correctness of Columbia. If this applies to you (Midwest, represent!), and you’re a little worried about winter break, here are a few strategies for redirecting unsavory family conversations.

Scenario A:
I’m surprised Obama isn’t gonna move the White House to Colorado now…”

Response: “Hey Dad, how’s your golf game?”

Scenario B:
“We saw that email a few weeks back about Q House comin’ into the brownstones. What kind of fraternity is that ?”

Response: “I’m going to make some cheese toasties. Who wants one?” More »


The Eye | Dec. 5 5:34 pm EST

Strategies to wake the F up

Don’t let the festive lights and fun red Starbucks cups fool you. The time of darkness is quickly approaching. As the days get shorter and colder, and our sheets get cozier, it can be nearly impossible to get up and be productive. Here are some foolproof strategies for waking up to face the dreary winter days ahead.

1. Set your iHome alarm to the 1812 Overture at an astounding volume.

2. Leave your window slightly open, so you’ll be able to hear the 8 a.m. “Tranformers”-esque drilling outside on the street.  More »


The Eye | Sep. 25 9:43 pm EST

She doesn’t even go here!

The Columbia community was recently perplexed by the highly discussed arrest of a young woman who posed as a Columbia undergrad named Rhea Sen, befriended students, ate in the dining halls, etc.

Much of the discussion has revolved around the central question: “Why did it take people so long to realize that she’s not a student here?”

To prevent future incidents like this, The Eye has crafted a meme highlighting student activity that should be considered suspect, even dangerous. Check them all out after the jump! More »