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Spectrum | May. 6 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

PBS covers Barnard, Orgo Night teaser uncovers the gigolo

It’s late. You’re up. Reading week is upon us. You’re being unproductive, but, you know what? So are we. We’re all in this together.

Stop overusing words: This website is helpful! It helpfully counts the most frequent words and phrases you’ve been using in your papers so you can see if you’ve gone overboard with repetition. This website is so helpful!

Along the Ivy: PBS just aired a special on Barnard! Chances are that everyone you know and their roommates are in it. I, for one, show up at 15:40. So hey.

Reality check: Regardless of what privilege is, this is the absolute easiest way to check it.

A little bird tweeted: Author Salman Rushdie explained that he’s bored by Twitter because other annoying Tweeters Haroun-ed it for him. Hehe.

The end:  Not that anyone is surprised, but this wildly disturbing video about the Columbia gigolo is also the teaser for this semester’s Orgo Night on Thursday:


Spectrum | May. 1 1:11 am EST
one eleven

One eleven: nostalgia, sort of, edition

It’s late. You’re up. Why is this 1:11 different from all other 1:11s? It’s not, there’s going to be one tomorrow. But for me this is the last one, the last time I will be able to turn the random stuff I’ve accumulated over the week into content. Anyway, hope you wore pink earlier today, here are some cool links, and don’t forget to be awesome!

 Actual news: The New Yorker interviews one of the girls who was able to escape when terrorists abducted over 200 of her peers from their Nigerian school two weeks ago. The vast majority of the girls are still missing.

Interviewz: Patrick Stewart, known actor, star-ship captain, and selfie aficionado, talks about his career and some deep issues associated with some of the roles he’s played.

SCIENCE: this NPR bit is about how one can scramble an egg while it’s still in the shell. Technology has fulfilled its purpose, now. Well done.

Games/puzzles/interactive: nostalgia has driven me to New Grounds. Sorry.

Adventures in long form journalism: Brittney Spears music? Britney Spears music, circa early 2000s.

The end: it’s been a while since I put a time lapse up for a video, so here’s a neato one. It’s like a year old, but that jut makes it cooler because it’s spring in the video and it’s spring right now.


Also, happy May Day.


Spectrum | Apr. 29 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

So, Starbucks stopped buying coffee

It’s late. You’re up. This stuff is entertaining. Chekkit.

Random of randoms: I’ll let you guess what it tells you. You are welcome.

Along the Ivy: Ivy League colleges have gotten insanely harder to get into. Let’s go back to the nineties! Can anyone spot me a fanny pack?

Flashed spotlight: Erin Quinn, BC ’17:

Spectrum: What do you do if you wave to someone and it’s not who you thought?
EQ: I, like, awkwardly put my hand behind my thing and, like, mumble to myself. And by thing, I mean my back.

Spectrum: Describe your life in a Beyoncé lyric.
EQ: “Drunk in Love.”

Spectrum: As a Barnard bartender, what’s the most requested drink at your events?
EQ: Gin and tonic.

Spectrum: What was your most memorable stranger interaction?
EQ: A homeless man asked me to marry him once.
Spectrum: What did you say?
EQ: “Another time.”

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Spectrum | Apr. 24 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Art thou even supposed to go here?

It’s late. You’re up. Breaks are good. This stuff is entertaining!

To tweet or not to tweet: In honor of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday today, a British blog tried to imagine what the Bard would be like on Twitter.

Along the Ivy: A student who choked and sexually assaulted a fellow student will be let back into Brown University, to the outrage of many.

1D48: The teen heartthrob boy band now moves in more than One Direction in a new version of 2048.

Roar Lion… Or?: Luckily for you, BuzzFeed knows which Ivy you should really be attending. (#ourblue)

The end: The creative team of “Passing Strange,” a show on campus opening on Thursday (today!), talks improvising on the original script:


Spectrum | Apr. 17 1:11 am EST
one eleven

Matzo pizza and The Heights

It’s late. You’re up. Beer is not kosher for Passover but hopefully these links will satisfy any Wednesday withdrawals for anyone suffering from mid-April maudlin.

Flashed spotlight: Adam Wilson, CC ’14

Spectrum: What is the most superb way to take your coffee?

AW: I actually can’t drink caffeine any more, but the best way is to get it for free by flirting with baristas.

Spectrum: What is your ideal Halloween costume?

AW: Dorian Gray, obviously.

Spectrum: What TV show, music video, literary work, or radio commercial would you like to live in?

AW: Right now I’d have to go with the West Wing. I’m pretty sure that’s every liberal Poli Sci major’s dream world.

Spectrum: Hobbes vs Rousseau?

AW: Hobbes, no question. I really can’t get past the whole constantly abandoning his children thing that Rousseau did.

Spectrum: What marketable skill, if any, have you learned here?

AW: Is political intrigue a marketable skill? Our campus’s bureaucracy is the perfect training ground for that.

Heard around the Ivy: Apparently there is a Heights Bar and Grill in Ithaca. According to this review inn the Cornell Sun, though, it does not seem to have any $5 margs, and that is unfortunate indeed.

Adventures in long-form journalism: This Buzzfeed article from a few weeks ago looks at online attacks against doctors and their records.

Actually useful: Need to actually get something written? Have a kitten!

How to food: Matzo pizza, by Martha Stewart.

Quizzes and games: Match your Briggs-Myers personality type to different Disney characters

The end: There’s a video series on the intertubes that imagine alternate endings for different movies—how they should have ended, as it were. Here is the video for “Frozen.”


Spectrum | Apr. 15 1:11 am EST

The midnight saga: Eclipse

It’s late. You’re up—which obviously means you’re procrastinating, which obviously means you’re in search of entertainment, which obviously means that you’re browsing Spectrum. That’s foolproof logic right there.

Flashed Spotlight: Claire Kao, SEAS ’14

Spectrum: Most ridiculous/random thing you’ve seen on campus?
CK: Well besides MYSELF…I once was walking up Low steps in my usual late-to-class rush. Everything seemed normal: tourists taking selfies, Asian children crawling all over Alma, other college kids looking disgruntled. I was thinking to myself, “aw those children crawling on Alma are so cute” but I was a little resentful of the Tiger Mother who brought toddlers to tour Columbia. I looked closer, and then looked again, and realized the Tiger Mother in question was my mom and the Asian children were my little cousins.

Spectrum: What would your wrestler name be?
CK: MamaClaire

Spectrum: Do, date, dump: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie?
CK: Well definitely date Marie Curie because she could be the strong female lead in the biopic about my life. Do Isaac Newton because he knows a thing or 3 about mechanics. And I guess that leaves dumping Einstein :(

Spectrum: Ideal Halloween costume?
CK: A butterfly or a boombox or a boob or Bruce Li or Mahima Chablani

Spectrum: Go-to throwback song?
CK: Hey Ya or Ignition Remix I don’t know…I don’t think saying the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky is appropriate although it does bring back a buttload of memories.


Spectrum | Apr. 14 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Bacchanal happened and Drake could have been there

It’s late. You’re up. There is a very good possibility you had a really fun weekend. Congratulations!

Pics or it didn’t happen: Spec staff photographers captured Bacchanal and Holi in gorgeous snaps.

Flashed spotlight: Max Druz, CC ’14

Spectrum: Alternate name for Bacchanal?
MD: Washed up Rapper meets state school Ivy meets pretty people come out of Butler day

Spectrum: Craziest thing that ever happened to you on a subway?
MD: After a drunken night in Soho I woke up on the A train by Coney Island. In a very Lena Dunham manner I had realized my bummer phone and wallet were gone and proceeded to watch the sunrise somewhere deep in Bay Ridge or something. I also once said hi to Rod Stewart on the subway… Or maybe it was a Rod Stewart wannabe 80s throwback.

Spectrum: What was your jam in 2003?
MD: Anything Ashanti Ja Rule. Those productions were way too groovy. Ear candy on the LA public school bus.

Spectrum: What food could you not be paid enough to eat?
MD: I always made sure my mum didn’t put onions in my bolognese.

Reality check: America has changed a lot since the era of the last season of “Mad Men!” Check out the stats in handy-dandy graphs.

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Spectrum | Apr. 7 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

How to find a show that won’t let you down

It’s late. You’re up. Do you know where your prefrosh is?

Flashed spotlight: Hannah Brudney, CC ’14

Spectrum: Biggest surprise you discovered upon getting to Columbia?
HB: People do weird things in the showers of John Jay.

Spectrum: Favorite style of slippers?
HB: Fuzzy fuzzy. Preferably animal-shaped or with animals.

Spectrum: As an English major, do, date, or dump—T.S. Eliot, Dr. Seuss, or Joseph Conrad?
HB: You gotta date Dr. Seuss … but T.S. Eliot won’t shut up about the war, and no one wants that in bed … so I’ll have to dump him. Not a great romp in the hay. ‘The Waste Land’ is not exactly what I want for a Friday night. So I’ll dump him. and I don’t know what Conrad looks like, but if he knows ‘Heart of Darkness’ maybe he can see into mine. So I’d do him.

Spectrum: Most expensive item bought at Morton Williams?
HB: Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. But you know, Pop’ems are actually really expensive too. That shit is like $5.49, but it tastes so good.

“Psych” stat: These statistical graphs show IMDb‘s ratings for TV shows per season, so you can decide whether a show is worth it before embarking on Netflix!
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Spectrum | Apr. 1 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Google Naps is a real thing

It’s late. You’re up. This stuff is more entertaining than whatever’s in your other tabs.

Flashed spotlight: Brittany Searles, BC ’17

The Flashed Spotlight is Spectrum’s effort to make friends. The way it works: We ask today’s Flashed Spotlight interviewee to tag another person, and so the chain grows. You could be next, so start to recall why you’re interesting.

Spectrum: Favorite form of potato?
B Searles: Mashed but when the skins are still part of the equation.
Spectrum: Longest time gone without calling parents?
B Searles: A few weeks? I’m really bad about talking on the phone.
Spectrum: Consequences?
B Searles: Angry text messages.
Spectrum: What is your wrestler name?
B Searles: The Woman. Like Irene Adler because Sherlock.

A little bird tweeted: A nice reminder that sometimes we’re not bad at sports and that there was a time when Butler didn’t exist:

Class canceled tomorrow due to snowstorm: Jokes, that wouldn’t even happen if there was snow. Happy April Fools’!

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Spectrum | Mar. 25 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Of Kardashian and cars

It’s late. You’re up. Unlike last week, you’re probably not up late having fun. Let’s change that, shall we?

Reality check: Tony Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates has chosen “Let it Go” (of Frozen fame) as one of his entrance songs. Couldn’t come up with a baseball-themed pun, heaven knows we tried.

#internetsmosttalkedaboutcover: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were on the cover of Vogue in their wedding garb, and tons of Vogue subscribers threw a collective hissy fit. Bonus: spoof cover by Seth Rogen and James Franco, because “Freaks and Geeks” will never be canceled in our hearts.

A little bird tweeted: What is the context of this, Ellen? Do you mean to mock us??

Need a hug? Get and give webcam-recorded comfort hugs on the self-proclaimed Nicest Place on the Internet!

The end: Check out this cover—first for the creative instrumentals, then for the fantastically awkward dance moves: