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Spectrum | May. 5 9:59 am EST
wake up call

Vampires and pirates’ treasure in real life

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia! Reading week is just about upon us, so get ready for some really offensive jokes in Butler and wonderful waffles served by Barnard celebs (including DSpaaargh). As for Spectrum, this will be the last day of normal production for the semester. That, put simply, feels crazytown bananapants. Where has the time gone??

Today’s supposed to be 66 degrees and sunny, so try to get outside for more than your walk to class! Here’s what’s going on today:

In Columbia news:


Opinion | Apr. 10 2:10 pm EST

A March Madness of sorts

Wikimedia Commons

In honor of the University of Connecticut Huskies’ win in the NCAA March Madness tournament this weekend, I have decided to host my own little Final Four right here on Spectrum. Below, we have four American presidents affiliated with the university: Presidents Barack Obama, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt. All are great men, but which is the greatest Columbian? To find out, I mapped out each President’s most significant strengths and weaknesses. Read through, and try to guess the winner before my dramatic reveal. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 24 9:43 am EST
wake up call

Easy A’s and evasive H

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia, and welcome back! There is just nothing like students clad in light colors trying to show off spring break tans in the morning, am I right?

Today is supposed to be 37 degrees and sunny. Here’s the news:

In Columbia news:

  •, a new site created by Daniel Liss, CC ’16, shows you the A-ranges for various classes based on percentages submitted anonymously by students. We give this website an easy A.
  • Mayor de Blasio, who has been under attack by pro-charter-school groups, emphasized the need to support every type of school equally yesterday in Riverside Church.
  • A student task force is working to clarify and improve the leave of absence policy to improve mental health on campus.

Outside the bubble:

Have a great day, and don’t forget to be awesome!


Correction: an earlier version of this post said that Russia is retreating from Ukraine, but in fact, Russia has continued to invade. Spec regrets the error.


Spectrum | Jan. 23 9:15 am EST
wake up call

Columbia a step ahead of the White House and other stories

File photo

Good morning, Columbia! It’s finally the weekend—unless you have language classes or an irritable discussion section tomorrow, you can look forward to a few days off of SSOL.

In Columbia news:

  • The administration responds to student demands for more transparent sexual assault policies by launching a new site called Sexual Respect to clarify sexual assault information and procedures.
  • Student productions on campus this spring will include Godspell and The Tempest.
  • Some students are more choked up about the Heights’ temporary closure than others…

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Opinion | Feb. 11 5:39 pm EST

You in a few

Illustration by Lian Plass

After scouring the Forbes “30 Under 30″ and other similar lists for motivated young people who have their shit together, I shot out some emails asking for interviews.

(Recap: This blog series is about life after graduation and how it’s not actually daunting and everything will work out.)

I can report back that I’ll be speaking to some very interesting people this week and will have my first “You in a Few” subject next Monday!

Sadly, though, one cold email – despite its Columbia roots – will probably never see a response:

Dear President Obama,

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News | Nov. 9 3:12 pm EST

In case you missed it: This week in news

Henry Willson / Spec

Between stressing over midterms, procrastinating away fall break, and throwing the first snowballs of the season, you’ve had plenty of excuses not to pay attention to the news recently. In case you missed it, here’s a quick breakdown of this week (and the week before that) in news:

After years of campaigning, billions of dollars of spending, and a few too many gaffes, the 2012 election has finally come and gone. City News Editor Finn Vigeland reported from Obama’s victory party in Chicago (and later described his experience covering the historic night). Meanwhile, a little closer to home, students celebrated on Low Steps, voters braved long lines at local polling places, and Harlemites enjoyed Obama nail-painting at Rep. Charles Rangel’s Election Night watch party.

While the president’s re-election clearly has a big impact on the direction of the country, it will also affect Columbia on important issues like student loans, affirmative action, and research funding. In fact, the University spent more than $100,000 to lobby federal lawmakers in the months leading up to the election. (And some individual administrators have also donated big sums to Democrats around the country on their own time.) Finally, for some historical political perspective, you may not have known that Columbia was once quite conservative! Don’t tell Fox News… More »


Spectrum | Nov. 5 9:05 pm EST

Pet election predictions

As you know, animals have the uncanny ability to predict everything from earthquakes to which team will win a sporting event to when there is food on the floor in a 30-kilometer radius.

Spectator has discovered that, in addition to all of these talents, our pets (not your pets, that’s why we’re a newspaper and you’re not) can predict the outcome of this year’s presidential election. Below are some predictions to save you the trouble of watching tomorrow’s returns:

Milo (Frenchie) may have two names, but he’s only got one vote! (But really none because he’s a dog.)

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Opinion | Nov. 5 11:44 am EST

Obama’s Columbia GPA

Last Friday the Daily Caller published an article about an (anonymous) Columbia official who told this (anonymous) Columbia alumnus that Obama, “as best could be determined after sorting through the incompletes, had a GPA of 2.6” while at Columbia.

Alright, Deep Throat here is called a “successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur,” but that can mean many things. The DC cites a $2,500 donation as a source of credibility, but I’m not sure $2,500 gives you this kind of authority.

Ignoring the 4,000 issues about the authenticity of the source, the fact that people are actually paying attention to this story highlights an unfortunate truth about the importance of GPAs. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 5 1:11 am EST

Election Day Eve 2012

It’s late. You’re up. Election Day Eve is finally upon us, and now that you’ve got the election tree set up, your returns-watching party planned, and your emergency plane tickets out of the country sitting on the mantle just in case the wrong guy wins, it’s time to pass some time looking at internet links:

Playing god, election edition: In case you haven’t already, click here to make your own electoral map and live your dream of being MSNBC’s David Gregory.

512 paths to win: In case clicking on a map is too much work, the New York Times has all election possibilites outlined in flowchart form.

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Opinion | Oct. 5 5:16 pm EST
quick and dirty

You would have been better off finding a different excuse to drink

For this Quick and Dirty, we asked our Opinion writers for a few thoughts on this week’s presidential debate:

Virgilio Urbina-Lazardi, Blogger: Boring, vapid, dripping at every inch with hypocrisy, filled with a host of erroneous claims but with none of the expected flair. Obama should’ve been much more aggressive, while it would have helped Romney to actually say something of substance.

Mikey Zhong, Blogger: The ties.

Yoni Golijov, Columnist: Not even the candidates are excited about this race. Instead of watching the next debate, watch South Park’s 2008 Election episode, McCain and Obama conspiring for Obama to win so they can steal the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian. If only the debates were as accurate.

Noel Duan, Columnist: Why did my childhood (Big Bird) have to be brought into this?

Leo Schwartz, Columnist and Blogger: Romney clone army rushes stage after debate, once and for all proving his true goal of galactic conquest.

Cecille de Laurentis, Columnist: I had the privilege of viewing something pivotal, something that altered my perception of the election. It was a parody of “Gangnam Style” called “Romney Style.”