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Sports | Nov. 21 6:14 pm EST
thanksgiving football

A beautiful spread of football games for your Thanksgiving Thursday

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tomorrow marks Thanksgiving, which is no doubt the greatest of all holidays in my humble opinion. There’s the obvious—the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce (from a can…I want to see ridges), and of course the family. But then there’s what’s really important—football.

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy the timeless tradition of the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys playing each and every Thanksgiving Thursday. It’s also no doubt been a special honor to play on Thanksgiving for those teams that have gone to the Silverdome and Ford Field, along with Texas Stadium and Cowboys Stadium. And now that the NFL has blessed us all with a third game the past few years, there’s literally a game for when you cook, when you eat, and when you’re about to pass out from your turkey-induced coma.

And if you’re not sure about all the storylines, fear not—we’ve got you covered.

Game one: Houston Texans (9-1) at Detroit Lions (4-6)—12:30 EST, CBS

The Texans are considered by some to be the best team in football, and the Lions have taken a step back after a great playoff season in 2011. But based on Houston’s performance against Jacksonville—literally the worst team in football—last weekend, if Detroit comes out firing and executes well, they could have a chance. More »


Sports | Apr. 29 10:08 am EST
going pro

Off to Dallas Jeff Adams maybe goes

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Although senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams didn’t get drafted this weekend, he was apparently signed by the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night.

Based on the strength of his past workouts, which included one for the Jets at their private facility, it was thought possible that Adams could have been a late-round pick.

If Adams had been drafted, he would have been the first to do so in the NFL since Marcellus Wiley, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the second round in 1997. Still, getting signed by the Cowboys, even if it wasn’t during the draft?

Not a bad graduation present.


Sports | Apr. 11 9:05 pm EST
draft watch

Senior offensive lineman Jeff Adams works out for the New York Jets

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Big news for those of you who are both Jets and Lions fans: This past Monday senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams had a private workout at the New York Jets’ facility.

Over the past few months, Adams has been working hard to convince NFL scouts he is worth drafting. On March 8, he participated in Northwestern’s pro day. He later tried to improve his scores at the Baker Athletics Complex in front of scouts from the Jets.

According to, based on the strength of these workouts, Adams may have become a sixth- or seventh-round draft pick—not bad for an Ivy League o-linean.

And hey, if he does get picked by the Jets, not only would you be able to go check him out at MetLife Stadium (albiet for a pretty penny), but Adams might also get his TV debut on Hard Knocks. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play on a team with Jesus on your side? (Thank you Tim Tebow!)

NFL Draft will be held on April 26-28 at Radio City Music Hall. If you so choose to watch the draft on ESPN or the NFL Network, look for Adams’ name to be called on Sunday, April 28, somewhere between 4 and 7 p.m.


Sports | Mar. 21 10:15 pm EST
A Second Opinion

‘Bountygate’ suspensions show that in the NFL, safety is paramount

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ever had one of those times where you’re planning on writing one thing, and then BAM, something else happens, and you have scrap the whole thing?

Well I had one of those “command+a+delete” moments when I heard about the suspensions of New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, general manager Micky Loomis, and former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams earlier today.

This, to me, is a story that transcends sports because it deals with an individual’s sense of humanity. It deals with what is and what is not acceptable for one human being to do to another.

And when it comes down to it, the NFL made the right call in handing down these punishments. More »


Sports | Aug. 6 12:06 pm EST

We’ve got a few Ivy Leaguers who are getting a shot at making the NFL

Courtesy of Princeton University

Terrell Owens might not be able to find an NFL team that will accept him, but there are quite a few Ivy Leaguers on their way to the big leagues.

During the course of the greatest publicity stunt ever pulled by a major sports league that effectively generated two months of wall to wall free publicity for this season the NFL lockout, most athletes had their chances of receiving a contract offer killed, but with training camps fully re-opened, a flurry of players have been snatched up. More »


Sports | Feb. 5 10:15 pm EST
Where to Watch

Where to find Pittsburgh/Green Bay in New York City

gabrielsmith / Flickr

With the biggest sporting event of the year taking place tomorrow, it’s time to figure out where you’re watching the game. For fans of the two teams in the big game (Steelers and Packers), finding the right spot is critical. Choose correctly and celebrate the game-winning touchdown with legions of inebriated, cheering friends. Choose poorly and your cheers will sound out of place amid the eerie silence of opposing fans. Read after the jump for a list of friendly confines for fans of both teams in NYC.

More »


Sports | Nov. 25 9:25 am EST
What We're Watching

Spec’s Thanksgiving guide to sports on TV

Courtesy of

There are a lot of things that I’m thankful for, but the main one is sports. Specifically, sports on television. If you’re like me and just can’t get enough sports over the break, be sure to read after the jump for a quick day-by-day breakdown of what’s what in sports. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 11 10:18 am EST
wake-up call

Today’s paper: what’s the occasion?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It’s Veteran’s Day, apparently (though there’s little to indicate it), so go pat a GS student on the back or something. But if you’re looking for something else to celebrate, there are 50 days left in the year, today is 11/11, it’s Kurt Vonnegut’s would-be 88th birthday, and the mysteriously renovation-happy UniCafe supposedly opens today (check back later to see if it actually happens, and pictures if it does).

Meanwhile, in today’s paper:


Sports | Nov. 8 10:10 pm EST
Columbia in the NFL

Former Columbia quarterback named interim head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Courtesy of the Dallas Morning News

Jason Garrett was just named the interim head coach of the 1-7 Dallas Cowboys after team owner Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips. Garrett played quarterback for Columbia in 1985 under his father, Jim Garrett, but the team went 0-10 that season and Garrett was removed as head coach, and his son Jason transferred back to Princeton, where he would go on to to win Ivy League Player of the Year in 1988. More »


Sports | Nov. 3 11:27 am EST

Ratings war: MLB vs. NFL

Congratulations to the world champion San Francisco Giants. And congratulations to Major League Baseball for narrowly avoiding embarrassing television ratings for the second straight day. More »