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News | Feb. 8 7:24 pm EST
coffee and games

Gamers bring competitive, fun energy to Hungarian Pastry Shop

Every Tuesday night, a group of gamers fills Hungarian Pastry Shop to test their skills in the ancient Chinese game of Go.

To understand the atmosphere and competitiveness of these weekly gaming sessions, check out the video above.

Read the full article—with interviews of members of the Columbia Go club—in the News section of today’s paper.


The Eye | Dec. 4 5:19 pm EST

You tell us: Does Obamanard still matter?

In this week’s Lead, Margaret Boykin examines the legacy of last spring and the sexism that it brought to the forefront of campus discourse. We went and asked students around campus if they thought that the “Obamanard” debacle was still relevant, and what we can still learn from it.


The Eye | Nov. 17 4:47 pm EST

Mult-eye-media: Faces of Undocumentation

In last week’s Lead, Naomi Cohen wrote about undocumented students at Columbia by telling their stories and highlighting people at Columbia who help them. Below are interviews with the different individuals mentioned in the article.

Though he now has a student visa, Brandon had to leave the United States for a year before attending Columbia because of his initial lack of status. He is now a  first year majoring in Math. Hear him talk about his experience:

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News | Oct. 21 3:20 pm EST
Comic Con

Captain America sits down with Spec…sort of

This weekend, Spec got a rare opportunity to interview Captain America — or at least, someone who dresses like Captain America.

Will Rivera lives at 109th and Broadway and has a passion for cosplaying the iconic hero. Rivera was one of the many interestingly-attired folks at this year’s Comic Con. Check out our video interview!

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News | Oct. 8 9:03 pm EST

There are kangaroos hopping down 112th Street

Given its status as a college town, Morningside Heights is home to many fun or quirky traditions—Primal Scream, closing down Broadway to make way for PrezBo’s fun run, that underwear pillow fight that happens every now and then. The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine played host to one on Sunday, temporarily converting itself into a zoo for the 28th Annual Blessing of the Animals.

Neighborhood residents brought their pets, and some less domestic animals (that’s where the kangaroo comes in) were hired in from professional animal agencies.

“We do this every year to remind us of the blessing of what it means to have these creatures great and small in our lives, how dangerous it is to treat them with disrespect or to create environmental threats that may cause even extinction of some species,” Rev. James Kowalski said.


The Eye | Sep. 27 9:16 pm EST

Eye Multimedia: America’s most powerful political body

In this week’s issue of The Eye, Amanda Gutterman takes a look at the possible consequences of a gerontocracy in The Lead. Multimedia editor Naomi Cohen talked to some elderly folks who vote regularly. Check out the video below, and don’t forget to pick up this week’s copy of The Eye.

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Spectrum | Sep. 16 11:18 pm EST

Veteran GS students talk about how 9/11 altered their lives

To go along with this week’s Eye lead by Finn Vigeland about the student journalistic response to 9/11, Spectrum’s Naomi Cohen interviewed veteran General Studies students about the impact of the tragedy on their lives, their military service, and what it meant to be a soldier in the post-9/11 world.