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A&E | May. 21 2:47 pm EST

In honor of Commencement, here’s Morningsiders’ newest song “Graduation Bow”

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Congrats to the class of 2014! To help celebrate Commencement, Morningsiders released a new song, “Graduation Bow,” which may or may not make you tear up a little bit/a lot. Have fun, grads—we’ll miss you!


A&E | May. 9 10:16 pm EST

Pregame playlist: Nostalgia and finals

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As the semester wraps up, so does this pregame playlist series. Realistically, only the bravest of us are going out during exam week, and unfortunately I’m too anxious about the end of the semester to appreciate the fact that it’s finally ice cream season. I tried to make this playlist serve two purposes: If it’s sunny, these songs feel nostalgic. If it’s nighttime, this playlist flips over and becomes pretty morose. Feel free to listen whether you’re hunched over your laptop in Butler or basking in the sun on Low.

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A&E | Apr. 10 10:08 pm EST
pregame playlist

Pregame Playlist: Spring weather edition

anothervodkastinger / tumblr

With all of the EDM you’ve probably been listening to this week—from the White Panda show in Roone on Wednesday to the blaring house music you’ll undoubtedly hear at your friends’ pregames/drunches—we thought we’d mix it up with our playlist this week and give you something that’s less electronic, but just as electric! We’ve also got it embedded twice—check after the jump for the RDIO version if you don’t have Spotify.

First off is a band that’s near to my heart: They’re from my home state of Massachusetts. Speedy Ortiz’s new EP, “Real Hair,” is an excellent follow-up to “Major Arcana,” the band’s last full album. “American Horror” is easily becoming my one of my favorite tracks of the season. The cute guitar hook in the song’s intro is perfect against Sadie Dupuis’s vocals.

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Spectrum | Apr. 10 8:49 pm EST

Lupe’s fiasco: The performers we wish we had for Bacchanal

Kimberly Flores / Spec

And lo, Bacchanal is upon us yet again, bearing down like an overburdened ship whose rotted timbers creak and groan—full of the same lost souls who will gather on Low Plaza this Saturday to drink their way into oblivion rather than remember a single second of Lupe’s fiasco. This year’s theme: #throwbacchamillionshotsanal. And though the show goes on despite the overwhelmingly negative reception, it doesn’t hurt to dream of what could have been, right?

Dan Deacon and Angel Haze
OK, so a lot of schools have Dan Deacon this year (read: two by my count), but you know what? That’s because he’s good. He’s fun. He’s energetic. Angel Haze is sharp and smart and on the rise—a perfect way to maximize the value of that $100,000 budget the committee is always moaning about.

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A&E | Apr. 8 11:47 am EST

Low Steps to be enclosed at Bacchanal, access limited to CUID holder, 1 guest

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At this year’s spring concert, #THROWBACCHANAL, Low Steps will be enclosed and access will be limited to CUID holders, who will be limited to a single guest, according to an email from Bacchanal publicity chair Michael Cuby.

According to the email, access will only be granted to current students and alumni with proper Columbia ID and they must accompany their guest for entry and re-entry. Additionally, no glass bottles or backpacks will be allowed beyond the gates on Low Steps, however plastic bottles are permitted.

Doors (or, more accurately, gates) for #THROWBACCHANAL are set to open at 1 p.m. on Saturday. The headliner is rapper Lupe Fiasco, and the opening acts are EDM DJ duo The Chainsmokers, student DJ Flaxo (aka Nick Perloff, CC ’16), California Love (composed of Taylor Simone and Josh Mac, both CC ’14), and Nøvachørd (aka Mitchell Veith, CC ’15). There will be food trucks and water fountains. Check after the jump for Cuby’s full email. More »


A&E | Apr. 7 6:18 pm EST

More performances! WBAR brings MikeQ, Saint Pepsi, Seth Graham to campus

too---much---love / tumblr

More performances have been announced for next week, this time hosted by WBAR and the Columbia Music Festival. Catch MikeQ with Saint Pepsi and Seth Graham at the Altschul Atrium on Friday, April 11—doors open at 7:30 p.m., and it’s completely free to the public!

Here’s what’s in store:


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A&E | Apr. 3 9:00 pm EST
pregame playlist

Pregame playlist: We finally have a Bacchanal headliner edition

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Hello friends, and welcome to yet another installment of our pregame playlist. As you may know, Lupe Fiasco will be headlining Bacchanal this year. On top of that, there are no fewer than four opening acts for Fiasco, which range from up-and-coming student artists like Nøvachørd (aka Mitchell Veith, CC ’15) to established student acts like Flaxo (aka Nick Perloff, CC ’16) and well-known DJ duo The Chainsmokers.

Also announced this week was the headliner for the Columbia Music Festival. The White Panda will play Roone on April 9 and feature DJs Vonzie (aka Sean Von Ohlen, CC ’14), DJ Dwai (aka Andrew Jorquera, SEAS ’16) Nøvachord, and DJ Klassius Klay (aka Klay Roberts, CC ’16). This playlist also includes some artists from the the W-Bar-B-Q lineup.

With all of the music you’re going to be listening to in the next month, and in honor of the announcement everyone waits all year for, we’re helping you get a head start on getting used to getting drunk to these artists. I won’t even muddy it up with my commentary this week, partially because I’m getting familiar with these artists right along with you. More »


A&E | Apr. 2 1:46 pm EST

WBAR-B-Q XXI line-up released

heatscale / tumblr

WBAR’s annual spring show was just announced, and it features a bit of everything from twee punk to spazz-electronics to black metal. WBAR-B-Q XXI is on April 19, so it’ll be perfect to help you get over your Bacchanal withdrawal. Everything is FREE, and there’ll even be some food provided (because what would a BBQ be without food?). Performances run from noon until 8 p.m. on Lehman Lawn.

Without further ado, here’s your WBAR-B-Q line-up!

Arm Candy

Amanda X

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A&E | Mar. 31 11:15 pm EST
its a fiasco

Lupe Fiasco to headline Bacchanal, Flaxo, Chainsmokers will open

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Lupe Fiasco will headline Bacchanal this year, organizers announced in an email tonight. The rapper, whose fifth album is forthcoming this year, will perform on Low steps April 12 and the event is slated to begin at 1 p.m.

Opening for Fiasco are The Chainsmokers, an EDM DJ duo whose single, “#SELFIE,” is currently No. 10 on the iTunes top songs chart. The duo’s management confirmed to Spectator in February that they would be performing on April 12.

The act performing before The Chainsmokers is Flaxo, AKA Nick Perloff, CC ’16. Perloff first made waves last summer when he won a national DJ competition and then in the fall when he released his first original single. He confirmed his performance to Spectator last week and said that Bacchanal approached him to perform.

The only act left to be determined is which student act will kick off this year’s concert. Voting for the student opener, chosen from among a crop of eight student acts, began yesterday and will take place through Thursday. Bacchanal organizers will be in Lerner letting students listen to the candidates’ music and taking votes.

The voting system is the result of Bacchanal canceling a battle of the bands scheduled for March 24 that would have chosen the student opener.

Bacchanal is only open to Columbia affiliates, and the email mentioned that security measures would be announced closer to April 12. Check after the jump for the full press release, sent by Bacchanal’s executive board.  More »


A&E | Mar. 31 5:37 pm EST
CMF 2014

DJ duo The White Panda to headline Columbia Music Festival

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EDM duo The White Panda will headline this year’s Columbia Music Festival, according to an email from Caroline Park, SEAS ’16 and Class of 2016 vice president for the Engineering Student Council.

The show, which starts at 8 p.m. on April 9 in Roone Arledge Auditorium, will also feature student DJs Vonzie (aka Sean Von Ohlen, CC ’14), DJ Dwai (aka Andrew Jorquera, SEAS ’16) Nøvachord (aka Mitchell Veith CC ’16), and DJ Klassius Klay (aka Klay Roberts, CC ’16)—who will take the stage before The White Panda.

According to Park, the event is unticketed, but students will have to show a CUID at the doors, which open at 7:30 p.m. The first 300 people will get free t-shirts, and neon attire is encouraged, according to the Facebook event.  More »