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Spectrum | Apr. 25 10:06 pm EST
stranger danger

Caught on camera: Getting social with strangers

teaismycupoftea / Tumblr

It’s that time of year when seniors are getting wistful, juniors are getting worried (cue my hyperventilation), and other people are feeling some amount of the feels. It’s usually around now when you open up your little black book, or your Facebook friend list, or your best friend’s Facebook friend list, and question your social abilities on this campus. Do you know enough people? More importantly, do you have what it takes to talk to a complete stranger, in the hopes that they may be an awesome person? Tanay Jaipuria, SEAS ’14, took it to a whole ‘nother level with his website Tea with Tanay, where he hopes to meet a couple hundred new people, over tea (or coffee), before he graduates. Spectrum adopted Tanay’s mission for a day. Watch what happened next.

We decided to #tbt the glory days of NSOP and pre-orientation programs, when social awkwardness was the norm, and sitting down at a table full of strangers in John Jay was your passport to socialdom. That, or walking on to any given Carman floor post-11 p.m. We flexed our social muscle, ignored the “Don’t talk to strangers” imperative that our parents fed us, and took the plunge.


Spectrum | Feb. 13 1:15 pm EST

What are you doing on Friday?

Daniel Ocampo, CC '15

Spectator interviewed several students about their plans for Valentine’s Day. The Columbia Democrats were selling condoms and blow-pops to raise money for Planned Parenthood while also advocating safe, consensual sex—whether or not it’s in celebration of the holiday.

Will you be studying, at a bar, or with a loved one like the students in the video? Let Spectrum know in the comments!


A&E | Oct. 7 3:47 pm EST
nothing was the same

Did Drake’s new album change lives at Columbia?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Drake’s third album “Nothing Was the Same”  came out three weeks ago, and the new release begs the question: Has nothing really been the same? Spec Multimedia took to the steps and sidewalks of campus to find out.


A&E | Sep. 24 10:28 pm EST
morningside lights

Morningside Lights: “The Luminous Deep”

Columbia University Arts Initiative

Last Friday, the Morningside Lights procession brought students and community members together in a festival of lights, produced by their very own hands, in Morningside Park. A week of workshops were held at the Miller Theatre, and volunteers were given the necessary materials to create their own lanterns to fit into the theme of “The Luminous Deep.”

In case you were wondering what that two meter long glowing jellyfish was doing floating around, you should start getting ready for next year’s workshops.


Sports | Apr. 9 5:14 pm EST
spectator sportscast

No shirt, no shoes, the Sportscast goes swimming

Brian Barbour and Nick Scott in swimsuits? Check. A high stakes race full of raw emotion? Check. A photo finish that will go down in the record books? Check.

The Sportscast goes poolside as Brian and Nick face off in the water to see just how hard senior swimmer Katie Meili—this week’s guest star—has to work when she competes. Meili also sat down to talk about her successful senior season and her plans to swim professionally after graduation.

If you have suggestions about what sport Nick and Brian should compete in next, put them in the comments below or send them to


Sports | Apr. 2 4:21 pm EST
spectator sportscast

Wrestling’s Steve Santos talks about recent success in newest Sportscast

Over spring break, senior Steve Santos of the Light Blue wrestling squad took third place in his weight class at the NCAA wrestling championship in Des Moines, Iowa.

Steve joined Eli Schultz and Nick Scott this week on the latest episode of the Spectator Sportscast to talk about his experience at the national tournament and his plans for after graduation.

Send any suggestions for the Sportscast to


A&E | Apr. 2 1:59 pm EST
mad hatters

Easter Bonnet Parade draws eclectic crowd, costumes

If you were too busy on Sunday doing an Easter egg hunt or enjoying brunch to make it down to Fifth Avenue for the annual Easter Parade, for which participants come armed with hats of all sorts, check out the video above!

Spectator stopped by to speak with some parade participants, so take a look to see a dog in a hat, a man in a pink bunny suit, and hats made of hundreds of Metrocards.


The Eye | Apr. 1 7:00 pm EST

Missed the Cliterary Open Mic? Check out the highlights here

Last Thursday, members and friends of the Eye, Quarto, and FemSex convened in the Intercultural Resource Center for an open mic focused on sex-positivity.  Students came armed with poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction and fired away for a warm night of communal dialogue and entertainment.

For those who missed the event, take a look at the video above for a taste of what was said and done.


A&E | Mar. 30 1:00 pm EST

Draw-A-Thon blends music, art in fun event

Live music, free food, and five straight hours of drawing attracted a roomful of Columbia artists to Artist Society’s annual Draw-A-Thon event on Friday night. Spectator stopped by with a camera to check it out, and try our hand at some sketching.


Sports | Mar. 28 1:15 pm EST
basketball wrap-up

Despite 8th-place finish, Lions have bright future in young backcourt

Despite being predicted to finish third place in the Ivy League, the Light Blue men’s basketball team had a disappointing 2012-2013 season, as they posted a record of 12-16 overall and 4-10 in conference play, and finished in last place.

In our season wrap-up show, Spectator’s men’s basketball beat writers—Eli Schultz, Steven Lau, and Muneeb Alam—discuss the problems that plagued the Lions’ season and the highlight the players that will play a key role in future years, especially with the graduation of point guard Brian Barbour and center Mark Cisco, who both played central roles in Columbia’s squad.