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The Eye | Feb. 11 12:13 pm EST

Lookin’ for love: CU Admirers Roundup

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

As explored in The Eye’s lead this week, love is a complicated topic at Columbia. Indeed, if there is anything that the phenomenon CU Admirers has to teach the Columbia community, it is that love comes in all forms (cliché, but it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so sue me for being cliché about love around this time of year). Here is a general roundup of some of the most memorable posts that show the range of love in Morningside Heights.

Love overcomes all sorts of barriers. Including geographical biases:

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The Eye | Dec. 11 5:30 pm EST

Layers of language: An interview with “Tribes” playwright Nina Raine

Courtesy of Nina Raine

Tribes, written by Nina Raine, debuted in 2010 at the Royal Court Theatre in London, and recently opened in New York.

Examining the experience of a deaf member of a hearing family, the play is now showing at the Barrow Street Theater through January 6th.

The Eye sat down with Raine to discuss the play, her influences, and the play’s exploration of what constitutes modern-day tribes. 

How did you get to understand the deaf  community in order to realistically portray it in the play?

I watched a documentary, and that gave me the idea of watching the play. It was a documentary about a deaf couple, and then I was friends with a writer who was going deaf. Genetically inherited condition. And then through her, she helped me when there were parties and things. I met deaf people though a person that was going deaf.

And also, I kind of said, “I’m writing this thing, and I want to talk to people about it.” More »


The Eye | Feb. 29 8:46 pm EST
so over

How my liberal arts education ruined my love of Bernini

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

When I was first exposed to Bernini’s work in my high school Art History class, I immediately understood why this guy is considered one of the best sculptors. Ever.

Have you seen his Apollo and Daphne? The variety of texture that he is able to create with just marble is amazing.

And his Rape of Persephone—it isn’t stone. No, they are actual people with actual flesh. You just have to see it to believe it. Such works of art leave you in complete awe of Bernini’s sculptural prowess. (Note that he was only 23 when he sculpted the Persephone. 23!).

I wish I could keep gushing about Bernini’s sculptures, but then I read Ovid’s Metamorphoses for Lit Hum, and notably, that story about Apollo and Daphne. Which reminded me that the story is basically Apollo’s attempt to rape Daphne.

So one of my favorite sculptures ever is about rape. Great.

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The Eye | Feb. 15 1:40 pm EST
oh, barack

Our (not entirely) indie president

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

When I found out that President Obama’s campaign made a “2012 Campaign Playlist” on Spotify, I flipped out a little (well, maybe more than a little). Scrolling through the songs, the selection I discovered was pretty impressive, albeit confusing.

“We Used to Wait” by Arcade Fire, a nice pick from a fantastic album.

“You Got the Love” by Florence + the Machine, which is great because Flo can do no wrong (like, actually).

“Tonight’s the Kind of Night” by Noah and the Whale, whose inclusion gives Obama a whole lot of hipster cred. More »