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Sports | May. 3 5:46 pm EST
tournament bound

And you thought Linsanity was over…

Alyson Goulden / Spec

Great news coming out of the men’s tennis team, as the Lions learned on Tuesday night they received an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Ranked No. 42 in the country, it clearly would have been a great injustice to leave the Lions out of the 64-team tournament.

The Light Blue will begin its quest for a National Championship by squaring off against No. 31 VCU (22-4) in its first match next Saturday, May 12 at the University of Virginia.

Should the Lions win, they’ll face the winner of the match between Virginia (24-1) and Fairleigh Dickinson (15-8). The host school, Virginia, is the overall No. 3 seed in the tournament—but that’s why they play the matches. Just ask Duke.

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Sports | Apr. 6 10:00 pm EST
Who's hot, Who's not

More #Linsanity—but this time, it’s all about Columbia

Alyson Goulden / Spec

Linsanity making an appearance in another who’s hot, who’s not? You ‘betcha. But tennis and baseball also feature prominently in this week’s installment.

Who’s hot?

Teams that once had (or still do have) #Linsanity

With the NBA season almost complete, the New York Knicks are hanging on to the final playoff spot with a 28-27 record after a 7-3 stretch in the last 10 games. Even though their Asian sensation point guard, Jeremy Lin, is injured and out for the season, their chance for a playoff berth started with his explosion in January and February.

As it turns out, Columbia has its own Lin who keeps…well…Linning. The Lions tennis team has won 10 straight, and it has been in large part due to freshman Winston Lin. Lin plays both singles and doubles, and is currently ranked 102nd in the country. Lin has not lost a match since Feb. 10 against George Washington, and has won every singles match since. That’s 14 straight matches, guys!

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Sports | Mar. 2 5:55 pm EST
Early March Madness

Why you should be at Levien Gymnasium tonight at 7 o’clock

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Friends, Romans, Columbia community—lend me your eyes. There’s going to be a spectacle at Levien Gymnasium tonight, and Uncle Sam wants YOU to be there. You see, the Harvard Crimson are in town tonight—and while that’s a spectacle in and of itself, tonight has the potential to be especially epic.

It’s not just that some random player from the Knicks may-or-may-not be in attendance. It’s not even that people are selling their tickets to the sold-out contest on Craigslist for a whopping $200. It’s about the atmosphere that we, as students, must create in order to make the Crimson feel like they’re stepping into the wild, wild, west.

First of all, even though the game is sold out, students can still attend. That’s right, so Uncle Sam wanting YOU still applies to all of you who, like me, really want to take a break from studying for midterms. But you should definitely be early if you want to get a good seat—not that you’ll be sitting very much with all the standing and cheering you’re going to be doing. More »


Sports | Feb. 25 2:20 pm EST
Who's hot, Who's not

Somebody’s #linning, but it sure isn’t Jeremy Lin

Spec File Photo

Who’s hot?

Women’s basketball

THEY WON! As the proud co-beat writer of women’s basketball, it was thrilling to see the young Lions team earn their first Ivy League win of the season against Yale, 56-52 on Friday. Junior Tyler Simpson led the way with 20 points and forward Courtney Bradford snagged 18 rebounds. Head Coach Paul Nixon even invented a term before the game, saying that the Lions would not let any team “out-athlete them,” and Yale was no exception.

While the Columbia women’s basketball team has struggled this season going just 3-21, the team has grown and shown promise as they look to finish the season strong in their final three games.

Tonight is their final home game against Brown at 7 p.m. in Levin Gymnaisum. The Light Blue nearly beat Brown two weeks ago only to be outdone by the Bears in overtime. But the Lions look primed to strike again tonight, so come support them on Senior Night!
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Sports | Feb. 15 10:46 am EST
A Second Opinion

Why Jeremy Lin is not the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

First of all, if you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, shame on you!

Lin graduated from Harvard in 2010, and had been floating around the NBA since then before being signed by the New York Knickerbockers late in December. He played in the D-League (the NBA’s version of the minor leagues), was called up in late January because of various injuries, and is now tearing up the NBA by beating some of the game’s biggest stars.

Have you seen #Linsanity trending on Twitter? Yup, it’s about this guy.

But now that he’s emerged out of nowhere as someone who has beaten the odds, everybody wants to talk about how he’s just like Tim Tebow. But I’m here to tell you he’s no Tim Tebow, not at all.

He’s so much better. More »