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Sports | Apr. 29 10:08 am EST
going pro

Off to Dallas Jeff Adams maybe goes

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Although senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams didn’t get drafted this weekend, he was apparently signed by the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night.

Based on the strength of his past workouts, which included one for the Jets at their private facility, it was thought possible that Adams could have been a late-round pick.

If Adams had been drafted, he would have been the first to do so in the NFL since Marcellus Wiley, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the second round in 1997. Still, getting signed by the Cowboys, even if it wasn’t during the draft?

Not a bad graduation present.


Sports | Apr. 11 9:05 pm EST
draft watch

Senior offensive lineman Jeff Adams works out for the New York Jets

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Big news for those of you who are both Jets and Lions fans: This past Monday senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams had a private workout at the New York Jets’ facility.

Over the past few months, Adams has been working hard to convince NFL scouts he is worth drafting. On March 8, he participated in Northwestern’s pro day. He later tried to improve his scores at the Baker Athletics Complex in front of scouts from the Jets.

According to, based on the strength of these workouts, Adams may have become a sixth- or seventh-round draft pick—not bad for an Ivy League o-linean.

And hey, if he does get picked by the Jets, not only would you be able to go check him out at MetLife Stadium (albiet for a pretty penny), but Adams might also get his TV debut on Hard Knocks. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play on a team with Jesus on your side? (Thank you Tim Tebow!)

NFL Draft will be held on April 26-28 at Radio City Music Hall. If you so choose to watch the draft on ESPN or the NFL Network, look for Adams’ name to be called on Sunday, April 28, somewhere between 4 and 7 p.m.


Spectrum | Mar. 28 9:15 am EST

Let the games begin!

Hannah Choi / Spec

If you see women running around in togas on Lehman Lawn, it’s because today is the first day of Barnard Greek Games 2012!

Have no idea what those are? Neither do most Columbians (or Barnardians for that matter). Read up on the schedule here. The opening ceremony is at 11:30 a.m.! Barnard students, note that there is glow-in-the-dark capture the flag tonight! Say WHAT?

Read this: In today’s Canon, writers tackle the topic of “Words and style,” or whether academic jargon is appropriate in writing. [Opinion]

Know this: In its first meeting, a West Harlem neighborhood group discussed issues of illegal dirt biking and youth violence. In the words of Reverend Wilson who was present, “Kids killing kids in this community must stop.”  [News]

Here’s more: Jeff Adams, a senior offensive tackle on Columbia’s football team, is being considered as a legitimate candidate for the NFL. He would be the first recruit from Columbia since 1997, when Marcellus Wiley was drafted for the Buffalo Bills. [Sports]

Janine Balekdjian argues that a Privilege Humanities course would clarify misconceptions about feminism and race relations. [Opinion]


Sports | Feb. 10 2:40 pm EST
Who's hot, Who's not

Fast runners, draft prospects, and an Ivy player in the NBA are all hot

Courtesy of Columbia Athletics

In this week’s “Who’s hot, who’s not,” we’ve got some really fast mile runners, an NFL prospect, an Ivy Leaguer in the NBA and more. Check it out to see where they all fall on the list.

Who’s hot

Jeff Adams

Growing up in Minnesota, one of my favorite athletes was Matt Birk, a former all-pro Minnesota Viking (now with the Baltimore Ravens) who went to Harvard. This season, there were only two offensive linemen from the Ivy League on active NFL rosters (Birk and the Giants’ Kevin Boothe). Now if Adams were to get drafted, it would mark a 50 percent increase in Ivy League offensive linemen in the NFL. Some mock draft boards have him going as early as the sixth round. Bottom line: Jeff Adams is going to the NFL, and even more importantly, you could play as Jeff Adams in Madden 2013. More »


Sports | Dec. 17 12:19 pm EST

NFL prospect Jeff Adams named All-American

Courtesy of Columbia Athletics

After being named to his third straight All-Ivy team already this offseason, senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams received another accolade on Thursday as he was named a third team All-American by the Associated Press. Adams is the second Lion in two years to be given the All-American distinction, as in 2010 tight end Andrew Kennedy was named to the second team. The left tackle is one of just four Ivy players to make the All-American list, as well as being the first Columbia player since linebacker Rory Wilfork from 1994-1996 to be named to the All-Ivy team three years in a row. Adams is widely regarded as one of the top 20 offensive tackles eligible for the 2012 NFL draft, and some early draft predictors have him going as high as the fifth round. If Adams does, in fact, get drafted, he’ll have a chance to surpass Harvard graduate and Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk—who has been named to the Pro Bowl six times—as the best former Ivy offensive lineman in the NFL.


Sports | Mar. 3 12:33 pm EST
You think you eat a lot?

An athlete’s diet: Offensive lineman Jeff Adams

Just_[von]Bernard / flickr

When you walk into a room and see Jeff Adams, you already know he’s a big guy. He is the left tackle on the football team’s offensive line, so you’d expect him to be. But have you ever thought about what an offensive lineman eats to stay that way? Well, it’s a lot.

On a typical day, the 6-foot-7, 300-pound Adams will eat six to eight meals for a total of 4,500-5,000 calories. Of course, he’s not going to have a grandiose sit-down meal every time, but he does eat something about every two hours for a reason.

“My goal is to keep my metabolism moving, constantly digesting food so that I’m not really hungry,” said Adams.

So what does this lineman do for those six to eight meals a day? More »


Sports | Nov. 24 2:57 pm EST
Ivy Awards

Five football players named first team all-Ivy

Michele Cleary / Spec

With the football season over, the Ivy League handed out its postseason awards, and Columbia made a serious dent in the first team nominations. Columbia had five players named to the first team and eight named all-Ivy in total. More »