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Spectrum | Feb. 22 1:11 am EST

Columbia alums talk porn and, obviously, Jeremy Lin

It’s late. You’re up. This one eleven looks to educate you about two alums you probably have no idea about.

Actual News

An alum in industry: Lux Alptraum, CC ’03, is the CEO of a porn blog, and talks about the way the internet is shaping the adult industry.

An alum who played against Jeremy Lin: The Knicks star is the talk of the town, and USA Today has an interview with a former Columbia basketball player who remembers taking on the Harvard guard. More »


Opinion | Feb. 20 7:54 pm EST

What we can learn from Linsanity

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’m guessing that just about everyone’s Facebook newsfeeds have been blowing up with #Linning comments these past two weeks, with everything from fawning declarations of love to pseudo-academic commentary on contemporary race-relations. Despite all the talk of Lin’s “anomalies,” as David Brooks put it, his Harvard degree clearly stands out—which is quite interesting.

We’re prone to ignore or forget that the Ivy League is by definition an athletic conference, though it has picked up connotations of social and academic elitism over the years. We question our physical education requirement more than the vague Global Core. The fact that we have to swim (or doggy-paddle) a couple of laps in order to graduate seems laughable. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 1 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

Romney wins Florida, and other more important stuff

It’s late. You’re up. You haven’t slept at all this month—it’s February—so you should call it a night after you read everything in this post.

Actual News:

Sunshine State: Mitt Romney wins the primary in Florida. More »


Sports | Jan. 15 2:31 pm EST

First men’s basketball game of the Ivy season in pictures

If you missed the excitement of men’s basketball against Penn on Friday night, we’ve got you covered. It was a thriller, with Columbia coming just short of the victory, losing 66-64. Check out the recap from the game here, and click on the photo below for a slideshow.


Sports | Jan. 13 10:33 am EST
new man in charge

Yale’s got a new football coach

Courtesy of Harvard Athletics

The news out of New Haven is Yale has found its newest head coach for their football program. Tony Reno has been hired as Yale’s 34th head coach, after serving as Harvard’s special teams coordinator and secondary coach for the past three seasons. Before that, Reno spent six years at Yale as a wide receivers coach in 2003, and then secondary coach from 2004-2008—so it’s technically not Yale going completely against the ideals of the Harvard-Yale rivalry. (I mean, c’mon, would the Yankees ever hire a coach who just worked for the Red Sox? I doubt it.)

Reno replaces the recently resigned Tom Williams, who left Yale after it came out in November that Williams lied about being a candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship. Williams’ claim of also playing on the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers practice squad in 1993 proved to be false as well. It probably was a really stupid idea to lie about things like that, but regardless Williams left Yale with a record of 16-14 in three seasons, including 5-5 in 2011.


Sports | Jan. 12 7:09 pm EST
Protect This House

The Quakers are coming, the Quakers are coming!

Alyson Goulden / Spec

That’s right, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian a BoltBus full of Quakers will be coming to New York City this Friday to come to what they seem to believe is the wonder of our “underground gym.” But they’re not coming to just take our land—as obvious as this is if you clicked on that link—there’s a basketball game going on at 7 p.m. and it’s a pretty important one too as our men’s basketball team will take on Penn to open up Ivy play.

Of course, technically we’re still on break, but if you have the chance to get back to campus for this game, you really should. More »


Sports | Dec. 5 7:58 pm EST
Harvard's really good

Look who made the AP’s top 25 men’s basketball ranking

Courtesy of Harvard Athletics

No, it’s not the Lions, who had an excellent weekend in California, improving their record to 5-4. It is, however, another Ivy team. The Harvard Crimson cracked the AP top 25, coming in at the final position in the poll released today. This marks the first time in the college’s history that their basketball team has reached the AP top 25, and the first time an Ivy has made it since Princeton in the 97-98 season. It seems like everyone’s drinking the Harvard Kool-Aid, as the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll placed them one position higher at 24. Harvard came into this season as a heavy favorite to win the Ivy title, and so far they’ve lived up to the hype by winning all eight of their games, including one against Florida State. Their contest against UConn on Thursday will be a good measuring stick to see how much work Harvard has to do if they want to go deep in the NCAA tournament like the 09-10 Cornell team.


Sports | Nov. 21 7:22 pm EST
Season wrap-up

Harvard on top, Columbia on the bottom: A roundup of a finished Ivy football season

Alyson Goulden / Spec

The final Saturday of the Ivy League football season was marked by one of the greatest games in recent league history. It took place right here at Baker Field, where the Lions won 35-28 in double overtime.

From the champion Crimson’s triumphant season to the Lions’ wild 1-9 showing to everything in between, a lot happened for every Ivy team this year, so here are a few thoughts on each school after the jump, in order of the final standings. More »


Sports | Nov. 10 5:23 pm EST
Would You Rather

Would you rather…play in ‘The Game’ or interview to be a Rhodes Scholar?

Courtesy of Yale Athletics

Yale’s senior quarterback, Patrick Witt, is in the enviable position of having to choose between the two, as he was recently selected as a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. As the football season winds down, The Game (Yale vs. Harvard, for those who live under a rock) will be played on November 19—the same day interviews are scheduled to be conducted in Witt’s hometown of Atlanta, Ga., at Emory University. Clearly, each one is a pretty big deal … so what’s he going to do?

Well, after being featured on SportsCenter last week, according to this article, Witt has asked for an early interview so that he’ll be able to “be the leader they selected” by playing quarterback in his final game with Yale. If this happens, he’d most likely have to ask the NCAA for permission to charter a plane to get back to New Haven, Conn., on time. (Gotta love that ol’ G6!)

Yet you’ve got to wonder what he’ll do if that request is declined. I mean, the guy has earned a 3.9 GPA since transferring from Nebraska in his sophomore year, and people don’t get the opportunity to study at Oxford every day.

So here’s the real question: if you were Witt, would you be able to pass up that opportunity to study at arguably the world’s most prestigious university to play quarterback one last time? Let us know in the comments.


Sports | Nov. 4 4:52 pm EST
Power Rankings

Ivy football power rankings: A few teams shift, but not Columbia

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Last week’s Ivy results shake up the power rankings a little bit, but the bookends remain the same. And  with the top team playing the bottom team on Saturday, it looks very likely that those two will remain the same for next week—barring a miracle of course. That said, one team moves up for the second straight week, one team falls, and the rest…well, I guess they stay the same. Hit past the jump to see who’s up and down in this week’s power rankings. More »