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Spectrum | Mar. 22 1:11 am EST

No one wants to see a picture of your baby

It’s late. You’re up. The weekend is so close you can almost taste it!

Actual News:

No confidence: Today in Sanford Florida, city commissioners passed a vote of no confidence in the police chief for not arresting the murderer of Trayvon Martin.

I love technology: Aside from what this guy thinks, some users find that the new Apple iPad runs “significantly hotter” than the previous one. Meaning it’s warm, not that it’s super awesome.

Blehh!: Cops tracked down an OWS protester who dumped a bucket of urine and feces in public. There were “large quantities” of it. Charming. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 21 1:11 am EST

There are free lunches in this world

It’s late. You’re up. There are free lunches in the world. You can get one if you go here.

Actual news

More on lunch: Sometimes a free lunch is a problem, according to Columbia professor Robert Mundell, a Nobel Prize-winning economist. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 29 1:11 am EST

Apple’s latest iPad, Google, Facebook, Cambodia, and the Olympics

It’s late, you’re up. It’s understandable, since it’s that time of year. Good luck with all your midterms/work!

Actual news

iPad 3: Apple is expected to unveil the latest iteration of the tablet next week. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 15 1:11 am EST

The ides of February and a video that will (hopefully) impress you

It’s late, you’re up. Keep reading to find out about two historic events that occurred on this day in the 1890s.

Actual News

Warm welcome: The likely next leader of China visited the Oval Office.

Euro crisis: Remember the hullabaloo about credit ratings when the debt ceiling fiasco was underway? Well, Moody’s just cut the ratings for six European countries.

It’s a dog’s world: But stars can join the fun. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 10 9:45 am EST

At Pa. university, everyone gets an iPad!

Via Damn Cool Pics

Seton Hill University is the apple of Steve Jobs’ eye: The small Pennsylvania university (that’s right, not Seton Hall but Seton Hill) is giving each and every one of its 2,100 undergrads a free iPad. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 4 3:29 pm EST

We’re curious—are you going to buy an iPad?

Every year, Apple rolls out a super-cool, super-expensive gadget to replace our already perfectly functioning devices, and every year, everyone seems to want one. But the iPad’s been controversial, and not everyone here at the Spec office is convinced they need one. Then again, we’ve already been suckered into had our lives made easier by the iPod, the iPod Mini, the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Touch, the iPhone. So, we’re curious…