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Spectrum | Apr. 28 9:43 am EST
wake up call

Columbia and Chernobyl are getting safer

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia! Confession: I just noticed the bleachers in front of Low yesterday. Yes, I’m that sLow. Today is supposed to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy, which hopefully will be a thing because nice weather is nice. Here is what’s happening:

In Columbia news:

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Spectrum | Apr. 18 10:26 am EST

We may have found E.T.’s home planet

Good morning, Columbia! Today’s forecast promises a high of 52, so the end of this resurrected winter is in sight. (Let’s put the “Frozen” jokes to rest, too. It’s April, and I’d like to use the phrase “let it go” freely.)

In Columbia news:

  • Expecting a dull Saturday? Explore one of Dan Garisto’s favorite weird museums in New York City.
  • In the wake of Bacchanal, Abby Mitchell considers disability access on campus.
  • If you’re itching to show your Lion pride, take a look at our teams’ weekend schedule.
Youjin Jenny Jang / Senior Staff Photographer

Youjin Jenny Jang / Senior Staff Photographer

Outside the bubble:

  • Astronomers report the discovery of an Earth-sized, habitable planet. The MTA tests my faith in humanity so often that I have no interest in finding life elsewhere.
  • “Mr. Vice President, what’s your favorite filter?” Joe Biden recently joined Instagram. Calling it now—today, Fox News will call the Obama administration an “Instasham.”
  • Novelist Gabriel García Márquez (“One Hundred Years of Solitude”) passed away yesterday at the age of 87.

Spectrum | Nov. 19 10:03 pm EST

The ginger trees

Instagram: @columbiaspec

The Most Instagrammed On Campus Award goes to….Those two trees between Lerner and the Journalism Building! Even I fell under their spell and thought these would rack up a serious amount of likes on Insta. But, mine was just one of the many images flooding everyones newsfeeds.

Here is a roundup of just a few of today’s most popular instagram subject: two trees.




Look at this pretty tree!















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News | Oct. 23 8:45 pm EST

This Week in GSSC: Resignations and Appointments

 General Studies Student Council correspondent Sarah Linden brings you the highlights from this week’s meeting.

What They’ve Done:

  • The communications committee created a new Facebook page and is working towards opening an Instagram for the council. Committee members said that they hope these pages will promote events and communicate with the student body.
  • Due to personal reasons, Vice President of Finance Austin Taylor resigned. GSSC thanked Taylor for his work in the council. This week, the council interviewed candidates for the VP of finance position and appointed Daniel de Sa, former chief finance representative. More »

Spectrum | Oct. 18 1:33 pm EST
hashtag PSL

#Instafall: The five stereotypical autumnal Instagrams

arielle_bree23 / instagram

If a leaf falls in Riverside Park and no one is around to Instagram it, it is really fall?

Here are the five posts on your Instagram feed that signal fall has arrived:

andreanabitsis / instagram

What would a fall in NYC be without a beautiful (albeit generic) shot of Central Park? More »


Spectrum | May. 16 6:03 pm EST

And the winner of the #CUSpectrum Instagram contest is…

Thanks to all who submitted photos to our Instagram contest! After a close race, there’s a clear winner: @alemineo’s photo, seen below:

alemineo / Instagram

We’ll use the picture as our cover photo — thank you to everyone who voted! There were some really great submissions, which you can take a look at on our Facebook page.

We hope everyone has a great summer, whether you’re Instagramming a beautiful beach or a tray of Starbucks iced coffees in the office.


Spectrum | May. 2 11:29 am EST

Instagram Contest: Staff Pic(k)s

We’ve already started combing through your Instagram photos to find the best ones! Remember there’s still one day left before the contest is over. Here is the information for the Instagram photo contest.

Here are some awesome photos that have been submitted. Just to be clear, we haven’t picked a winner yet, so snap to it!

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Spectrum | Apr. 26 7:08 pm EST

#CUSpectrum Instagram contest has begun!

Take a sweet photo of the Steps that looks a little bit different than the thousand that have been posted earlier that day? Find something funny late at night in Butler (no photos of people in the stacks please)? Capture an artsy angle of your drink at 1020 this weekend that probes into gender issues and class politics? When you upload it to Instagram, put #CUSpectrum in the caption and you’ll be entered into our contest.

Your photo will be posted to our Facebook page and if you get in the top five number of likes, we’ll feature your photo in a post on Spectrum, along with a quick interview with you. Get the most likes and your photo will be our cover photo until we find a cat photo that is funnier.

You’ve got until next Friday, May 3, to submit—so get hashtagging!


The Eye | Mar. 6 2:30 pm EST

The party of the month? No, the party of the year

TheArtistGroup / Wikimedia Commons

In this week’s issue of The Eye, we interviewed Aaron Carter—that’s right, the pop star of our youth who threw the best parties, beat Shaq, and knew that special girl who came from Spain. Aaron, judging by the interview, has grown into a wise man of few words. However, behind his reticence lies a wild life ready for Instagramming.

And don’t worry: he still parties.

Aww, he never gave up on her. More »


Opinion | Feb. 5 8:35 pm EST

#Instagrad: The Instagram history of a Second Semester Senior

For the most part, we do a pretty good job blending in but, if you look closely enough, there are several telltale signs that make the Second Semester Senior—that odd, temperamental species—easily identifiable.

First, there are all of the feelings, overflowing at every opportunity, getting all over everything. (GIF after the jump)

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