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A&E | Nov. 28 7:16 pm EST
sitcom thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, explained by your favorite sitcoms

flickr / brizzlebornandbred

Thanksgiving is a holiday where you get together with friends and family and give thanks, right? It also happens to be a very common episode trope for American sitcoms. But since countless other websites have beat us to the punch on listing the best ones to watch (THANKS, BUZZFEED), let’s just let the characters explain the holiday.

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Meta | Nov. 27 2:36 pm EST
holiday alert

Mid-day greetings for the holiday season

Macy J. Foronda via buzzfeed

Good afternoon. If you’re still in bed, never mind. If you’re on the road or in the skies, travel safe and avoid all impending storms. In the spirit of the holidays and all that, we don’t have a daily paper for you today, but we’ll be back in print on Monday. Spectrum won’t be updating as frequently over break, because you know, bloggers need a holiday too. Email if anything exciting happens.

If you are traveling somewhere by air, FlightAware, a nifty live-tracking site that lets you find out your flight information, has its Misery Map (aptly named? Or just more fatalistic?) to visualize flight data live.

If you do happen to be stuck at an airport, or in your bed because of a serious case of inertia, you could always watch the best Thanksgiving episodes of Friends. And if those aren’t nostalgic enough, look at when strangely unsettling giant pigs could fly over New York city during the 1932 Macy’s Day Parade.

NY Daily News via Getty Images/ Buzzfeed

NY Daily News via Getty Images/ Buzzfeed


Spectrum | Nov. 23 5:55 pm EST

Gift ideas on your college budget


Thanksgiving is coming up, which means the holiday season is about to be in full swing. Columbia only has two weeks of holiday cheer before finals hit, so think about taking advantage of Black Friday sales now. Remember to think about what you could get someone that is special for them and from you: consider inside jokes, favorite activities, favorite animals or colors, and habits. The perfect gift comes from the heart, not the pocket.

Here are some fun gift ideas for the people in your life while sticking to your college budget. More »


A&E | Nov. 16 3:04 pm EST
Questions with XMAS!8

XMAS!8 team talks with Spectrum—Part 2

File photo

‘Tis the season for Q&As with XMAS!8. For the second part of Spectrum’s conversation with them, we interviewed Sophie Solomon O’Connell, director, and Renée Kraiem, co-producer. You can find the first part of the interview here. Read below for the history of XMAS! and what’s different this year.

What is the concept/theme behind this year’s XMAS!?

Renée: One of the things that I don’t know if they told you, but would help toward answering, is that we have the largest cast ever for an XMAS!. We have 17 cast members and three dancers which puts us at 20. Which, as you might think, suggest that we are looking at a plot that involves a lot of people, a lot of union, and a lot of banding together of people.

Sophie: The second I start to answer I’m giving away everything. More »


The Eye | Dec. 2 10:26 am EST
holiday vids

Prepare thyself: The holidays are coming

With a week until the start of Hanukkah and about three weeks until Christmas, the holiday season is finally upon us. With finals looming though, it doesn’t feel much like the holidays at all, save those three peppermint mochas you drank to get through Moby Dick–or was that just me? To get y’all more into the holiday spirit, I’ve hand-picked the best videos to revisit around this time of year.

Schweddy Balls: We begin with a perennial favorite from the masterminds at Saturday Night Love. With Molly Shannon, Alec Baldwin, and never-not-funny wordplay, this is sure to bring holiday cheer to your Butler sesh. The best way to watch this is to start the video and switch tabs, like you’re actually listening to an NPR show.

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Spectrum | Apr. 8 7:27 pm EST
Columbia Optimist

Happy birthday/reincarnation, or just enjoy the weather

Secular meets non-secular, happy day/courtesy

On a day like this, I can believe that I will not fail my psych final, and that I’m going to find affordable summer housing, for which the rent will inevitably be paid by my job as a waitress in some swanky midtown restaurant instead of mooching off of my parents.

What’s the special occasion? There isn’t one. Well, besides the fact that it’s beautiful outside.

Granted, for some of you, it might be your birthday. (Happy birthday Claire!) And for others, it’s Easter. (Happy re-birthday Jesus!)

Which brings me to the point of this post. I love non-denominational holidays.

I love that, despite being a born-again Atheist, I can still enjoy Easter and Christmas if I want to.

And most of all, I love that as Columbians, we encourage everyone to participate in celebrations and traditions even though we might not be of the same faith. Take Holi, or Chinese New Year, or Matsura, and yes, even Easter. I love that every holiday here is non-denominational. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 20 4:36 pm EST
happy holidays

Spectrum wants to wish you a happy Hanukkah

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

From us at Spectrum to you at home (Or school. Or Butler. Probably Butler.) we want to wish you a happy Hanukkah, which starts tonight at nightfall.

So make yourself some latkes (even though it takes approximately a billion hours to do so), pile on some applesauce, and celebrate the only way you know how after a week of studying: Procrastinating.

Here’s something to get you started:


Spectrum | Dec. 20 1:03 pm EST

Thousands celebrate holidays with festival of light at Riverside Church

Henry Willson / Spec

On Sunday, Riverside Church hosted the Candlelight Carol Festival, drawing in 3,000 in a peaceful ceremony full of traditional and nontraditional Christmas music and blessing through candles.

From the article, by Ben Gittelson:

“This season, which marks one of the shortest days of the year, it’s good to experience light,” Rev. Arnold Thomas said. “It really uplifts the spirit.”

Henry Willson was on hand to photograph the event, at Claremont Avenue and 120th Street. Click the photo below to watch a slideshow.

Henry Willson / Senior Staff Photographer


Spectrum | Dec. 16 5:00 pm EST

Mysterious benefactor shows holiday spirit

Stephen Snowder / Spec

A strange man dressed in all black, a beanie and sunglasses just visited the General Studies Lounge and gave several students in the room $50 cash in an envelope along with a letter, according to Spectrum Editor Stephen Snowder. About 15 people received envelopes in total.

“He looked questionable when he came in—no one knew who he was. This was quite a nice surprise. I will use the money to pay for my friends’ alcohol tonight,” said Joseph Patito, a GS Political Science major and envelope recipient.

Math/Econ major Boris Beltinov was also pleasantly surprised, “I was like, who wears sunglasses at 4 p.m. in New York, indoors? I’m going to spend the money on beer. I mean, books of course, for next semester…”

Text of the letter below: More »


A&E | Dec. 15 11:24 am EST

Get in the holiday spirit with MoHi’s seasonal specials

Grace Krasnerman / Spec

Walking through Room 209 in Butler, you can see frazzled students in sweats and ponytails clutching those red Starbucks holiday cups while leafing through coffee-stained chemistry notes and well-worn copies of The Iliad. Those iconic cups mean only one thing: the holidays are approaching, and regardless of all the papers you have to write or the finals you need to cram for, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Check out some neighborhood spots after the jump to see where you can get your holiday fix. More »