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Spectrum | Mar. 6 10:05 am EST
wake up call

Back to 1600

Good morning, Columbia! Today’s Thursday! Expect more sunshine than you’ve seen all week and a high of 32 degrees.

Columbia news:

Outside the bubble:

  • The SAT exam is undergoing some serious reforms, including the removal of the essay.
  • Jawbone, a new app, can help you figure out how coffee affects your sleeping habits.
  • The US has begun imposing sanctions on Russia and Ukraine over Crimea.

Opinion | Mar. 5 4:36 pm EST

Broker than a printer in Lerner

General Studies students aren’t featured in a Columbia College-centric student life—even at Spectator, which I guess makes me the token GS blogger. GS students bring a lot to the CU table: a ton of life experience and backstories full of achievement and judiciousness which are manifested through the friction of real world experience and/or growing older. However, after several attempts to tap some of these stories for Spec, I was halted by one overarching narrative for GS students—a substantial gap between financial aid and tuition.

GS’s Dean Peter J. Awn is famous for his absolutely wonderful open letters. In his most recent one, Dean Awn wrote that GS will no longer award the Bachelor of Science degree. The decision marks GS’s fully and completely integrated liberal arts program in an effort to academically conform to CC.

CC and GS retain a reasonable separation of administration, admissions, and financial aid offices.The last remnant of GS’s days as a lesser CC is the separation of endowment. Much as I admire Dean Awn for throwing GSers a bone of academic validation, how about a open letter celebrating a merger of CC, SEAS, and GS’s endowments? No? Well, how about an explanation as to why this disparity still exists? To be fair, Dean Awn has addressed this over and over again. However, I would bet that until extra aid is raised/found/allocated or institutional loans are made available to GS students, this line of questioning is going to continue as long as it still prevents GSers from getting a degree. More »


Opinion | Mar. 4 1:20 pm EST
Bending the news

Timing is everything

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Too busy assembling “chic breakfast trays” for your unpaid internship to read Spec? Down to read anything, anything at all, that’s not an op-ed about Thetagate? These 567 simple words from a Spectrum opinion columnist will make your jaw drop:

Here’s what happened: If you’ve been reading campus media or checking your Cubmail/Hotmail/AIMs in the past few weeks, you may have noticed that administrators have made a series of important announcements that were all marred by bad timing (and not like this love ballad, although you are pullin’ at my heartstrings, LaTocha).

Maybe you read ignored a Feb. 21 email from Dean of Academic Affairs Kathryn Yatrakis telling you about mysterious grading policy changes. If you actually skimmed it before moving it into your spam folder, you would have noticed that CC, SEAS, and GS students can no longer receive registration credit for internships. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 27 9:45 am EST
wake up call

Legal loopholes, Lunar Gala, and LGBT rights

Good morning, Columbia! Today will be cloudy, with another chance of snow, and a high of 36.

Columbia news:

  • GS is no longer awarding Bachelor of Science degrees to commit more strongly to the liberal arts.
  • Chelsea Clinton was on campus yesterday to talk about global and local issues for the Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Program.
  • The 35th Lunar Gala is tonight in Lerner and will feature student performances, art, and fashion.
  • This week’s lead in the Eye examines how transfer students join and participate in our community.

Outside the bubble:

  • Drunches are technically events as specials and therefore legal. Now we know! Whew.
  • The FDA is proposing changes to food labels, including changing calorie counts and adjusting portion sizes to be more clear.
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill last night that would have enabled businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples on the basis of religious freedom.



Spectrum | Feb. 26 4:09 pm EST
cut the bs

GS to eliminate B.S. degree option from May 2014

File Photo

The School of General Studies has announced that it will offer only the Bachelor of Arts degree starting with its May 2014 graduating class. In an email to GS students from GS Dean Peter Awn, the decision to eliminate the Bachelor of Science degree comes from the GS academic program being “fully and completely integrated with that of Columbia College,” and the need for the degrees granted by GS to reflect this. In his email, Awn cites the B.S. degree as “a vestige of a time when GS was not fully a liberal arts college of the University.”

An additional reason for this decision is the New York State Department of Education’s concerns about GS granting the B.S. degree.  Check back for a full story from the news desk. You can read Dean Awn’s full email after the jump. More »


News | Dec. 11 7:35 pm EST
flag raising

School of General Studies’ flag raised today

Photo courtesy of Allison Scola, School of General Studies.

At 3 p.m. today, students and alumni of the School of General Studies held a dedication and flag-raising ceremony on the northeast corner of Lewisohn Lawn, where a new flag symbolizing General Studies school pride will fly. Both the flag and flagpole are gifts of the class of 2013.

Courtesy of Allison Scola, School of General Studies.

Courtesy of Allison Scola, School of General Studies.

More »


Spectrum | Nov. 21 11:18 am EST

The Thanksgiving admin emails begin

This morning, Dean Awn sent out this email, which not only wishes a Happy Thanksgiving, but more importantly disparages Brooklyn.

Dear Students,

Now that the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel has reopened, huge flocks of our native bird have begun to waddle their way across the wasteland of Brooklyn and through the tunnel, in search of Manhattan’s lustrous shores.   Our avian friends have only one purpose, to sacrifice themselves on the altar of Fortuna, Goddess of Good Luck.  As they rush through the tunnel, clawing and crushing one another, some desperately  struggle to fly, but, hélas, their mental acumen is so diminished that one wing never coordinates with the other.  Gobble, gobble. Squish, squish.  Splat.  Finis. More »


Spectrum | Oct. 23 1:17 pm EST
Tough Mudder

Vets and non-vet students bond over monster trucks

More than 60 Columbia students got together this weekend for the Tough Mudder Tri-state 2012 competition, a 12-mile obstacle course which included a monster-truck crash, a fire walk, and a swim through icy cold underground tunnels.

The group, Veteran and Civilian Students United, was made up of pairs of one veteran student and one non-veteran. While a lot of fun, the competition also furthered their goal of raising awareness about the challenges veterans face nationwide while transitioning from the military to the classroom.

More »


News | Oct. 23 11:02 am EST

Checking in with Peter Awn

Henry Willson / Spec
 On Friday, Spectator sat down with Peter Awn, dean of the School of General Studies. The News Desk’s Ben Gittelson brings you the highlights:
  • Queer studies queries: Awn said that a queer studies concentration—something recently proposed by students—would need commitment from permanent faculty “over the long haul” to be successful. “The issue is ensuring faculty interest, their willingness to take control of this,” Awn said, adding, “That doesn’t mean that students don’t get to weigh in.”
  • International applicants: Because of a dual B.A. program with Sciences Po in Paris, Awn foresees an increase in the number of international students at GS. He believes, however, that the overall trend in the number of international applications over the next few years will depend on the economy. More »

Spectrum | Aug. 30 5:27 pm EST
Paying the Bills

Crowdsourcing his tuition

Courtesy of Kambi Gathesha

In an age where everything from a Nikola Tesla museum to a public statue of Robocop can be crowdsourced, one student has applied this idea to funding his tuition.

Kambi Gathesha is a General Studies student who, after following an eclectic path that includes studying at Julliard and pursuing a career in dance and acting, realized that scholarship was his true passion.

A year and half away from completing his degree, however, Gathesha ran out of funds — and GS financial aid was unable to help. However, rather than give up, he has taken his struggle to crowdsourcing site His fundraising page asks that “family, colleagues, professors, and acquaintances” to help him raise the $40,000 he needs for tuition.   More »