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Spectrum | May. 14 2:48 pm EST

Ezra of Vampire Weekend says he’d use Columbia degree to read at library

Today, the guys of Vampire Weekend, the loveliest of Columbia alums, did a Reddit AMA. They answered questions from Reddit users on everything from where they buy their salmon-colored shorts to some of their songs’ origins.

Ezra Koenig, lead singer and guitarist in Vampire Weekend, commented on his time at Columbia in response to a question about how their parents felt about them going into music after time at an Ivy League school.

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The Eye | Mar. 29 5:13 pm EST

Sex & Low Beach

The Eye

Now that we’re a week deep into the part of the semester that follows spring break, many of the most exciting moments of the school year are upon us. For example, we find out in just a few short days who’s playing at Bacchanal (and hopefully won’t be disappointed, though we at The Eye, in our endless Columbian cynicism, aren’t too hopeful).

For the Class of 2013, something wicked this way comes: Real life. Many of you guys are probably stressing more than ever, wishing you had just gone to vocational schools instead of sinking 240k into a liberal arts degree.

The end of the year certainly has its wonderful moments, though. You’ll be able to sit outside on the steps, soaking up the sun and laughing with your friends. Maybe you’ll even catch the eye of that special someone on Low Beach, and they’ll finally respond to your CU Admirers post…

To prepare for all the wonderful fun that will ensue, why not read The Eye’s lead this week, “Sex Talk”?

Better yet, check out the whole issue! Enjoy!


Opinion | Mar. 14 9:41 pm EST

I hate feeling post-grad nostalgia before the graduation

Illustration by Lian Plass

I’ve spent the better part of this week complaining. Or, more aptly, the past few weeks.

Monday and Tuesday nights, I groaned away in Butler 209 as I watched the movies I was supposed to watch during Intro to Film instead of falling asleep.

I groaned and hated my life so much this week that I had to listen to fart videos (of all things) to stop myself from going insane. By 2 a.m. last night, I was like, “Fuck the world, I’m going to sleep 23 hours a day during spring break.”

And then today, at 4 p.m., I saw a friend’s Facebook reminder about buying my graduation regalia. I went to the bookstore. I bought my cap, my gown, and my tassel. Shit just got real. And as much as I’m done with academics, I’m not done with Columbia.

And I’m scared as fuck.

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Opinion | Mar. 11 8:54 pm EST

Setting out and starting up

Last week I posted the first interview in the “You in a Few” series. (There’ll be a few more before the semester ends.) I’m a tech guy, so naturally my first interviewee was a startup founder. I spoke with Jared Hecht, CC ’09, who dropped a Teach for America offer at the last minute to work for Tumblr and eventually found GroupMe. He discussed the pressure to go down more traditional job routes like finance and TFA after graduation and the importance of risk-taking.

The big vs. small company debate is one many of us face when thinking of life after graduation. There are a lot of factors to consider: salary, reputation, perks, hiring, network, and most importantly, the kind of experience you’ll get. More »


Spectrum | May. 19 11:04 am EST

Senior in the Springtime: The final countdown

Amalia Rinehart / Spec

Hello and a very warm welcome to the 16th and final installment of Senior in the Springtime. This week I continued the journey of completing the traditions that remained on my list.

Again, the numbers alongside the tradition reflect their placement in the original list. My three for the week:

33. Go to Midnight Breakfast.

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Spectrum | May. 13 2:41 pm EST
Class Day

Graduating GSers share their stories

The School of General Studies held its class day this morning on Low Plaza. You can read our news story on it here. We asked some of the graduating seniors how they feel now that it’s all over. These were some of their reactions:

Lydia Chan, psychology major, came from Singapore and attended Westchester Community College for two years before arriving at Columbia. “I wanted a good education — an excellent education.” She found the School of General Studies by chance. Now that it’s over, she says she feels “happy, tired. Tired!” Next up: grad school, right here at Teacher’s College.

Ben Wirtshafter, political science major, came to Columbia after having spent time as a professional actor in New York. “I realized I wanted to continue my education and this was the best place to do it,” he said. He came to Columbia after a friend told him about the General Studies program.

“I was really intrigued by the concept of people who’ve taken some time off from school, who’ve tried to learn another vocation or learn something outside of the academic realm, and getting to be in classes with people like that, and also being able to be around a bunch of 18- to 20-year-olds who are brilliant and genius in their own way.”

Now that it’s all over, he says he feels “Relieved. I still have to finish a paper that’s due on Wednesday.”

Kayran Abasali, sustainable development major, started her journey to Columbia from Trinidad. After she scored well on her SATs, her friends encouraged her to go to America for school. She went to FIT for two years, and then decided she wanted something different. She applied to Columbia and was accepted.

Abasali said her experience her was good, though it had it’s ups and downs. “One of the ups was realizing that I can do anything, and that I belong here. The GS deans were awesome. One of the downs was realizing that some of the professors are difficult, and very set in their ways.” Overall, she says she’s glad she came here, “minus the $180,000 debt.” Next, she says, she’s “going to take over the world.”

Are you a graduating GSer? What was your experience at Columbia like? Share it with us in the comments!


Opinion | May. 8 1:59 pm EST

To the columnist who wrote to the class of 2012

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Dear Bret Stephens,

Thank you for your non-congratulations to the members of the class of 2012. Since you asked me to, I will indeed spare you self-pity about graduating. And I will tell you why I can spare you:

You wrote that we will be moving in with our parents after graduation. You wrote, based on an experience you once had giving one (1) interview, that knowledge counts, and we, the Class of 2012, don’t even know who the President of the United States was in 1956. You wrote that we’re in worse shape than our peers “in places like Ireland, France, India and Spain,” where people speak several languages—”Unlike you,” you wrote. You wrote that our resumés are endless advertisements for ourselves with things like “internships” and “school papers” (I think you and I may have a different opinion of what a CV is, but I digress). You wrote that our “generation has an especially bad case” of comforming “because your mass conformism is masked by the appearance of mass nonconformism.”

Here is what I have to write to you: More »


Opinion | Apr. 27 8:03 pm EST

Life imitates Lemon

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

30 Rock had a live episode last night. Maybe it’s just because of my well-documented admiration for Tina Fey, or because I once wore a hat with a piece of masking tape that said “Night Cheese” on it to her book signing, or because most people I meet here seem to harbor a secret or overt crush on Alec Baldwin, but a lot of the lines struck me as especially relevant to this moment in Columbia’s history.

“Glamour, excitement, what we today would call alcoholism.”
To the senior class. This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

“Nine out of ten doctors surveyed said, ‘Who is this? Why are you calling so late?’”
To everyone who works for the Senior Fund. Again, this one is fairly obvious. Let’s move on. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 24 3:33 pm EST

It’s that time of year

So, some friends of ours were wondering about the fences. We don’t know quite enough about squirrels and their love for pizza, but we do know that graduation is around the corner. That should explain the presence of fences, and now bleacher construction is underway as well.

Rebekah Mays / Spec

Just in case you’re wondering, Class Days are scheduled for May 13-15, with University Commencement taking place on May 16. And in case you’re really curious, you can find this year’s Senior Week agenda right here.


Opinion | Jan. 21 10:42 am EST

Don’t mind the life of mind

cindiann / flickr

I am going to begin by saying what I have tried not to say (or write, or think) for the past several days: This was my last first week of classes. I spent more time than I would have liked trying to think about what that meant. And it was in that mindset that I came across Derek Turner’s recent post on life of mind.

In this post, Derek (very eloquently) poses the question:

“Why is it that we don’t spend more time planning our post-graduation lifestyles beyond our employment? Think back to the last big life-change you orchestrated—going to college. Remember thinking obsessively about what clubs you might join, what your personal schedule might look like, and how you would reprioritize your life? Well, why aren’t we doing that for our lives after graduation?”

With all due respect to Derek, I am going to have to (not quite as eloquently) disagree.

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