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A&E | Apr. 7 6:18 pm EST

More performances! WBAR brings MikeQ, Saint Pepsi, Seth Graham to campus

too---much---love / tumblr

More performances have been announced for next week, this time hosted by WBAR and the Columbia Music Festival. Catch MikeQ with Saint Pepsi and Seth Graham at the Altschul Atrium on Friday, April 11—doors open at 7:30 p.m., and it’s completely free to the public!

Here’s what’s in store:


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A&E | Mar. 13 11:40 am EST

Spring break in New York…for free!

Not gonna ask what all those ones are for. 401(k)2013 / flickr

Plenty of people stay on campus during Spring Break, but that can mean spending quite a bit more money than usual thanks to the fact that the dining halls will be closed and you’ll probably be out in the very expensive city a lot more. So while you’re spending all your money on Dig Inn/1020, here’s something free to do for each day of the week (not including weekends)!

Monday—Asia Week New York: Now in its sixth year, this massive project includes 47 dealers and 19 museums—the Met, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Asia Society, just to name a few—all displaying exhibits about Asian art. It runs from March 14-22, and thankfully, most of the locations are free. Just make sure you have a Spring 2014 sticker on your CUID to get into the museums.

Tuesday—Free Tuesdays at the Brooklyn Botanic GardensIt’s almost spring, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see the campus covered in flowers and leaves again. Get a head start by visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on a Tuesday. Plus, it’s a nice incentive to go out and explore another borough.

It’s just so pretty!
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A&E | Feb. 27 6:05 pm EST

Hi-Fi Snock Uptown: Bringing the best of Columbia’s bands together

It will be just like this. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There’s a new student group in town, and its name is Hi-Fi Snock Uptown. While that name is still an enigma to us, the group promises awesome music and (vegan!) stew, which you can experience for yourself at their first event this Friday, February 28th at 9 p.m. in 501 Dodge.

The group already has its own ~super kool~ website running as well. Kevin Roark, one of the creators of Hi-Fi Snock Uptown, greets you on the homepage via an audio recording: “Hi, I’m Kevin Roark. I started this website for one reason and one reason only: Free. Fun. Music.” In slightly more official terms, their mission is described as “aiming to bring together musicians and artists every few weeks to foster a greater sense of artistic community on campus.” Both versions sound good to us!

More importantly, the bands playing at the first event this weekend are all familiar faces in the Columbia music world, and ones that Spectator has covered a couple times before. Here’s a quick round up of who’s featured at the event and what you can expect to hear:

Jack and Eliza: this newly-formed freshman duo (although Jack goes to NYU) recently opened at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Lovers of She & Him, rejoice—even they consider their indie-pop music to be “nostalgic.”
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A&E | Feb. 23 3:23 pm EST

Beyond museums: Free exhibits around the city

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When people hear the word “exhibit,” the first word that comes to mind is most likely “museum.” Museums can be time-consuming, though—not to mention really crowded on the weekends. Thankfully, exhibits aren’t limited to museums and can be found in all kinds of places, from galleries to libraries to individual stores. Plus, these are more likely to be FREE! Here are just some of what the city has to offer outside your typical museum:

First up is my personal favorite and perhaps the most unusual: The Evolution Store in SoHo. If you go up to the second floor, there’s a huge museum-quality collection of a variety of taxidermied animals, not to mention artifacts from early humans and, oh yeah, a real human skeleton or two. It’s all incredibly fascinating, albeit a little creepy for those of us who are squeamish.

caruba / flickr

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Spectrum | Jan. 22 9:30 pm EST
Free stuff

Free bubble wrap, friends, and fun!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In our usual spirit of service, we present to you the best of Craigslist in Morningside/the Upper West Side.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the strange people you may meet by answering these postings and do not guarantee that these items are still for sale on Craigslist.

Missed connections

Recently ordered the catfish at Smoke Jazz Club? Then you’re just the catch for this guy

Are you bearded, eat at Mill Korean, and looking for a date? A plus if you enjoy giving “awkward looks”

Looking for Justin, a long-lost laundry buddy

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A&E | Feb. 8 11:24 am EST

Miller Theatre’s first orchestra-infused lunchbreak of the semester

Emily Ostertag / Spec

You know the old saying: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But if it was just your musical cravings that were hungry today at lunchtime, a trip to Philosophy Hall had you covered. Video and more after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 1 1:03 pm EST
Free stuff

Free ice skating in Bryant Park till 10 p.m.

Courtesy of The Clear Blog

Since we’ve officially Halloweened, it is perfectly acceptable, officially, to enjoy the holiday spirit! Break out the Christmas music, sugary holiday foods, and procrastinate on your homework so you can start shopping for gifts! Another lovely tradition of the holiday season is ice skating. Luckily for us, some new company is celebrating a product launch and is graciously/self-promotingly taken over the Bryant Park skating rink and is providing free ice skate rentals, hot chocolate, and bag check from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. So go out there and procrastinate on those late midterms!


Spectrum | Sep. 26 11:24 am EST
free stuff

Hillel’s giving away free wine this afternoon!

You, buzzed via free wine via Hillel via hillelatcb on Twitter. RT! RT!


A&E | Jul. 12 4:45 pm EST

Win tickets to ‘The Daily Show’ standup special in Central Park

WIkimedia Commons

Social media is the gift that just keeps giving! CUArts just launched a new giveaway of three VIP passes to next week’s Central Park SummerStage standup performance of “The Daily Show” and Friends, featuring comedians Lewis Black, Rob Riggle, John Oliver, and Rory Albanese.

All you have to do is tweet @CUArts with your name, your school and year, and a link to a video of “one of your favorite Daily Show moments” (a host can be found on “The Daily Show‘s website) before the contest ends on July 15. More information over at the CUArts blog.


Spectrum | Mar. 28 1:21 pm EST

Don’t let Sunday be a weak end

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While the rest of Columbians are holed away in Butler preparing for the week, the select few slackers among us are out looking for one last weekend hurrah. And because you are slackers, we know you don’t have any money. So, without further ado, our Sunday evening free city event picks. More »