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A&E | Dec. 24 9:13 pm EST

‘Seasonal Market’ to open in former Card-O-Mat space

Olachi Oleru / Senior Staff Photographer

Dig Inn, a food store that calls itself a “seasonal market,” will open in the empty storefront formerly home to Card-O-Mat, The Lion reported earlier today. Photos from the blog show a sign that says the store will open in February.

Image via The Lion

Image via The Lion

After Card-O-Mat closed in January this year, we reported that Columbia, which owns the block, hired the Winick Realty Group to lease out the property—and Winick has historically rented to chain-store clients. Dig Inn’s website says it has seven other locations in the city—the one in Morningside Heights will presumably be the company’s eighth.

Though Department of Building records show that permits for interior and exterior renovations were only filed on Nov. 21, in an interview with Spectator in October, Joe Ienuso, the executive vice president of facilities, said that he had already identified a tenant and had “a sense that we’ll all be very delighted.” At the time, he said he thought the new occupant would likely open in the coming spring or summer.


Spectrum | Sep. 22 5:25 pm EST
campus dining

Columbia ranks #18 for its campus food

Courtesy of Columbia Dining

In an exciting—and perhaps surprising—new development, Columbia was ranked 18th in the Daily Meal’s 60 Best Colleges for Food in America.  The study included almost all of the approximately 2000 four-year colleges across the country. Some of the criteria we were evaluated on were accessibility of campus eateries, sustainability of food and use of local produce, and food-centered events in campus dining locations. And get this: The “X Factor,” or “something unique and creative,” was possibly the clincher that set us apart from the pack. More »


A&E | Nov. 29 11:03 am EST
plate to plate

Thai Market v. Wondee Siam V: Pad Thai tournament

In this week’s installment of “Plate to Plate,” Beatrice Masters pits Pad Thai dishes from two of Morningside Heights’ most eclectic Asian eateries.

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Graphic by Adrienne Penaloza

Verdict after the jump! More »


Spectrum | Oct. 29 11:00 pm EST
kitchen macgyver

How to cook with a dishwasher

chiffonade / flickr

When squashed into miniscule rooms and subsisting on meager budgets, the thought of sacrificing space and money on multiple kitchen gadgets seems frivolous and excessive. Here’s how to elevate your seemingly task-specific tools to new heights by repurposing them for everyday use, freeing up shelves and saving cash along the way.

1. Set salmon to “normal”

Salmon in the dishwasher sounds a little strange, but it’s essentially doing the same thing as poaching the filet in a pot… except, like, in a huge pot. Tightly wrap salmon filets in aluminum foil and place on the top rack of the dishwasher. Set dishwasher to the “normal” cycle and allow to cook. This can also be done with dirty dishes in the washer (but maybe not when serving company).

More tips after the jump! More »


A&E | Oct. 28 3:54 pm EST

Where to satisfy your Halloween-themed cravings near campus

Grace Krasnerman / Spec

Ready to eat, drink, and ogle anything pumpkin-flavored? Or perhaps indulge in some (free!) candy corn? Halloween is upon us, which means several spots have whipped out the standard October-themed fare. Check out our round-up of Halloween specials after the jump. More »


A&E | Sep. 28 7:49 pm EST

Top 10 items to buy at Westside

popaitaly / Flickr

Whether you’re on Team Wondee or Team Thai Market, prefer the 114th Street Starbucks to the one on 110th, or would rather go to Amsterdam for halal instead of going to the cart in front of Shapiro, there is one thing most Columbians can agree on: the king of late night food is Westside Market.

It’s really no question why. Open 24 hours a day, Westside is THE place to satisfy a major case of the noms at three in the morning. Everybody’s got their own signature Westside specialty. Here’s a list of ours. What are yours? More »


Orientation | Aug. 28 8:00 pm EST
freshman fifteen

Where to eat: Spectrum’s top 15

For the class of 2015, we humbly present the Freshman Fifteen, our collective guide to becoming a true Columbian. In today’s installment, we give you 15 delicious reasons to skip out on John Jay Dining Hall. More »


A&E | Jul. 21 3:39 pm EST

REVIEW: Cascabel Taqueria is a welcome addition to MoHi

Geetika Rudra / Spec

Combine the inexpensive, delicious tacos from Taqueria y Fonda with the upscale tapas bar ambiance of Buceo 95 and you’ve got the newly opened Cascabel Taqueria on the corner of 108th and Broadway (previously Lime Leaf).

Instead of the hodgepodge of tables that cluster outside of restaurants lining Broadway, Cascabel’s storefront is almost like a backyard patio. Brightly cushioned benches and seasonal plants surround a single table for waiting customers, keeping the space open and airy. Walk in, and the entire restaurant gives a similar feeling. Cascabel forgoes traditional walls on its street sides in favor of glass panels that fold away, making customers feel like they’re both part of the restaurant and the bustling street outside—a brilliant illusion that made us think that we were dining in a much, much larger restaurant. More »


A&E | Jul. 15 5:59 pm EST

It’s Summer Restaurant Week in NYC!

orzzxd / flickr

Listen up! It’s that time of the year again. New York Restaurant Week is back, this time with over 320 participating restaurants. The deals are still the same: restaurants are offering 3-course prix fixe meals—$24.07 for lunch and $35 for dinner. Go ahead and indulge at a fancy restaurant for a fraction of the price.

Restaurant Week runs until July 24, so hurry up and book a reservation! Noteworthy Upper West Side options include Terrace in the SkyDovetail, and Shun Lee West.


A&E | Jun. 30 1:01 am EST

Chipotle raises prices

CAUT / flickr

¡Ay, caramba! Following the lead of Oren’s and Maoz, our dear Chipotle is also hopping on board the inflation train. For the first time in three years, the Mexican chain is raising prices up 50 cents across the board. A chicken or veggie burrito is now $7.81 and a steak, carnitas, or barbacoa burrito will run you $8.27. What’s the reason for these price hikes? According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Chipotle is pressured by rising commodity costs, as well as the increasing price of avocados (we’re guessing that they need a lot). Feel free to express your grief in the comments.