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A&E | Apr. 5 6:39 pm EST

Pita Grill is coming to Morningside Heights

Courtesy of Hannah Josi

The void between V&T and Hungarian Pastry Shop is finally being filled by Pita Grill, a local chain around the size of Dig Inn. While there wasn’t an official opening date posted, the interior looked to be nearly finished, so it shouldn’t be too long until Morningside has another Mediterranean/health food joint to choose from.

According to the menu posted on its website, Pita Grill looks like it offers an eclectic variety of foods, from traditional babaganoush and gyros to burgers and … schnitzel? And there’s a taco bar!? Of course, any self-respecting health food place wouldn’t be complete without a smoothie bar as well. It seriously looks like they have a little something from every culture.

More importantly, they deliver, so even those of you who live far away from Amsterdam and 110th can easily try it out without trekking all the way there.

There’s even a video up on their website about the chain:

Will this be as successful as Dig Inn? We’ll just have to wait and see.


A&E | Dec. 6 4:58 pm EST
coo-coo for cocoa

Best Of: Hot Chocolate in NYC

flickr / stephbond

As winter approaches and we brace ourselves for the cold, there is nothing more rewarding than finding that perfect way to keep warm. In a city full of treasures it can be difficult to find that one great cup of hot chocolate, but when you do, it really hits the spot.

City Bakery

This gem is located at the heart of Union Square and is known as one of the most sought-after eateries in NYC. Their famous hot chocolate, topped with a homemade marshmallows, will provide you with that cozy feeling you thought you could only get at home. And nothing will get you through February better than City Bakery’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival. Each day of the month, the bakery releases a new flavor of hot chocolate that is unparalleled by any other café. From chili pepper to lemon these savory beverages will bring your hot chocolate experience to a whole next level.

W. 18th Street and 5th Avenue

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Spectrum | Dec. 2 11:57 am EST
all night all right

Midnight Breakfast of Champions

Shoshanah / flickr

So you’re shocked that it’s already December, excited for Christmas peppermint season, and—oh, right—dreading the next few weeks of finals, term papers, and problem sets. If you’re of the all-nighter variety, you’ve probably gotten a grip on your patterns and let them inform your behavior…not. If you’ve ever been the last one in Butler 406, you know this timeline all too well.

7:02 p.m. Resign myself to the fact that I have not planned well at all for this essay. Finish the last of the Mellowcreme pumpkins (yeah, you know, those candy corn pumpkins that are so much better than the regular candy corn) in my room. Halloween was barely a month ago, so they’re not too old yet…right?

7:31 p.m. Venture to Westside for a “real dinner.”

7:51 p.m. Buy a brisket dinner from the elusive “Maria” who makes all of Westside’s prepared food. Who is she, and why doesn’t Columbia Dining poach her from Westside?

8:08 p.m. Enjoy my “homemade” Westside dinner in front of “30 Rock.” How can I eat while also typing? It seems impractical. Might as well enjoy the next one to four episodes of my repeated TV binge and just go to Butler later.

9:24 p.m. Finally consider heading over to Butler. But wait, how will I nourish myself? I should pack some snacks.

9:30 p.m. Discover I have already eaten all my snacks except two lonely Nutri-Grain bars. Stick those in my bag and begin the long–well, not long, but lonely–walk to the But.

10:30 p.m. Finally find a seat that fits my strict criteria: decent Wi-Fi, food allowed, and doesn’t smell like any part of the human body.

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A&E | Nov. 26 7:46 pm EST
bon appétit

How do you fit a city in a box?

Courtesy of Try the World

We all have that one friend studying abroad in Paris. You know, the one who floods your newsfeed with photos of a different museum or European city every week and statuses about sipping coffee by the Seine, and who, having returned, periodically leads with “when I was in Paris…”

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Spectrum | Nov. 22 1:11 am EST
one eleven

How to cook a food

It’s late. You’re up. You think you’re hungry? You’re unsure. You may just be thirsty. It happens.

Anyway, you don’t want to work on that essay or a problem set or you’re tired of Thucydides or whoever else you’re seeing, and cooking makes stress go away, right? Like some people are into that?*

Here are some helpful questions that I at least will reflect on before I attempt to make a food happen again:

  • What food are you going to cook?

I chose eggs. Then I decided I’d add pasta sauce and some vegetables to it because I thought just having eggs would be boring.

ChildofMidnight/wikimedia commons

ChildofMidnight/wikimedia commons

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Spectrum | Nov. 20 3:07 pm EST
hipster eats

Fedoras and fried pickles: the new American dining experience

tumblr/ c0ffee

Last Saturday, I went to Jacob’s Pickles for brunch. A pretty nice, affordable eatery on the Upper West Side – also one that I had never heard of, thank you Columbia bubble – Jacob’s defines itself on its website as “the New American craft experience”. For lack of a better word, it’s hipster. I do think that word is used a tad too much, but how else do you describe the unique brand of couldn’t-care-less grunge-chic and organic everything, that can only be seen through a pair of oversized vintage spectacle frames?

Keepin' it crafty, pickles in jars.  bootsnyc/ tumblr

Keepin’ it crafty at Jacob’s Pickles. bootsnyc/ tumblr

Side note: was it too hipster to be hipster before we were in college?  Because I sure as hell don’t remember hearing the word circa 2011. With the onset of Columbia – because where else do you go to school if you’ve heard of [insert obscure cultural reference] – it became cool to wear scarves in warm weather and jeans rolled up for strategic ankle exposure. And browse news on your MacBook while sipping a teeny espresso in Joe, closer to Columbia’s collective heart in the subculture of hipster eateries. More »


A&E | Nov. 14 6:27 pm EST
campus competition

Faceoff: Grilled cheese

Spec / So Yon Jun

Comfort food met competition in the Grilled Cheese Faceoff on Tuesday, hosted by the Culinary Society of Columbia University and FeelGood. The two student organizations vied for the coveted title of “Grilled Cheese Champion.”

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Spectrum | Nov. 11 10:56 pm EST
nuts for doughnuts

Doughnut Plant is coming to Joe

tumblr/ allyoucaneatpress

Starting this Friday, the NYC-famous Doughnut Plant is bringing its doughnuts to Joe at Columbia, seven days a week. Its doughnuts have been featured on various NYC food lists, but you may have more recently salivated over its Tres Leches doughnut in the Gothamist article, The 7 Best Doughnuts in NYC.

We have word of the coming of sweet things from this Twitter exchange:

Megan Kallstrom/ Spec

Besides having different types of doughnut like cake, yeast and filled square doughnuts, its flavors are worth a read (and on Friday, a bite or two): Peanut Butter and Banana Cream, Matcha Green Tea, and Cashew, and Orange Blossom are just some of the flavors listed on its menu.

For now, Doughnut Plant has independent locations in Chelsea and the Lower East Side, so getting these doughnuts practically at our doorstep (I’m looking at you, Resident of the Columbia Bubble) is sure gonna be a delicious convenience.

Beginnings of a won-dough-ful friendship between Columbia and Doughnut Plant?

Get a load of these flavors. tumblr/ idovedesigns



Spectrum | Nov. 9 3:39 pm EST
food on food

Bites of the Heights: Food sampling at the Food Expo

carinacarvalhoforeverme/ tumblr

Today was the Food Expo, hosted by Spectator and the Columbia Culinary Society—and if you were there, I hope you got a sample of all of the yumminess on offer. If not, ’tis a shame, but you know what they say about free/ cheap food events: if you’re late, you’ll have an empty plate. Or, you snooze, you lose.

There was much food to be had – upon entry, the crepe station from Crepes on Columbus had fluffy dessert crepes filled with bananas and Nutella, and simply delicious. I think I’ll make the trip there for crepes round 2.


Mihika Barua/Spec

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Meta | Nov. 8 11:03 am EST
nom nom nom

Come eat unlimited food tomorrow at Taste of Morningside Heights

Calling all hungry Columbia students!

Join us tomorrow (Saturday), Nov. 9, at Taste of Morningside Heights, an all you can eat food expo in John Jay Lounge from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Enjoy unlimited crepes from Crepes on Columbus, 5 Hour Energy, and sushi from Sushi Sushi, as well as offerings from Le Monde, Deluxe, Taqueria y Fonda, Amsterdam Restaurant, Giovanni’s Pizza, Tom’s, Strokos, and more!

Eat as much as you want for one third the cost of a meal swipe! $5 at the door or register now for $4 at

Check out the facebook event here.

Try new dishes from that restaurant you’ve always been meaning to check out and enjoy old favorites from your go-to-spots.

Taste of Morningside Heights is proudly presented by the Columbia Culinary Society and the Columbia Daily Spectator.