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Spectrum | Sep. 10 6:25 pm EST
From the Paper

Harlem expansion plans cause new disputes

Pete Bohnhof for Spectator

In today’s paper, Christian Zhang and Avantika Kumar detail how one gas station owner, Carmie Elmore, is fighting the city‘s West Harlem redevelopment plans, in order to keep his property.

According to Mr. Elmore, the conflict boils down to a disagreement on who exactly controls the 110th Street station and how Mr. Elmore should be compensated for his land:

[Mr. Elmore] acknowledged that his initial contract allowed the city to buy back his gas station for urban renewal purposes, but he said that plan expired in 2008—and as a result, he and his partners fully own the property.

The city offered Elmore the original purchase price of the property plus the cost of improvements he has made since then, rather than its current market price, he said

Though this latest squabble is the result of a city-led initiative, and not related to Columbia’s development plans, it is eerily reminiscent a series of legal problems Columbia has had as it also evicts long time land owners in order to facilitate the University’s various planned expansions. More »


Opinion | Apr. 9 2:33 pm EST

Upper West Side subway improvements we’d all appreciate

Courtesy of MTA

Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment on 66th Street. It should have taken me only about 15 minutes to get there—except for the fact that it was East 66th. A subway ride, bus transfer delayed by traffic, and a 10-block walk later, I was finally in the waiting room 35 minutes after I had passed West 66th, largely because the most north cross-island route is at 42nd Street.

Look, I know the MTA is more broke than Solyndra, Greece, and the cast of all the Real Housewives combined. Inquiring about subway expansions is like hoping Fred Wilpon would sign Albert Pujols this offseason. However, let’s pretend for a moment that the winner of last week’s MegaMillions just happened to be the guy running the MTA (no, not this one), and that he’s in a generous mood. But as much money as the MTA would need to fund these improvements, I don’t think the following ideas necessarily need to be labeled as charity projects. More »


Spectrum | Jun. 13 10:10 am EST

Hamilton Heights, Morningside’s northern neighbor, prepares for Manhattanville campus

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times yesterday profiled Hamilton Heights, the neighborhood just north of West Harlem. Extending on the west side roughly from 133rd to 155th streets, Hamilton Heights boasts the picturesque campus of the City College of New York, a housing market that’s a lot cheaper than its downtown counterparts, and zero Starbucks stores.

The impact of Columbia’s Manhattanville campus on West Harlem has been much scrutinized. West Harlem residents have been vocal in both their support and criticism of the University’s expansion, but not as much attention has been paid to the other neighborhood, Hamilton Heights. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 8 9:56 am EST
wake-up call

Today’s paper: our perfect little world

Flickr / richmondsquarephotos

In case you missed the most exciting day in news ever, we were all over it, and have plenty of links for you to catch up. And if you’re sick of hearing it, other things are also happening in the our world.


Spectrum | Aug. 15 2:38 pm EST

Columbia professor has a few suggestions, including merging departments with NYU

courtesy Columbia University

Columbia’s Mark Taylor, chair of the religion department, has another provocative op-ed in the New York Times this weekend. Prof. Taylor writes that, as college costs and university debt are on the rise, it doesn’t pay to expand Columbia’s campus—or NYU’s, for that matter. Instead of constructing more buildings that will allow departments to grow, Taylor argues that combining departments from different universities would pare down expenses: More »


Spectrum | Apr. 14 11:00 am EST

Silly NYU, leave the expansion drama to us

Kramchang / Flickr

Whaaat? The community gets mad when you try to take over their neighborhood and tear it apart? We know this story all too well. Looks like NYU is going to have to learn the hard way. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 23 10:13 am EST

NYU on the march

You know that suspicious feeling, whenever you hop off the 1 for a night downtown, that you’re just surrounded by NYU kids? That irritating hunch that just won’t quit no matter how skuzzy the bar or how late the hour? Chances are that feeling’s only going to get worse.  More »