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Opinion | Oct. 1 11:57 am EST

Five exercise hacks for time-crunched Columbians

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A full month of school has gone by. Your stomach has finally gotten used to the quart of lard that it encounters whenever you go to JJ’s. The security guard in your building has stopped giving you the side-eye when you come home drunk on Sunday night. Core professors have given up on inspiring you and are now setting their sights on a semester that doesn’t result in any long-term comas.

Unfortunately, one of the harder pieces to add to the puzzle is a regular workout. Between elliptical-fascists in Dodge and the ancient Egyptian curse cast on all the exercise equipment in Carman or McBain, it’s tough to find free equipment, let alone a spare half-hour to pump those muscles and burn those lipids. Here are a few ways to take advantage of minor exercise opportunities around campus, because this is Columbia and being fit is necessary if you’re going to fight off the increasingly aggressive squirrel infestation. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 21 1:07 pm EST
Gym Woes

How to look like Brad Pitt without squatting in Dodge

This could be you!

Quick, word-association stream of consciousness, go!

It’s exactly-a-week-after-Valentine’s-Day is to chocolate is to after-Valentine’s-Day-sales is to more chocolate is to indulge-in-too-much-chocolate. That makes one feel nauseous and incur thoughts of hitting the gym. The first gym I can think of is Dodge, but then I think about exercise. Exercise is to yuck just as that first bite of 50 percent-off Ghirardelli caramel squares was to yum.

tl;dr: You have really shitty calorie karma. But the gym is so. Far. Away.

So here’s a list of things you can do to burn off those extra pounds (neon spandex and short-shorts optional). More »


Spectrum | Nov. 8 9:21 am EST
Wake-up call

Today’s paper: Just keep swimming

Zara Castany / Spec

Ready for the second round of midterms?! For those of you who are midterm-less until finals, keep your freedom to yourself; the rest of us with even more midterms do not want to hear it. What we do want to hear about is Spec news…


Spectrum | Oct. 14 10:00 am EST
wake-up call

Today’s paper: it’s still warm, right?

Creative Commons

Get up. Go out. The last few hours of good weather are upon us. After this, who knows when we’ll see anything above 60, and it’s a Thursday, damnit! But seriously, it’s supposed to get all wind and rain and pull-up-trees-in-queens-y later today, so in case you’re like me and don’t believe that you’ll see the sun again until May, go find a nice bench to plant yourself and pretend to do that reading.


Spectrum | Sep. 17 11:11 am EST

Prezbo kicked my ass, kind of

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

I participated in President Bollinger’s Ninth Annual Fun Run this morning. I also did the Fun Run last year. After a very late night in the Spec office working on our annual football supplement, I slept a few hours and showed up late, to much embarrassment. I swore this year would be different. This year was different. I stayed so late in the Spec office working on the football supplement that night turned into morning, and there wasn’t much point in sleeping at all. So I didn’t. I did chat with PrezBo afterward, though. Highlights, scattered thoughts, and pictures of half-naked people after the jump. More »