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Spectrum | Mar. 2 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

Voices, voices everywhere

It’s late. You’re up. One more week until spring break!

Actual news

Voice of the Tea Party: Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart has died of natural causes at age 43.

Voice of a lunatic: Rush Limbaugh says that contraception advocates are sluts who should post sex videos online. More »


A&E | Oct. 6 7:44 pm EST

Thursday pregame playlist: Taylor Simone

Courtesy of Taylor Simone

For this week’s “Thursday Pregame Playlist,” we asked CUSH Poetry Coordinator and singer-songwriter Taylor Simone, CC ’14, for her top 10 party songs. More »


A&E | Sep. 29 11:17 am EST

What’s going on this weekend?

Courtesy of Crystal Ramirez

We’re back with the second installment of our A&E weekend events round-up. Check out what’s happening on or around campus through Sunday after the jump. More »


A&E | May. 2 2:41 pm EST

More pictures from Bacchanal 2011

Courtesy of Naomi Ellenson

On Saturday, Columbians enjoyed a day of rap featuring our resident hip-hop group CUSH, Brooklyn-based rap duo Das Racist, and Snoop Dogg who took the stage in front of hundreds of students and members of the CU community. Check out these exclusive press photos (and video of Snoop’s entrance!) courtesy of Bacchanal’s professional photographers Naomi Ellenson and Elise Gannett. Check out a full review of Bacchanal in today’s Spectator.

(Click below for all photos)

Courtesy of Naomi Ellenson


A&E | Apr. 16 12:43 pm EST

CUSH member discusses Battle 4 Bacchanal win

Courtesy of Crystal Ramirez

The winning group in the Battle 4 Bacchanal is also the largest. Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (known as CUSH) had tons of rappers spitting verses on stage—and even a brass band. When the deliberation was over and the winner was announced, cheers erupted from CUSH and the crowd. Spectrum sat down with CUSH rapper BShip Grady to talk about the group’s win. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 25 3:36 pm EST

Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop freestyles it up

When it comes to hip-hop and rap, I don’t know that much. Sure I listen to Kanye and Jay-Z but a few years ago I thought this was pretty G. Luckily for me there’s the Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop. I was recently treated to a freestyle session by four CUSH members, Anthony “Ace” Patterson, John Hamilton, Brandon Shipman, and Randolph Carr. Check out the freestyle below and the Eye’s story on them a few weeks ago.