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Spectrum | Feb. 20 9:55 am EST
wake up call

Three cheers for not having to print in three places

Good morning, Columbia! Today’s weather is sunny and “warm” at 44 degrees. But wear rainboots tonight because it looks like it’s going to rain just before you head to Mel’s.

Columbia news:

  • CUIT is finally working on a global printing system and also developing a Courseworks app for smartphones.
  • Dig Inn opened yesterday on Broadway between 112th and 113th and became an instant hit. The proceeds from yesterday’s profits are going to Food Fight, a non-profit that assists underserved schools in the city.
  • Sir Mike of Carman fame gave a hilarious interview yesterday about his time at Columbia.

Outside the bubble:

  • Facebook announced its acquisition of WhatsApp yesterday for at least $16 billion but potentially the cost could go up to $19 billion. (Check out what else you could buy for $19 billion.)
  • The polar vortex is coming back this weekend – prepare yourselves!

Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine while you can before winter reclaims you.


News | Nov. 12 7:24 pm EST

This Week in ESC: Can we fix the printers?

Engineering Student Council reporter Katherine Kim brings you the latest from last night’s council meeting.

What They’ve Done:

  • CUIT: ESC discussed a resolution entitled “Undergraduate CUIT Advisory Committee”. Authored by Columbia College Student Council Student Services Representative Loxley Bennett, CC ’15, the resolution was created after complaints on WTF Columbia revealed an overall student dissatisfaction toward the technology services on campus, such as the Courseworks application and the printing system. If created, the committee would work to foster a direct line of communication between the student bodies and CUIT. After proposing a friendly amendment on wording clarifications, ESC unanimously voted to pass the resolution, which gives a seat to the ESC Director of Technology on the committee. Read the full article on the committee from the News Desk here.
  • Website Revamp: ESC Vice President of Communications Jillian Ross, SEAS ’16, announced a revamp to the current ESC website. Some new features include an interactive calendar of events and updated information pages on ESC initiatives. More »

Spectrum | Nov. 6 5:53 pm EST
change is a good thing

ur passw0rd is b4d

wikimedia commons

Columbia IT is worried about the security of your account, and therefore there will be a new policy where anyone with at least a six-month-old UNI will need to change the password associated with it. Currently the hardest password I have is for Pottermore, because it forced me to add symbols and characters until it finally allowed me to bond with my 10 3/4 inch Holly wand with Unicorn Hair core, and all the other very important things I needed to do with my hypothetically fictitious wizarding life. So I plan on using that password. But if you are worried about the strength of your password, there are a variety of random password generators on the internet. Also, a few formulas we humbly offer for your use:

  • [HighSchoolCrushName][_][your mother's birth year]
  • [dogsname][lucky number][DOGBREED][ampersand or other favorite symbol][unlucky number][dogsname]
  • [areacode][-][zipcode][-][ATMpin]-[favorite drink][_][a code that is NOT your ATM pin to confuse hackers who want to know your ATM pin]
  • [songlyricsyoulove] (Britney or Journey preferred) [+] [date of your first kiss] (if first kiss has not yet occurred, feel free to use date you wish it would have happened by/first recognized pangs of crippling shame in not having one)
  • [height on your 11th birthday][semicolon][nAmEoF2ndLeAsTfAvOrItEbOoK (in alternating capitalized letters)] More »

News | Oct. 28 3:26 pm EST

This week in CCSC: Plaques and mozzarella sticks

Alice Breidenbach / Staff Photographer

Columbia College Student Council correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the highlights from last night’s meeting.

What They’ve Done

  • CCSC members unanimously passed a resolution to support the Native American Council’s request for a plaque acknowledging that Columbia’s campus sits on Lenni Lenape Territory. The plaque would acknowledge Morningside Heights as former Lenni Lenape land taken as a result of American colonialism and not the University’s own action, and the exile of Native Americans to Canada and the Midwestern United States.
  • The council also passed the resolution to form the CUIT Undergraduate Advisory Committee. The committee will work with CUIT to try to improve students’ experiences with technology.
  • Mozzarella Sticks have been added to the JJ’s Place menu as a result of a request on WTF Columbia.
  • The results of the Columbia Psychological Services Survey were discussed extensively at this week’s CCSC meeting. Councilmembers discussed CPS procedures as well as the controversial “forced medical leave” policy. While they did not reach a decision on further actions, the council said it would try to determine what will be the most productive course of action in the future. More »

Spectrum | Dec. 10 10:36 am EST
Wake-Up Call

It’s officially the last day of class

Meghan Tuttle for Spectator

At this point, you’ve probably already broken into that Costco crate of Red Bulls that you bought to tide yourself through this time of trial and tribulation. Or the ten pounds of Trader Joe’s chocolate.

Thank the pantheon of Trader Joe Gods (Ming, Jose, Josef, Joe-San, Johannes, Jacques and Giotto) for those pound plus bars.

Now that you’re hopped on caffeine and sugar, all ready for the last day before reading week, check out some highlights from today’s paper!

Read This: Christian Zhang talks to residents of Harlem about the problems and benefits that gentrification has brought up.

Know this: A chicken in every pot projector in every classroom. CUIT is giving classrooms much needed upgrades. By the end of next year, all classrooms, prioritized based on the classes held within, will have a projector, presentation screen, audio system, a computer, DVD player, podium, and cables to plug in laptops.

Here’s more: Should there be standardized training for TA’s? Some professors think so.


News | Nov. 1 2:51 pm EST

BREAKING: Shollenberger releases student life fee breakdown

Just weeks after saying that he couldn’t make the information public, Dean of Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger has released a breakdown, to the Columbia College Student Council and the Engineering Student Council, of how the University spends undergraduate student life fees. Here’s the breakdown of how your $1,396 fee is spent, courtesy of CCSC Vice President of Policy Will Hughes, CC ’13:

Lerner Hall: $62

Student Activity Fee: $216

Cross-Cutting Multi-School Activities: $2

House Fee: $220

Athletics: $390

Center for Career Education: $66

Columbia University Information Technology: $376

Printing: $64

For a full breakdown of how each portion of the fee is spent, take a look at this document that Shollenberger sent to CCSC and ESC. Check back later today for a full story from the News Desk.


Spectrum | Mar. 25 7:34 pm EST

LionMail’s coming to town

Say goodbye to this screen/Courtesy

The News desk’s Ben Gittelson is one of fewer than 100 students participating in LionMail’s initial pilot program. Here’s what he thinks so far:

When my boss at Columbia College Today asked me if I wanted to be part of the LionMail pilot in February, I was all like this: More »


Opinion | Nov. 12 3:02 pm EST

‘The color of my thoughts’

Caroline Blosser / Spec

In the spirit of lamenting the scarcity of on-campus office supplies, I am reminded of that time two weeks ago when I had joyfully crafted a dazzling lab report on local deciduous tree species. My report was stunningly riddled with the burning images of crimson leaves and autumnal gold and goldfish-orange canopies. I gleefully skipped to the nearest print lab with the bursting gumption of a kid with crayons and blank paper. My world was so color-filled! So it felt a real blow when I got to the print lab and remembered: Oooooooooooh, right . . . we don’t have color printing. Dejected, and my head hung low, I was forced to settle for a much duller lab report of greytones and sadness.

Ok, so no free color printing is not the end of the world. We do have color printing ability here on campus, but you have to go through the process of buying print dollars and, if I’ve learned anything about protocals and processes here at Columbia, it’s that they are generally as much fun as sanding your toenails. It’s also $1 per color page. I mean, my big, public, midwestern high school of 2,000 students (which is a combination of traits oft deemed inferior by some in coastal, smaller, prep-school academia) allowed us 20 free color pages a semester, and then only a dime a page after that. Suddenly, $1 per color page seems too much. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 29 4:09 pm EST

BREAKING: CUIT launches UNI-authenticated wireless

In an email sent to Spectator, CUIT announced that it has instated a new wireless network, which would involve UNI-authentication to increase wireless security. This new wireless system, called “Columbia U Secure”, which is similar in style to Barnard’s WiFi, spans through Morningside Heights and Manhattanville. For more information, read the newsletter CUIT sent out. Access to Columbia’s old, unauthenticated wireless will still be available.


Spectrum | Feb. 1 7:50 pm EST

CUIT to invade EC rooms tomorrow

Beware! In order to “evaluate the potential for wireless installation” members of CUIT (and a Housing Services Rep) will be barging into individual rooms tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And just in case you forget and are taking a shower when they knock, they “apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Full notice after the jump. More »