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Sports | Nov. 22 12:43 pm EST

Bad football mistakes and how not to make them

Kiera Wood / Spec

Mistake-free football. Executing plays. These are the things that Lions coach Pete Mangurian talks about constantly. Limiting turnovers is the name of the game, and all the well-designed plays in the world aren’t enough if the decision-making by the quarterback isn’t good. Columbia committed only one turnover against Cornell, and it ended their chance to come back in the fourth quarter.

We haven’t talked much about different types of defending pass plays. There are two basic ways to defend the pass. In man-to-man, each defender is assigned a specific receiver and follows that person around the field, trying to prevent a catch. In zone, the defenders are each assigned a zone of the field that they are responsible for, covering the guys who end up in their area. Most defensive schemes actually rely on some combination of the two, but Cornell’s zone—and Columbia’s inability to read it correctly—cost the Lions last Saturday. More »


Sports | Nov. 8 1:32 pm EST

You can’t teach a young team experience

Kiera Wood / Spec

This has not been a good year for the Columbia football team. It’s been a case of everything that could go wrong going wrong, usually at the worst possible time. Columbia has been plagued by injuries, and the team is relying on very young, inexperienced players. This week, I’m going to take a look at a play from the Yale game where youth really hurt the Lions.

Columbia is down 23-6, but they have the ball at the start of the third quarter and they’ve just picked up a first down. The game isn’t out of hand yet, and it’s a big chance for the Lions to make it a close game.

More »


Sports | Sep. 20 11:51 am EST

It feels like… Friday!

David Brann / Spec

Good morning Columbians!

After a so-so season last year, the football team is preparing to make this season better than the last. Check out their next step to make the upcoming season the best, and make sure to read up on the new transfer four-star quarterback from Stanford, why Harvard and Penn are the teams to beat, and a recap of last season.

Happy Friday!



Sports | Nov. 2 1:23 pm EST
slices of history

We go together like football and poetry

Douglas Kessel / Spec

The Light Blue football team heads to Harvard this weekend to take on the defending Ancient Eight champs at 1 p.m. And what better way to prepare for the matchup than to read some alum-written poetry?

Alvin M. Fountain, MA ’71, Ph.D ’76, recently sent Spectrum a couple of poems he penned in the late 80s, during the Lions’ infamous 44-game losing streak. Curious about his backstory, as well as his basis for writing the poetry, Spectrum decided to reach out to Fountain to find out more. More »


Sports | Oct. 19 6:12 pm EST

Homecoming through the years

Spec File Photo

When you’re a current student, it’s really easy to only associate homecoming with football booze, booze, and more booze. And despite how truly awesome booze might be (I wouldn’t know, I’m just a wee lass of 20 years), it completely disregards the importance of welcoming back alumni and examining at old traditions along with the rich history of our school.

Spectator recently launched an awesome way to access our archives—well, a fraction of them. And, to be honest, some parts of our history are pretty cool. Even the ones that involve school spirit (which Columbia once had, evidently) and sports.

Back in 1958, to celebrate Columbia’s 11th annual Homecoming, there was not only a super fancy ball, but also a Homecoming carnival. Apparently, the steep price of $3.75 was enough to drive people away from buying tickets to the carnival and made the idea of bringing a date quite unappealing. More »


Sports | Sep. 29 8:54 pm EST
In the Zone

In the Zone: Analysis of Columbia’s 33-6 loss to Princeton

Spectator’s three football beat writers—Spencer Gyory, Eli Schultz, and Myles Simmons—are back again to discuss football’s Ivy League opener, a heartbreaking 33-6 loss to Princeton.

Check out the in-depth analysis, footage of the game, and a clip of Pete Mangurian in the post-game press conference in the video above.


Sports | Jun. 18 5:50 pm EST

Ivy League football is getting screen time! Oh wait, just kidding, not Columbia

A little over a month ago, the Ivy League and the NBC Sports Network announced that between six and ten Ivy League football games would be televised, including ‘The Game’, the ever-famous matchup between Harvard and Yale.

Well, a few days ago, NBC released its lineup. And Columbia was nowhere to be found. Not only that, but it was the only Ivy to not have a single game televised. Check out a statement from NBC and the lineup after the jump. More »


Sports | Apr. 29 10:08 am EST
going pro

Off to Dallas Jeff Adams maybe goes

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Although senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams didn’t get drafted this weekend, he was apparently signed by the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night.

Based on the strength of his past workouts, which included one for the Jets at their private facility, it was thought possible that Adams could have been a late-round pick.

If Adams had been drafted, he would have been the first to do so in the NFL since Marcellus Wiley, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the second round in 1997. Still, getting signed by the Cowboys, even if it wasn’t during the draft?

Not a bad graduation present.


Sports | Apr. 11 9:05 pm EST
draft watch

Senior offensive lineman Jeff Adams works out for the New York Jets

Kate Scarbrough / Spec

Big news for those of you who are both Jets and Lions fans: This past Monday senior offensive tackle Jeff Adams had a private workout at the New York Jets’ facility.

Over the past few months, Adams has been working hard to convince NFL scouts he is worth drafting. On March 8, he participated in Northwestern’s pro day. He later tried to improve his scores at the Baker Athletics Complex in front of scouts from the Jets.

According to, based on the strength of these workouts, Adams may have become a sixth- or seventh-round draft pick—not bad for an Ivy League o-linean.

And hey, if he does get picked by the Jets, not only would you be able to go check him out at MetLife Stadium (albiet for a pretty penny), but Adams might also get his TV debut on Hard Knocks. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play on a team with Jesus on your side? (Thank you Tim Tebow!)

NFL Draft will be held on April 26-28 at Radio City Music Hall. If you so choose to watch the draft on ESPN or the NFL Network, look for Adams’ name to be called on Sunday, April 28, somewhere between 4 and 7 p.m.


Sports | Dec. 29 4:27 pm EST
football staff

Mangurian selects coordinators and staff

According to a press release, Columbia’s new head football coach Pete Mangurian has selected the rest of his staff.

Mangurian now has seven coaches on staff, including Ben McDaniels as the offensive coordinator and Kevin Lempa as the defensive coordinator.

Both coordinators bring NFL experience to the table. McDaniels was the former Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach and Lempa served as the defensive line coach while with the San Diego Chargers between 1997 and 1999. Lempa also has experience in the Ancient Eight as he was the defensive coordinator and cornerback coach at Dartmouth between 1991 and 1996.

Here’s a look at the rest of the staff:

  • Ed Argast, offensive line coach. He has been the offensive line coach at Columbia since 2009 and will stay on staff.
  • Aaron Smith, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator. Smith has been the wide receivers coach at Columbia since 2007 and will remain on staff, adding the position of recruiting coordinator to his role.
  • Alvin Smith, defensive line coach.
  • Chad Nice, running backs coach.
  • Gordie Sammis, tight ends coach and assistant offensive lines coach.

Mangurian still has two coaching positions to fill at this time.

See the full press release after the jump. More »