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News | Apr. 21 10:18 pm EST

Council presidents ask USenate Libraries Committee for full access to Watson

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Columbia College Student Council president Daphne Chen, CC ’14, Engineering Student Council president Siddhant Bhatt, SEAS ’14, and General Studies Student Council president Hannah Germond sent a letter to the University Senate’s Libraries Committee to restore “full access to Watson Library for undergraduate students.” In April 2013, a policy change prohibited undergraduates from using the Watson Library at the Business School during final exam week. In October 2013, the councils met with the Graduate Business Association to allow limited access to the library.

In the letter, the council presidents also ask the committee to consider transforming the first floor of the Science & Engineering Library into a group study space and continuing to work with councils to open more academic buildings up for late night study space.

Check out the full letter after the jump:

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News | Apr. 21 1:13 pm EST

This week in CCSC: Potential special elections reforms

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Did you miss this week’s Columbia College Student Council meeting? Council correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the top three things you need to know:
  1. Lending support: CCSC passed a resolution that outlined their support for the Lion Credit Union Initiative, which was approved by 86 percent of voters as a ballot initiative during council elections earlier this month. The resolution will be taken to the National Credit Union Administration as a way to demonstrate student support as the LCUI seeks to become a recognized credit union. Barnard’s Student Government Association passed a similar resolution earlier in the semester. The LCUI hopes to have this resolution passed by all four councils.
  2. Where to turn: The pre-professional fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi spoke to CCSC about its problems becoming recognized as an official student group because the Inter-Greek Council currently only manages and recognizes honorary and social fraternities and sororities—not those in the pre-professional category. Additionally, the Activities Board at Columbia can’t govern fraternities according to its constitution.
  3. Don’t rock the vote: CCSC and the Elections Board discussed the feasibility of holding special direct elections every time a position is vacated. The council is looking into creating a uniform policy that would explain how to deal with vacancies in a way that is democratic and doesn’t overburden the elections board. Options included criteria where council members are appointed or elected based on position and timing of the vacancy within the semester. The council will further discuss and possibly vote on a resolution next week.

News | Apr. 14 11:54 am EST

This week in CCSC: Family support and drop deadlines

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Did you miss this week’s Columbia College Student Council meeting? Council correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the three things you need to know.

  1. All together now: CCSC passed a resolution proposed by the Columbia University Family Support Network that would equalize benefits across all schools for students with families. The resolution calls to give all students with children benefits that match those currently offered at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Information from the Committee of Instruction: CCSC discussed the role of student representation on the Committee of Instruction and how student representatives are chosen. The council discussed adding the academic affairs representative to the committee along with other ways to increase the transparency of the committee and hold student members more accountable to the student body.
  3. Dropping the intellectualism?: Academic Affairs Representative Nora Haboosh, CC ’14, updated the council on her efforts to move the drop deadline. The proposal calls to move the drop deadline for Columbia College students to match the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s drop deadline. The council discussed the fact that CC students sometimes take engineering courses and the variation in policy on pass/d/fail across departments as counter-arguments to bring up to administrators.

News | Mar. 31 11:23 am EST

This week in CCSC: Student space and student affairs dean search

Guoqiang Pang for Spectator

Did you miss this week’s Columbia College Student Council meeting? Council Correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the four things you need to know:

1) Erase me: White boards have been installed in John Jay Lounge for student use during study sessions.
2) Quality of life: The University Senate released their recommendations from its first quality of life survey on Sunday night.
3) Getting spacey: The University Events Management Advisory Committee has been working so that students can book space for before 8 p.m. through the registrar, as well as providing links to all pre-calendaring sites on the UEM pre-calendaring page.
4) Dean search: The dean search committee for the dean of student affairs has narrowed down their search to two potential candidates. A lottery will be held to select students to meet with the candidates, along with students selected from various committees.

Spectrum | Mar. 31 9:50 am EST
wake up call

What I Be Project returning to Columbia

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia! The sun will come out tomorrow, but also possibly later today. Otherwise, it’s gonna continue raining and range from 37 to 54 degrees. Go ahead and play this on your computer all day.

In Columbia news:

Quality of Life_0

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Spectrum | Mar. 31 1:11 am EST

I’ll never pay $12.99 for an umbrella, Duane Reade

It’s late. You’re up—and, if you’re like me, drenched. Does Mother Nature accept bribes? 

We are the future: Does your favorite candidate have the strongest selfie game? Take a gander at this picture from today’s CCSC At-Large Rep Debate and find out! 

Courtesy of Chris George (left to right: George, Matthew Forrest, Charles Sanky, Chris Godshall, Mikhail Klimentov, Grayson Warrick, Thomas Arbuckle).

Courtesy of Chris George (left to right: George, Matthew Forrest, Charles Sanky, Chris Godshall, Mikhail Klimentov, Grayson Warrick, Thomas Arbuckle).

Reality check: Today, Paris elected its first female mayor, Anne Hidalgo. While I’m happy for her, I can’t shake the feeling that I would’ve rocked the position—having watched “Madeline” and listened to “Les Misérables,” I consider myself an authority on French goings-on. 

Along the ivy: D.C. teen and future president of the galaxy Avery Coffey applied to five Ivy Leagues—Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UPenn, and Brown—and was accepted into all of them

You’re a moneymaker, Harry: Yesterday, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced a new “Harry Potter” trilogy based on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which further corroborates my theory that J.K. Rowling craps money. 

The end: Watch Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, and Local Natives cover tracks from Johnny Cash’s recently released posthumous album. 


Spectrum | Mar. 29 7:36 pm EST
let's get political

Class council debates are happening tomorrow and Tuesday

Guoqiang Pang for Spectator

You’ve seen the class council campaign posters on every spare inch of wall, competing for creative glory. But there’s some serious talk behind those smart suits on the posters—you get to hear from the candidates tomorrow (3/30) and Tuesday (4/1) during pre-election debates to be held in Lerner.

Candidates will be asked questions both sent in by students and written by the moderators: Abby Abrams, editor in chief of the Spectator, and Jeremy Meyers, chair of Columbia Elections Board. Although it’s too late to send in questions, the Elections Board still hopes to have a good turnout at the event. A large part of the event will be Q&A rounds with the candidates, so get your question hats on.

The official event page is here. According to the page, the schedule for events is:

* CCSC Executive Board: 3:30-4:15 in Satow Lerner
* CCSC University Senate: 4:15-5 in Satow Lerner
* CCSC Class of 2015: 5-5:45 in Satow Lerner
* CCSC Class of 2016: 6-6:45 in 569 Lerner
* CCSC Class of 2017: 6:45-7:30 in 569 Lerner
* CCSC At Large Reps: 7:30-8:15 in 569 Lerner
* ESC Candidate Forum 8:30-9:30 in 569 Lerner

* GSSC Debates 7:30-8:30 in Satow Lerner

If you really need a reason to go—besides a chance to hear some scintillating debate and possibly support your friend/floormate/significant other that’s running for a position—pizza and beverages will be served.


News | Mar. 23 7:00 pm EST

CCSC, ESC, and GSSC candidates released

Guoqiang Pang for Spectator

The Columbia Elections Board announced all the candidates who will be running in this spring’s CCSC, ESC, and GSSC elections. A total of 115 people registered, but there are still a number of uncontested or unfilled positions. Notably:

  • ESC’s executive board, 2015, and 2016 class councils each have only one party running, so those candidates will be uncontested
  • There is only one candidate for GSSC president, which according to GSSC elections bylaws, will result in a special election for president
  • Nobody registered to run for GSSC’s VP Finance, VP Student Events, Working Students representative, and Senior Class representatives

In the Elections Board email, the board said that students can also submit questions to candidates at:

Find the full list of candidates after the jump:

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News | Mar. 10 12:12 am EST

This week in CCSC: Free Monday morning muffins

Guoqiang Pang for Spectator

Did you miss this week’s Columbia College Student Council meeting? Council Correspondent Elizabeth Sedran brings you the five things you need to know:

  1. Don’t let daylight savings get you down: The 2017 class council is giving out free muffins in John Jay and Carman tomorrow morning.
  2. Help the first-years! 2015 class representative Kareem Carryl, CC ’15, talked about ways to best create a mentorship program for first-years by pairing them up with seniors.
  3. Got your keys? Student Services representative, Christopher Godshall, CC ’15, provided updates to proposed housing policies for students getting locked out of their rooms. The new proposal would remove the $5 for getting locked out, but keeps the $20 fee for repeated key assists.
  4. Money maps: The finance committee has completed a resource that outlines the process for student groups to receive funding, along with a CCSC co-sponshorship system that applies to both recognized and unrecognized student groups.
  5. Come talk about space: The council will host a town hall on student space on Monday at 6:30 p.m.