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Opinion | Feb. 17 2:40 pm EST

This is the ass of the Big Ass Blue Whale

Flikr / Joseph Wu Origami

What you say of one woman, you say of me. Yesterday, I was branded the butt of every joke, a dumb idiot who throws hissy-fits, a waste of resources, and “a cum dumpster for drunk frat boys.”

And I was called these things by my peers.

After almost four full years at Columbia, my biggest regret about this place is the way we treat each other. I can tell you with honesty and certainty that when I graduate in May, despite the great experiences I’ve had and friendships I’ve made here, I will be walking away from this place greatly wounded.

But I haven’t left yet. And while I’m here I will continue, like countless others on this campus, to strive for change. So, my dear women of Columbia University:

STOP. Stop it now. Stop clawing at each other. Enough of this toxic petty cruelty! More »


Opinion | Feb. 9 1:58 pm EST

I still tie my laces using ‘bunny ears’

Caroline Blosser / Spec

Considering the more obvious examples like my age or the fact that I’m searching for post-graduation employment, maybe I should have seen this coming. And yet it came it as a bit of shock yesterday, as I was nailing an Abraham Lincoln poster above my bed and realized: I am becoming an adult person.

For example, I now own a hammer. My clothes are neatly folded in my drawers (some of the time). I have a folder for my tax returns (somewhere in my desk . . . or maybe under it?). I pulled a shard of glass from my foot yesterday with tweezers and didn’t even shed a tear (although I did put a Batman Band-Aid on it).

And, to top it all off, I’ve even begun wearing adult-person sweaters, the kind that are wooly and dark and have turtlenecks and character and ‘dry-clean-only’ tags. (But, in truth, I’ve yet to ever go to the dry cleaner. Baby steps.) More »


Opinion | Feb. 8 1:25 pm EST

We owe our home states

Derek Turner / Spec

Caroline’s post on being from “flyover country” started an important conversation among those of us who do not come from either coast of the United States. As a proud citizen of Arizona (which is turning 100 years old on Valentine’s Day!), I have some thoughts of my own on being from “flyover country.”

When I consider those of us from the interior, a question comes to mind. It’s one that, when I ask many of my non-coastal friends, produces a lot of defensiveness and discomfort. That question is whether we owe anything to our home states, especially since many of us might feel as if our success is built upon our leaving them.

Perhaps it’s the word “owed,” but people get all in a tizzy at the prospect of having to give back to a community that helped raise them. But I think there’s a strong case for giving back—if not a moral imperative to do so. More »


Opinion | Feb. 2 5:59 pm EST

Living in a flyover state

Caroline Blosser / Spec

In his column last week, Andrew Godinich wrote on the divide between the coastal intelligensia of Columbia and the average “Middle Americans.” He argues that Columbians “need a public relations makeover. We need to show that we are not only a global university, we are an American one as well.”

As someone who is rather fondly from a flyover state, I happily agree. More »


Opinion | Jan. 26 5:05 pm EST

Plenty of whales in the sea

Flikr / Joseph Wu Origami

I’d just finished drafting my weekly Spectrum post last night when I came across an article so arresting that I now find it inappropriate to write on anything else.

The article in question was published yesterday by a student at Dartmouth, and I urge you to read it. The column is not without controversy, regarding both the author’s character and his gut-wrenching claims concerning Dartmouth’s Greek life and campus culture in general.

And just as sickening are some of the responses to the article, mostly by Dartmouth students and alum, many of which could be described, at best, as heartless.

If I am sure of one thing, I am sure of forgiveness. And when I claim to know anything about it, it’s because I’ve needed it often and known a fair share myself. Forgiveness can change lives. It can change relationships, and campuses, and cultures, and nations. In it is a capacity more powerful than judgment.

But what’s all this got to do with us Columbia kids? In light of this article and the many others from other colleges in recent semesters, it seems to me that an icy climate has spread across our campuses—indeed, the Big Ass Blue Whale might be bigger than we thought. More »


Opinion | Jan. 15 9:17 pm EST
Quick and Dirty

Say hello!

For this semester’s first Quick and Dirty, we’d like to introduce the Opinion bloggers: More »


Opinion | Dec. 10 11:24 pm EST

Thoughts on the semester

wallyg / flickr

For this week’s Quick and Dirty, we asked our bloggers to reflect briefly on the semester.

Emily: I’m withholding all reflection on the semester until after finals are over, at which point I will become either infinitely more or exponentially less positive about the past fourteen weeks than I am at this moment.

Will: I practically stumbled into Professor Mikael Hornqvist’s Liberty & Empire by accident, but I can think of no other class this semester that was more fulfilling. What’s better than being taught by an expert on Machiavelli?

Naomi: I got a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more familiar with Butler.

Well the days were long
But the weeks went by too fast
Same as always, yo.


Opinion | Dec. 8 7:30 pm EST

Peña-Mora and you

Courtesy of Columbia University

I was asked to write a response to the current debate surrounding Dean Peña-Mora and the faculty letter of no confidence. Being a Barnard Student, the direct issue at hand is somewhat outside of my knowledge—I don’t know Peña-Mora, nor do I know any of the faculty involved, and, at face value, it might seem not to affect me, at least not directly. But largely missing from the discourse is something that does concern me: the interest of the undergraduate population. More »


Opinion | Nov. 22 10:33 am EST


flydown / flikr

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, but get rid of that turkey baster! It’s time for some ham:

“Ham-let by Willham Wigglefork”
(Based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare)

To baste, or not to baste,
That is the Question:
Whether ‘tis nobler for the swine to simmer,
Both meat and marrow in one outrageous furnace,
Or to take the arms against a sea of turnips,
And by a poaching blend them. More »


Opinion | Nov. 19 9:00 pm EST

A thanks giving

Caroline Blosser / Spec

I know that my posts tend to walk a sometimes thick line of critical-ness. Hopefully I am always writing in a posture of humility and affection, but I am critical nonetheless, seeking to point out the places of brokenness on this campus and the spaces for improvement. I long for a better ideal of better community, student fellowship, and wholeness. So it is in the nature of what I write to be constantly critical. Still, I have to be just as constantly evaluating that purpose, and questioning at what cost I offer my criticisms, and where to draw lines, and in what to ground all of my objections.

So, in the spirit of our approaching Thanksgiving, I want to say how grateful I am. For reflecting upon my recent posts, especially the past two, and on the larger discussion between students which has witnessed great outpouring of brave voices and support for difficult topics, I want to take what remaining space I have left to say what is simple and true:

Thank you, you are wonderful. More »