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Spectrum | Apr. 10 12:59 pm EST

Columbia College bulletin down

It’s the middle of the registration period, and the bulletin doesn’t work. Why? Somebody fix it! Please!

What does the Alumni Association have to do with my classes?


Opinion | Apr. 8 1:02 pm EST

Casual Friday: Beat the bulletin

Courtesy of Columbia University

Class registration is an infamously stressful time for Columbia students. What classes to take, what courses to dodge—these are all the things plaguing our minds at the moment. By highlighting what we predict will be the best classes of 2011-2012, we want to offer you concrete advice for navigating the annals of Columbia’s bulletins. With the right amount of luck and careful planning, you’ll be just fine. Choose wisely, fellow students!

ANTHRO V2201 Hipsters: An Anthropological Survey, 4 pts.
Not offered in 2011-2012. A unique opportunity to study this modern human animal in its natural habitat. The origin and development of central themes of hipster culture. Field work includes sitting on Low steps, faux-reading in the Hungarian Pastry Shop, as well as trips to NYU and Williamsburg. Readings include the New Yorker, Village Voice, anything David Foster Wallace or J.D. Salinger.
Fall 2011: TR 2:40 p.m.–3:55 p.m. Butler Reference Room

DOMESTIC ARTS D1032 The Art of Basket Weaving, 3 pts.
This class will encourage a profound analysis of the cottage industry and its role in the birth of the Industrial Revolution. In-depth reading accompanied with hands-on work will complete the post-Industrialist critique of the modern European world with its emphasis on alienated labor. Special features include field trips to Brown (the institution with the most specialized research on basket weaving) and talks at local senior citizen homes.
Spring 2012: MW 10:35 a.m.–11:50 a.m. Diana Center More »