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Spectrum | Feb. 21 1:07 pm EST
Gym Woes

How to look like Brad Pitt without squatting in Dodge

This could be you!

Quick, word-association stream of consciousness, go!

It’s exactly-a-week-after-Valentine’s-Day is to chocolate is to after-Valentine’s-Day-sales is to more chocolate is to indulge-in-too-much-chocolate. That makes one feel nauseous and incur thoughts of hitting the gym. The first gym I can think of is Dodge, but then I think about exercise. Exercise is to yuck just as that first bite of 50 percent-off Ghirardelli caramel squares was to yum.

tl;dr: You have really shitty calorie karma. But the gym is so. Far. Away.

So here’s a list of things you can do to burn off those extra pounds (neon spandex and short-shorts optional). More »