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Spectrum | Apr. 30 11:26 am EST
wake up call

Title IX and Star Wars updates

Good morning! After a string of days that were very warm indeed, last night it became winter-like again. Right now Broadway is overcast and the air is a bit nippy. Also, today is Wednesday and it is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Here are some other relevant bits of news:

Columbia news:

  • A recent White House report on changes to the Title IX compliance system could have big implications for Columbia/Barnard’s recent complaints. Read about it.
  • Look at the trajectories of both Columbia men’s and women’s tennis this year and see what may be coming up next for the teams.
  • A recent op-ed piece by MFA student Yujin Lee tackles the title of “artist” and what it means if anyone, even a former president with little formal training, can be accepted as a professional artist.
oped art

Yujin Lee


Outside the bubble:

  • If you have a NY Public Library Card (which you should because you have at least one physical address in New York) you can take out ebooks and audiobooks from the New York Public Library. I just found out about it last night. So I’m late to the game, but you need not be!
  • The racist basketball manager person guy is banned from the NBA, will be forced to pay a fine, and is being pressure to sell his team because he is a racist.
  • The casting decisions for the new Star Wars movie were released yesterday.



Spectrum | Apr. 29 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

So, Starbucks stopped buying coffee

It’s late. You’re up. This stuff is entertaining. Chekkit.

Random of randoms: I’ll let you guess what it tells you. You are welcome.

Along the Ivy: Ivy League colleges have gotten insanely harder to get into. Let’s go back to the nineties! Can anyone spot me a fanny pack?

Flashed spotlight: Erin Quinn, BC ’17:

Spectrum: What do you do if you wave to someone and it’s not who you thought?
EQ: I, like, awkwardly put my hand behind my thing and, like, mumble to myself. And by thing, I mean my back.

Spectrum: Describe your life in a Beyoncé lyric.
EQ: “Drunk in Love.”

Spectrum: As a Barnard bartender, what’s the most requested drink at your events?
EQ: Gin and tonic.

Spectrum: What was your most memorable stranger interaction?
EQ: A homeless man asked me to marry him once.
Spectrum: What did you say?
EQ: “Another time.”

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Sports | Feb. 7 6:13 pm EST
Beyond the arc

Light Blue needs to hit its threes

Kiera Wood / Senior Staff Photographer

Ivy title hopes for the men’s basketball team are unfortunately getting swallowed down the drain after back-to-back losses at Yale and Brown last weekend.

Winning on the road is a tough task in Ivy play—to be fair, last weekend, road teams went 0-8. Home-court advantage really does matter in some cases. It may have played a significant role in the Lions’ losses to the Bulldogs and Bears last weekend—both teams with worse overall records than Columbia’s. The fact that Columbia has played consecutive road games for the first time since early November could only have made playing that much more difficult.

But home-away splits notwithstanding, over the past two years, a curious trend of scoring inconsistency (especially in conference play) has emerged in Columbia hoops, and I think it has to do with its reliance on the three.

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Spectrum | Dec. 6 9:29 am EST
Wake Up Call

Thank [insert your deity here] it’s Friday!

Kiera Wood / Spec

Congratulations on making it through the last full week of classes! Spectrum has your news highlights.

Know this: The basketball team looks for its second straight win at Bucknell University.

Read this: A&E’s best and worst list of 2013 reflects on the year’s pop culture moments.

Check out fun reads like this: Luke Foster tells us how the Core is related to fatherhood.

And then there’s this: The annual tree-lighting ceremony took place last night on College Walk, with a special tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Alice Mahoney/Spec


Spectrum | Nov. 8 9:59 am EST
Wake Up Call

Happy National Cappuccino Day

David Brann and Kiera Wood/Spec

November 8 is National Cappuccino Day. Now, I know what you’re thinking but I checked already. Starbucks isn’t giving away anything free today. Bummer. It’s Friday morning at Columbia, and as usual Spectrum has your news highlights.

Read this: Spectator has a cool 2013-2014 Basketball Season Preview.

Know this: The Institute for Research on Women and Gender undergoes a name change to reflect their shift towards sexuality studies.

For fun, there’s this: David Ecker discusses the growth of YouTube.

It’s also good to know this: Native American Heritage Month celebrations kick off in Lerner.


Justin Chan/Spectator


Sports | Mar. 6 11:06 am EST
spectator sportscast

Women’s basketball player Tyler Simpson guest stars on Sportscast

Even though Brian Barbour was unable to make it to this week’s filming of the Spectator Sportscast, there was no lack of basketball talent in the studio.

Senior guard Tyler Simpson of the women’s basketball team made a guest appearance and talked with hosts Eli Schultz and Nick Scott about her recent 26-point performance against Brown, her plans for after graduation, and more.

Have any suggestions for the show? Send them to


Spectrum | Dec. 3 5:46 pm EST

Twitter roundup: Kevin Durant visits Columbia

flickr / mvongrue

Yesterday, Columbia played host to Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant and boy were some people excited.

One Columbian in particular was especially frustrated, first complaining:

Literally all of my friends are meeting @KDTrey5. Friends from high school, friends at Columbia. Seriously, when will it be my turn?

Apparently the pain of knowing literally everyone you’ve ever been friends with has met Kevin Durant, while you remain woefully unblessed, was too powerful for just one tweet because she followed up less than half an hour later with this:

Literally @KDTrey5 was at Columbia and I was a block away stuck in lecture. I can’t believe I missed that like I’m really sad.

Literally sad.

Others were content simply to spread the word about the arrival of Durant, while especially lucky students managed to get a picture with him:

Nice headphones – Photo courtesy of @simmonsclass

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Spectrum | Nov. 19 8:00 am EST
Wake-Up Call

Wake up and be thankful you weren’t already woken up

Hey everybody, only two more days until Thanksgiving break! Yes, it sucks that every class you’ve ever taken has something due today or tomorrow, but just think of turkey and power through it. But before you do, click on every single one of these links:

Read this: According a study conducted by Columbia researchers, West 100th street is the noisiest street in the city. So next time you want to complain that the cleaning people are being too loud, remember how much worse your life could be (for a lot of reasons).

Know this: The Student Wellness Project hosted a forum aimed at discussing mental health issues at Columbia.

Here’s more: Men’s basketball fell to Marist for their first loss of the season. The team still has a winning record and lost by a mere five points.


Sports | Nov. 17 6:59 pm EST

BASKETBALL Lions vs. Marist – Final score: Red Foxes 67, Columbia 62

The men’s basketball team hosts Marist in its second home-game of the season. Columbia heads into the game with a record of 2-0, having earned two convincing wins against Furman and Haverford. The Red Foxes are 0-2, with losses against Colgate and Stony Brook.

Last year, Marist handed the Light Blue the defeat that broke Columbia’s seven-game winning streak. The Columbia side on the court tonight will be very different from what the Red Foxes had to face last year, and as long as the Lions continue the success of their frontcourt, they should be able to walk away with a win. You can see our three keys after the jump and follow the action on Twitter @CUSpecSports. More »


Sports | Oct. 25 2:55 pm EST
Men's Basketball

Lions ranked third in preseason Ivy League basketball media poll

Alyson Goulden / Spec

For only the fourth time in program history, the Light Blue men’s basketball team made it into the top half of the preseason media poll.

Ranked third behind Princeton and Harvard, the Lions are expected to be strong contenders on the court this season, despite a sixth-place finish last year. (See below for the full listing of poll results.)

Columbia has an experienced senior class this year in guard Brian Barbour, center Mark Cisco, forward John Daniels, and guard Dean Kowalski.

Barbour, as the team’s captain and leading scorer, will no doubt be the centerpiece of the Lions’ offense, but head coach Kyle Smith said he is aware of the need to take some of the pressure off the star point guard.  More »