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Spectrum | May. 6 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

PBS covers Barnard, Orgo Night teaser uncovers the gigolo

It’s late. You’re up. Reading week is upon us. You’re being unproductive, but, you know what? So are we. We’re all in this together.

Stop overusing words: This website is helpful! It helpfully counts the most frequent words and phrases you’ve been using in your papers so you can see if you’ve gone overboard with repetition. This website is so helpful!

Along the Ivy: PBS just aired a special on Barnard! Chances are that everyone you know and their roommates are in it. I, for one, show up at 15:40. So hey.

Reality check: Regardless of what privilege is, this is the absolute easiest way to check it.

A little bird tweeted: Author Salman Rushdie explained that he’s bored by Twitter because other annoying Tweeters Haroun-ed it for him. Hehe.

The end:  Not that anyone is surprised, but this wildly disturbing video about the Columbia gigolo is also the teaser for this semester’s Orgo Night on Thursday:


Spectrum | Apr. 25 6:26 pm EST
Unheard Voices

The new Barnard insignia gets giggly

Samantha Sokol/ Spec

In her weekly blog, series writer Rebecca Farley lends a platform to Columbia’s (literally) unheard voices. This week, she talks to the new Barnard insignia on the ground in front of Barnard Hall.

“Want me to explain Barnard in three words?”

The insignia blurts this to me as I approach her area on the Barnard campus. She is an approximately two-by-two-foot circular engraving in the brick in front of Barnard Hall. A large “B” wrapped in vines and the words ‘Columbia University,’ she is a regal sight on the Barnard campus. The insignia is new—she’s been printed for Barnard’s 125th anniversary this year.

“Sure!” I say, settling in next to her on the ground.

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The Shaft | Apr. 7 4:02 pm EST
when one door closes

Barnard housing wrap-up

Room selection 2014 is over. Some are happy, some are satisfied, some are sad, and some are, well, homeless. Sophomore day started with a few happy faces. Most came in with certain expectations, and their results were rather unsurprising. 600 filled out immediately and then the sophomores went to town on Plimpton, 110th, and Hewitt. Plimpton suites were flying left and right until #1027, which was not only the last Plimpton suite, but the last six-person suite taken. This meant that groups had to start breaking up and reforming in order to fit themselves into various suites in 110th.

The last 110th suite went to number #1089. This was the very last suite taken in all of room selection. #1089 said: “I’m relieved. This is so amazing. It’s a miracle. This is the most stressful thing that’s happened to me in Barnard.”

As rooms ran out, tears ran down the faces of sad sophomores. The choice became: do I take a single in Hewitt or do I opt for the Guaranteed Assignment list? After #1138 there was no more choice: all rooms had been selected and everyone was on the Guaranteed Assignment list. This led to many emotions for the approximately 100 girls with no choice. Said one student stuck on the GA: “This is ridiculous and absurd.” Many with numbers in the 1100s or 1200s thought they’d be able to select on Friday and were shocked to find out that they couldn’t. Some students were upset that they couldn’t select into doubles in order to cut housing prices (singles cost over $1,000 more).

The 2014 housing lottery was a little different from that of 2013. For starters, there were many mixed senior-junior groups but far fewer mixed junior-sophomore groups. The mixed groups picking on junior day last year narrowly wound up in 600F suites, nearly missing the 600 block and winding up in Plimpton. Cathedral Gardens went very early this year due to 2015’s love for 15 minute walks and common rooms.

616 filled up faster than ever before: the D suites were mostly filled by seniors and C suites by RAs/disability students and some held for assignment. A and B suites were practically impossible to get without a senior pull in. Lots of juniors who expected to pick into 616 wound up in 600 or Plimpton, leaving fewer six-person options for sophomores (which is why so many groups had to break up).

Thank you all for reading and thank you all for letting me bother you outside the selection room. Look out for even more Barnard coverage in next year’s Shaft!


The Shaft | Apr. 3 10:08 am EST

Junior Day Recap

Two days down, one to go and a progressively increasing amounts of tears. The seniors and juniors have taken most of this campus’s desirable spaces and left the scraps for the sophomores. To recap, here’s what was taken on junior day:

  • Almost all of 600, 616, and 620: Sophomores, bid those beautiful dreams of 600Fs farewell. The battle of singles vs. location was won by 600 and there are just two whole suites remaining to pick from. Between 600, 616 and 620 you can find fragments of suites waiting to be selected by desperate sophomores trying to avoid the guaranteed assignment list.
  • CG, Elliot singles, Hewitt with good views, renovated Plimpton suites, and studio singles in 110th: gone, gone, gone, gone, and gone. A large dent was made in Plimpton by those juniors unwilling to part with their singles. The most notable stats of the day were the early exits of 616 and 600Bs and Ds. These suites were almost all gone by the time junior only groups had their chance to pick. Several seniors and juniors picked rooms as backup for Columbia housing or study abroad, respectively. So, what’s left? More »

A&E | Apr. 2 1:46 pm EST

WBAR-B-Q XXI line-up released

heatscale / tumblr

WBAR’s annual spring show was just announced, and it features a bit of everything from twee punk to spazz-electronics to black metal. WBAR-B-Q XXI is on April 19, so it’ll be perfect to help you get over your Bacchanal withdrawal. Everything is FREE, and there’ll even be some food provided (because what would a BBQ be without food?). Performances run from noon until 8 p.m. on Lehman Lawn.

Without further ado, here’s your WBAR-B-Q line-up!

Arm Candy

Amanda X

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News | Apr. 2 9:10 am EST
sjp banner

SGA releases statement on SJP banner

Tova Kamioner / Spec

Update, 9:24 a.m.

This morning, Barnard’s SGA released their comprehensive assessment of what Barnard’s administration should do about the Students for Justice in Palestine Banner, previously hung at Barnard Hall, and removed by administration. SGA released this statement because SJP came to them for assistance in their initiatives, and SGA had a public Google form about the SJP banner in which more than 180 respondents voiced their opinions.

SGA came up with the following consensus about the banner:

1. Re-hang C-SJP’s banner in an equally prominent and visible space on campus.
2. Allow student banners to hang on Barnard Hall. Bannering on Barnard Hall is an important communications outlet for the student body and a valued tradition that should be allowed to continue.
3. Additionally, for as long as Barnard Hall is not a space for student event advertisement, we strongly support the creation of alternative prominent spaces for student group event advertising on campus.
4. SGA would like to work with the college administration on the creation of a set of community bannering and posting guidelines that will delineate an honor code for student group advertisement on campus.

See the full email after the jump: More »


The Shaft | Mar. 31 10:13 pm EST

Junior day predictions

The class of 2015 got its turn on Friday, and it’s now time to see 2016 get their chance. What will go tomorrow?

  • The best of 600: Expect the B and D apartments in 600 to go very early. Despite the fact that they are all doubles, these apartments are beautiful and quite desirable. Only six of these remain, so without a senior pull in, don’t expect to land one.

  • 616: All of it. The likelihood of any suites being left in 616 for sophomore selection is about equivalent to the chances of going for a swim in the Barnard pool right about now.

  • Lots of Plimpton: Not ALL of Plimpton will be selected on junior day but 2016 will make a HUGE dent. Since a significant portion of 2016 lived there this year, they’ve grown accustomed to Amsterdam and Apple Tree and have come to love it. Their clear affinity for singles sealed the deal: Many groups are hoping to return to Plimpton, this time with a better view.

  • Various parts of 620: Let’s be real, the lower floors of 620 are a bit strange–there are interesting seven-person suites, some suites have common rooms, and some don’t. There are 5 six-person suites that could be taken shortly after 616 is gone.

  • The last of CG: The 2 remaining four-person suites will disappear quite early.

  • Some Hewitt/Some Elliot/Some 110th: Hewitt will be taken by those going abroad and not wanting to mess up the plans of their friends picking suites. Elliot will go to those who desperately want singles and not be on the full meal plan. 110th has some simply phenomenal apartments that juniors would be smart to snatch up.

The above is likely but we still have several burning questions: More »


News | Mar. 31 1:50 pm EST

Columbia Turath releases statement regarding SJP banner removal

Tova Kamioner / Spec

Columbia Turath, a non-partisan student group that “serves to promote Arab culture at Columbia University,” released a statement Sunday night about the removal of the Students for Justice in Palestine’s banner from Barnard Hall. The statement reads, in part, “We believe that every student and organization has the right to express an opinion without meeting resistance, intimidation or censorship on an institutional level.”

You can read the statement, in full, after the jump:

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The Shaft | Mar. 29 6:05 pm EST
senior day

One down, two to go: Senior Day recap

Check out our Barnard room selection predictions post!

Senior day has ended, and it was truly predictable. CG has been almost entirely chosen. Sulz Tower is gone save for two halves of doubles. The last Sulz Tower single was chosen by #285. The last group to pick into the top floors of 620 was #101. The last group to choose a five-person suite in 620 was #39, and the rest of the five-person groups picked 616Ds. After the predictable options ran out, several seniors began grasping at straws. Some picked into Plimpton singles, while others resorted to Hewitt or Elliot. Several studio singles in 110th were chosen but many remain. A few groups picked into great six-person apartments in 600 and 616, but overall the seniors didn’t make a large dent in either building.

Perhaps the biggest shocker of the day was that #1 was not present. The holder of lottery number 1 has elected to pull in underclassmen, making #2 the new #1. The first group to pick excitedly chose Sulz Tower. The rest of the groups to pick early shared in the excitement. Group #6, who chose the coveted 10A suite in 620, said: “We’re really excited for a really big common space, huge rooms, a hallway, and hopefully there’s no roaches.”

Some waiting outside Brooks Lounge from the very beginning weren’t quite as excited. A couple groups with early selection times were trying to find the extra number they needed to fill the suite they wanted. Despite this anxiety, the mood was pretty happy during the early picks of room selection. More »


The Shaft | Mar. 28 12:03 am EST
drumroll please

Barnard room selection kicks off tomorrow

As more and more of Barnard groups up, a couple things have become quite clear:
2) If you’re willing to live in a double, your housing dreams just might come true.

The continued lack of 6 groups to be formed is astounding. As of now there are only 50 groups formed, and if this trend remains consistent after everyone has grouped up, sophomores could potentially pick into 600. Even more astounding than the lack of 6 groups is the multitude of 5 groups. At one point there were twice as many 5 groups as there are 5-person suites available, mostly because of rising seniors. A word to the wise: the bulk of the 5-person groups that have been sitting in front of you for the past week are not going away. Their theoretical sixth that just hasn’t gotten around to putting themselves into the system yet does not exist.

Juniors, I know you’re adverse to this, but be prepared to double up. The single or bust attitude will land some of you in Hewitt, some of you in Plimpton, and most of you passing up excellent suites in the 600 block. Many excellent suites with giant doubles will be available for picking on junior day but they might just be passed over and left for sophomores.

Sophomores, hold out and wait—with the irrationality of seniors’ choices thus far, you could luck into something you thought you couldn’t get. If you’re flexible enough to live in a double you just might get to have great housing AND get to keep working on dismantling the patriarchy.

So, what will happen tomorrow when the seniors take the first crack at room selection? More »