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Spectrum | Mar. 7 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Body image Barbie and more

It’s late. You’re up. Let’s do this.

Columbia makes the news: Columbia Democrats was featured on Buzzfeed this week for its “Women in the Media” campaign. Images of various Columbia students holding up signs like “I need feminism so I can be a woman and an engineer” are inspiring!

Midterms are the worst: Someone called in a fake bomb threat to Hamilton Hall on this day in 1980. Being Columbia students, everyone kept working on their exams in the Van Am Quad. But seriously, don’t get any ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.31.21 PM

Reality check: The guy who invented cronuts just invented milk shots in cookie shot glasses. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Russia are having the worst diplomatic crisis since the Cold War.

Getting employed: Turns out that working at a startup might not be as financially sound as you think.

The end: A designer built a 3D model of Barbie… if she were healthy. His dolls, called Lammily, have the proportions of the average American 19 year old. He hopes to produce dolls in different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and races – but for all to look like normal, healthy American girls. Yay for positive body image!


The Eye | Dec. 17 9:59 pm EST
Barbies Gone Wild

There’s a new Barbie in town

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

You may have heard of the “Human Barbie,” the average Ukrainian citizen Valeria Lukyonova, who used plastic surgery to achieve what most scientists and doctors believed to be impossible: the physical proportions of Barbie.

Well, good news to those of you who were scared she’d sell out before Christmas: There’s a new Human Barbie on the block, the Russian Olga Oleynik, whose preferred “Barbie name” is Dominika and who is now best friends with Valeria! This new Human Barbie appears to be yet another victim to the strange yet somehow enticing phenomenon of plastic surgery. More »


The Eye | Nov. 21 11:40 pm EST
B.A. Barbie

Thankful for the new Barbie

Courtesy tokidoki

There was Teen Barbie, Fashion Queen Barbie, and Holiday Barbie; Soccer Star Barbie, Business Barbie, and Astronaut Barbie. And now, there’s another girl in the Barbie World: Bad-Ass Barbie. Okay, so that’s not what Mattel’s calling her, but that’s what she looks like. The Italian-based, Japanese influenced doll brand Tokidoki teamed up with Mattel to release the collector’s edition Barbie this fall– she sports chin length pink hair, tattoos on her left arm and collarbone, a punkish t-shirt and leopard spot leggings.

She doesn’t seem too shocking to me–after all, you take a walk down any New York City street and you’re likely to see someone who looks sort of like her. But, needless to say, some parents are less than excited about Barbie’s new makeover. Most critics are adamant about the same thing: the new Barbie depicts being punk and having tattoos as cool, even inspiring.

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