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Spectrum | Apr. 15 1:11 am EST

The midnight saga: Eclipse

It’s late. You’re up—which obviously means you’re procrastinating, which obviously means you’re in search of entertainment, which obviously means that you’re browsing Spectrum. That’s foolproof logic right there.

Flashed Spotlight: Claire Kao, SEAS ’14

Spectrum: Most ridiculous/random thing you’ve seen on campus?
CK: Well besides MYSELF…I once was walking up Low steps in my usual late-to-class rush. Everything seemed normal: tourists taking selfies, Asian children crawling all over Alma, other college kids looking disgruntled. I was thinking to myself, “aw those children crawling on Alma are so cute” but I was a little resentful of the Tiger Mother who brought toddlers to tour Columbia. I looked closer, and then looked again, and realized the Tiger Mother in question was my mom and the Asian children were my little cousins.

Spectrum: What would your wrestler name be?
CK: MamaClaire

Spectrum: Do, date, dump: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie?
CK: Well definitely date Marie Curie because she could be the strong female lead in the biopic about my life. Do Isaac Newton because he knows a thing or 3 about mechanics. And I guess that leaves dumping Einstein :(

Spectrum: Ideal Halloween costume?
CK: A butterfly or a boombox or a boob or Bruce Li or Mahima Chablani

Spectrum: Go-to throwback song?
CK: Hey Ya or Ignition Remix I don’t know…I don’t think saying the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky is appropriate although it does bring back a buttload of memories.


Spectrum | Apr. 14 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Bacchanal happened and Drake could have been there

It’s late. You’re up. There is a very good possibility you had a really fun weekend. Congratulations!

Pics or it didn’t happen: Spec staff photographers captured Bacchanal and Holi in gorgeous snaps.

Flashed spotlight: Max Druz, CC ’14

Spectrum: Alternate name for Bacchanal?
MD: Washed up Rapper meets state school Ivy meets pretty people come out of Butler day

Spectrum: Craziest thing that ever happened to you on a subway?
MD: After a drunken night in Soho I woke up on the A train by Coney Island. In a very Lena Dunham manner I had realized my bummer phone and wallet were gone and proceeded to watch the sunrise somewhere deep in Bay Ridge or something. I also once said hi to Rod Stewart on the subway… Or maybe it was a Rod Stewart wannabe 80s throwback.

Spectrum: What was your jam in 2003?
MD: Anything Ashanti Ja Rule. Those productions were way too groovy. Ear candy on the LA public school bus.

Spectrum: What food could you not be paid enough to eat?
MD: I always made sure my mum didn’t put onions in my bolognese.

Reality check: America has changed a lot since the era of the last season of “Mad Men!” Check out the stats in handy-dandy graphs.

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Spectrum | Apr. 13 5:54 pm EST
a sober event

“Everybody put a C in the air”: Bacchanal recap, from a sober attendee

Kiera Wood / Senior Staff Photographer

I deemed it charitable that I provide a recap of this day from one of its sober attendees.  Bacchanal as “the sober one” was quite a sight—I think I spent more time in simple shock of the changes on this campus instead of enjoying the event itself. The muscle tanktops, flower headbands, and crop tops seem to creep out of the shadows and dominate Alma’s domain much to my surprise. I also must admit that I only came for Chainsmokers and Lupe. My apologies to you, Flaxo, hmu if you have anything valuable to share.

Anyways,  for those of you too inebriated to remember #throwbacchanal, you can thank me later.

Chainsmokers. Dance dance dance dance dance. Let me take a selfie? Nah.Even though my dancing may not have been as “mollified” (see what I did there) as everyone around me, I have to say all of their songs were total jams.

  • What went down: Even though the fountains were off, someone still managed to reach the top tier, in honor of fountain girl 2K13. They took a picture, in her honor. Otherwise, I spent most of Chainsmokers sitting on the lawn trying not to stare at the Rugby team sitting next to me basking in the sunlight and the waves of air punching arms on Low steps. More »

Opinion | Apr. 12 8:30 am EST
Bending the news

Bacchanal II: Electric Boogaloo

Kim Flores/Spectator Senior Staff Photographer

Are you trying to be the next Fountain Girl? Were you planning on getting “visibly intoxicated” before RAGING AT THE RED BULL TRUCK? Excited to ice some SEAS prospies on Low steps while James Brown the Chainsmokers sing sweet nothings and “songs” about “selfies” into your ears? Well, bro, that Smirnoff Ice better be in a plastic bottle this year.

Here’s what happened: Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez reminded us via email on Wednesday that, while Bacchus is “the Roman god of wine and revelry” (and also the name of an energy drink manufactured by “Dong-A Pharmaceutical”), we should “show respect” for our community and have “responsible fun”:

Get thee to a punnery!
This came in response to the shitshow that, apparently, was last year’s Bacchanal: According to Martinez’s email, Carman suffered damage ranging from “mutilated exit signs” to broken ceiling tiles, and the numbers of CAVAs and noise complaints were through the roof (ceiling?). A Facebook post from the Bacchanal executive board explained that students will have to show their CUIDs when entering the area surrounding Low Steps, can only have one non-Columbia guest, cannot carry glass bottles (plastic is OK) or backpacks, and will not be allowed in if they are “visibly intoxicated.” More »


A&E | Apr. 11 8:11 pm EST

#Throwbacchanal pregame mix

OzFutura / flickr

Mitchell Veith of Nøvachørd, one of the student openers at Bacchanal, put together an awesome mix of tomorrow’s performers to get everyone psyched.

While you’re enjoying the music, here’s the Bacchanal lineup one more time:

1:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.: Nøvachørd
2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.: California Love: Taylor Simone & Josh Mac
2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.: Flaxo
4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: The Chainsmokers
5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.: Lupe Fiasco

Remember, you’ll need your CUID to get in when the doors open at 1 p.m., and both glass bottles and backpacks are prohibited (in other words: invest in a fanny pack). There will be plenty of water fountains and food trucks, so have fun and stay hydrated!


Spectrum | Apr. 11 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Bacchaweekend commences

It’s late. You’re up. If you’re a senior, you’re already asleep because 1) you’re elderly or 2) you’re still recovering from 40s on 40. Either way, here are some fun, festive things to bring you into Bacchaweekend.

Today in Columbia history: This week in 1962 was Vietnam Protest Week. Columbia founded the  ”Columbia Vietnam School” in Hamilton Hall and Butler Library that offered two days of classes focusing on the war, including one called “Tis a Pity She’s a Whore – The University and the Cold War.”

Reality check: Stephen Colbert will be taking over the “Late Show” next year when David Letterman resigns. #CancelColbert actually worked, but maybe not the way it was intended to.

Stay hydrated: Don’t forget your do’s and don’ts of day drinking this weekend.

The end: This guy’s friends love him so much they pranked him for his birthday by getting him blackout drunk and then sending him on a skydive. He doesn’t wake up until he’s already left the plane.


Spectrum | Apr. 10 8:49 pm EST

Lupe’s fiasco: The performers we wish we had for Bacchanal

Kimberly Flores / Spec

And lo, Bacchanal is upon us yet again, bearing down like an overburdened ship whose rotted timbers creak and groan—full of the same lost souls who will gather on Low Plaza this Saturday to drink their way into oblivion rather than remember a single second of Lupe’s fiasco. This year’s theme: #throwbacchamillionshotsanal. And though the show goes on despite the overwhelmingly negative reception, it doesn’t hurt to dream of what could have been, right?

Dan Deacon and Angel Haze
OK, so a lot of schools have Dan Deacon this year (read: two by my count), but you know what? That’s because he’s good. He’s fun. He’s energetic. Angel Haze is sharp and smart and on the rise—a perfect way to maximize the value of that $100,000 budget the committee is always moaning about.

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Spectrum | Apr. 10 11:35 am EST
Unheard Voices

The fountain longs for the feel of feet

Source: wikimedia commons It's kind of dirty when you think about it.

In her weekly series, Rebecca Farley lends a platform to Columbia’s (literally) unheard voices. Today, she chats with the fountain on the east side of Low, that of the famous fountain-walking photo last Bacchanal.

The sun has come to say hello and the Columbia community has responded with a pop-the-champagne-hang-the-banners-roast-the-suckling-pig welcoming force. The view from Low Steps is clotted with the library-pale forms of Columbia students, having shed their oversized sweaters and pea coats for the first time this year. There are girls in sundresses, boys in tiny pink shorts, and fountains in full sploosh. I’m sitting next to the eastern fountain, the one closest to Kent. His name is Gerald, though few have ever asked him for it, he says.

“The interactions I have with students are fairly intimate but also so remote,” he tells me.

“Remote?” I ask.

“Imagine, you see, that someone walked up to you, extended his or her hand, and reached into your ribs. Not metaphorically. Literally. Imagine there is a scalpel. They dig into your ribs and begin to frolic beneath your dermis.”

“Ouch.” This interview has gotten significantly more gory.

“That is what Columbia students do to me,” Gerald concludes. His voice, gravelly as grinding-marble, makes the conclusion feel like the closing of the Mines of Moria: totally final. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 9 5:21 pm EST

When Bacchanal and Days on Campus collide


Earlier today Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez sent a missive reminding students of the glorious, Western-bestern roots of Bacchanal. Also that students shouldn’t get sloppy and destroy Columbia property like last year, especially if prospective students are going to be hanging around. Because this Days on Campus is different from all other days on campus, because this year it coincides with Bacchanal.

Full letter after the jump.

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News | Apr. 8 12:38 pm EST
ESC Roundup

This week in ESC: Honor code passes

File Photo

Did you miss this week’s Engineering Student Council Meeting? Deborah Secular brings you the top five things you need to know:

1. Honor code: The Engineering Student Council unanimously passed the honor code a year after Columbia College Student Council passed their own. The SEAS honor code is written to include the graduate students and accounts for the differences in engineering course expectations , but will contain the same pledge on exams as the CC honor code.

2. A gold star for green ideas: The Green Labs Initiative, which was formed in March to look at ways to make research labs more energy efficient, presented two or three priorities for improving lab practices, one of which included buying computers with solid-state drives to improve efficiency in the future.

3. Google Drive: As reported in CCSC Sunday night, Columbia University Information Technology signed a contract to give students access to Google Drive next year. The CUIT advisory committee is looking into adding a filter to Google Drive that would prevent students from uploading their social security number, to help protect students’ information.

4. Revelry: On Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., The White Panda will perform in Roone Arledge Auditorium.

5. De-debacchanal: ESC discussed the merits of Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez’s letter—which was also presented to CCSC on Sunday—urging students to use good judgment during Bacchanal this weekend. Representatives mentioned other events like Holi, which is also on Saturday, as a safer alternative.