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Opinion | Sep. 24 3:34 pm EST

Presenting the Alma Awards

Columbia ain’t some two-bit institution out in the boonies. We’ve played host to a hefty number of notables in our day, and I think it’s high time we hand out some coveted Alma Mater statuettes to the biggest stars on campus.

1. Scarlett Johansson

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

WINNER: Best Composure Whilst Being Doused In Filthy Fountain Spray

Smoldering and yet vulnerable, Johansson proves while filming The Nanny Diaries that it is indeed possible to hang out on College Walk without getting a face full of pipe-water, being beseiged by pigeons, or giggling inappropriately because the fountains look like a distinctive article of masculine anatomy (i.e. dicks).

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Spectrum | Apr. 19 6:21 pm EST

Girl power

David Brann / Spec

In today’s paper, reporter Carly Crane reports that last month, the 108th Street church ordained Eva Duzant, the church’s first female pastor in its 90-year history.

Southern Baptist congregation members said that it was about time for a woman to come to the forefront of the church.

“I think women need to be more involved in the teaching,” Paralee Feld, a member of the congregation, said.

But she also said that the gender should not be at issue. “I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, as long as they are teaching me the gospel,” Feld said.

With Duzant being appointed minister and this past Tuesday having been Equal Pay Day, meant to bring awareness to the fact that women make 77 cents on average for every dollar men earn, I decided it was time we celebrate two of the women we love most at Columbia.

  • Alma Mater: Who would tourists take pictures with if not for Alma? Who would give the incoming class the quickly shattered hope of becoming valedictorian if not for Alma? But seriously, who would serve as the icon of our campus if not for Alma? People may not know the name of the “big glass building” or which library’s the real one, but everybody knows Alma. Alma is our Eiffel Tower, our Statue of Liberty, and I can’t think of anyone else who could do the job better.
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Spectrum | Oct. 16 10:30 pm EST

The moment none of you have been waiting for! Liveblog of Alma Mater/The Steps

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Each week, Eli Grober and Bob Vulfov liveblog something. Anything. Everything. Waste your time as we waste ours!

Tonight’s liveblog will commence at 10:30 p.m. and feature the popular sunbathing/flirting locale known as “The Steps.” For those of you wondering, the answer is “No.” We don’t have lives. But if the question was, “Shouldn’t you be doing homework?” the answer is “Definitely yes.” More »


Spectrum | Oct. 16 9:42 pm EST


Each week, on Sunday, Eli Grober and Bob Vulfov liveblog something. Anything. Everything. They take Eli’s computer, throw it in the trash, and then open up Bob’s computer and type their thoughts and observations into the Internet. Check it out!

Tonight’s liveblog will commence at 10:30 p.m., feature the popular sunbathing/flirting locale known as “The Steps,” and will only end when Public Safety kicks us off for engaging in fun activities, or when it becomes about 11:30 p.m. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. AND YOUR ENEMIES.


Spectrum | May. 19 11:26 pm EST
uncivil disobedience

The seniors’ last stand

Last night, the class of 2011 donned their fatigues and took to the battlefield in the War on Fun for the final time.

Over the past week, rumors had been swirling around an alleged kegger scheduled to take place in the EC quad, but the seniors instead assembled in IAB for combat.

Spectrum arrived on the scene at 11:30 p.m. to find seniors getting slizzard.

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Opinion | Nov. 4 10:00 pm EST

Hamilton Caption Contest: And the winner is…

Today, we announce the winner of this week’s Alexander Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest. And so, without further ado, the winning caption of the second Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest:

Jody Zellman

The winner is … anonymous. For the second week in a row. Seriously, folks, leave your name. The winner gets a signed copy of the cartoon, with his winning caption. But we gotta know who it is.

We had a lot of hilarious entries from which to choose—we’re sorry we could only pick one. Thanks to all who submitted and we hope you’ll submit again in the future.

Check back Sunday for the next installment of the Hamilton Caption Contest.


Opinion | Oct. 30 1:33 pm EST

Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest

This week we bring you the second installment of Spectrum’s Alexander Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest. The Hamilton Caption Contest is named in honor of that lion of all Lions, Alexander Hamilton, for his lifetime dedication to advancing the cause of life, liberty, and the pursuit of snappiness.

The winning caption will be published Thursday, along with the winner’s name (and, of course, the cartoon). If we select your caption, you’ll get the original, signed copy of the cartoon, with your caption on it. More »


Opinion | Oct. 1 11:28 am EST
Casual Friday

Casual Friday: A pearl before swine

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In “The Republic,” Plato imagines a world in which man follows only his basest desires. It would be, he says, a sort of “city of pigs.”

Plato’s thought plays a central role in a Columbia education. We read him in Contemporary Civilization and myriad philosophy classes, and his name is up there on the façade of Butler, the place where all the greatest people in history have their names carved.

Yet, even those of us who have not read Plato have been deeply influenced by his writings: Our daily lives here are an embodiment of his thought.

For Columbia is a city of pigs. More »


Opinion | Sep. 23 4:00 pm EST

What’s for dinner?

Joanna Wang


Opinion | Sep. 17 12:32 pm EST

What’s up with UNIs?

Hi all. My name’s James Dawson and I’ll be blogging for Spectrum about politics. Also, things that annoy me. Take, for example, the UNI system. This past week, I’ve heard more than a few freshpersons complain about their new Columbia e-mail addresses. The standard addresses are nice, sure. But they’re kinda hard to remember, and they get weird looks when you hand them out. More »