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Who's hot, Who's not

Fast runners, draft prospects, and an Ivy player in the NBA are all hot

Courtesy of Columbia Athletics

In this week’s “Who’s hot, who’s not,” we’ve got some really fast mile runners, an NFL prospect, an Ivy Leaguer in the NBA and more. Check it out to see where they all fall on the list.

Who’s hot

Jeff Adams

Growing up in Minnesota, one of my favorite athletes was Matt Birk, a former all-pro Minnesota Viking (now with the Baltimore Ravens) who went to Harvard. This season, there were only two offensive linemen from the Ivy League on active NFL rosters (Birk and the Giants’ Kevin Boothe). Now if Adams were to get drafted, it would mark a 50 percent increase in Ivy League offensive linemen in the NFL. Some mock draft boards have him going as early as the sixth round. Bottom line: Jeff Adams is going to the NFL, and even more importantly, you could play as Jeff Adams in Madden 2013.

Waverly Neer

We find all sorts of excuses not to go to the gym (too much homework, too crazy of a night, other “obligations”). Many Columbians don’t set their first foot in Dodge Fitness Center until they have to take their P.E. requirement. On the other hand, Waverly Neer did strength and conditioning workouts throughout the season, despite suffering a near season-ending injury, and her anti-laziness has paid off. Having already established herself as a cross country phenomenon in the four meets she ran this season, Neer wasted no time in showing she’s a formidable indoor runner as well by breaking the women’s indoor mile record with a time of 4:41.92.

If only you were as hard-working as Waverly Neer, you too could make it to on the next “who’s hot, who’s not” list.

Kyle Merber

At Columbia, it is customary to complain about classes in Pupin, even though they really only take around four minutes to get to from the south part of campus. Now in four minutes, Kyle Merber can run a mile (to put this into context 20 New York blocks is a mile. So in the time it takes you to walk from Butler to Pupin, Kyle Merber would have run all the way up to Manhattanville). Merber recently qualified for the prestigious Millrose Games at The Armory on Feb. 11, and for his accomplishment he was featured on Fox 5′s Good Day New York!

Who’s not

The “Lamestream” media

For anyone who knows me, Sarah Palin is a big idol of mine (partially due to our shared Midwestern/Alaskan accent). Regardless, we can agree on one thing—haters gonna hate and players gonna play. Who am I referring to as a player in this case? None other than the Ivy League’s Jeremy Lin (yes…we are claiming him). His stats are off the roof, averaging 25.3 points per game over the last three games and leading the Knicks in scoring twice over their last three wins. Now who are we saying are the haters? That’s right: the media. Several publications have said Lin was expendable, minor, inconsequential. Even this blogger is guilty of a little sarcasm at the cost of Jeremy Lin, but who is laughing now?

Well…not Jeremy Lin. You see, Jeremy Lin is like the Tim Tebow of basketball (except just a lot better at his sport). His devout religious humility in my mind makes him far more exceptional than someone like Alex Rodriguez.

Men’s Squash

The men’s squash has dropped three straight, having been swept by Harvard and Dartmouth at home last week. Part of the reason is that freshman standout Ramit Tandon, who is ranked as the No. 2 junior squash player in the world, is playing for India in the Squash World Cup. Without Tandon in the lineup, the Lions have struggled, having lost five of their last seven matches. On the bright side, the program is still in its first year, and if head coach Jacques Swanepoel can get top world talent like Tandon on the team, Columbia will squash (…get it?) the competition.




  1. The Cloak Who Is Also Somehow Wearing a Mask • February 10, 2012 at 6:08 pm • Reply

    Funny…sometimes I run a mile really fast to get away from the SPECT. But sometimes I run a mile really fast to get a copy of the SPECT because I am interestedin reading a story in it. Maybe you should try it?????

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    • Frank • March 28, 2012 at 2:35 am • Reply

      this is way too much! i’m SO not on the linsanity bogdwanan. i understand the cinderella story, and i haven’t really watched him play, but from what little i see, he turns over the ball way too much! sorry, jeremy.

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  2. MRA • February 10, 2012 at 9:59 pm • Reply

    MN: Greatest place on earth.

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    • Jagjit • March 29, 2012 at 8:23 pm • Reply

      A bit like DC comics eursphero Clark Kent, you know, the one with the nerd/superman alter ego. If you know how really tough NBA basketball is, you’ll appreciate his heroics for a success starved NY Knicks team. Now JLin needs to play well and consistently to deserve the point guard starting position.

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  3. Luiza • March 30, 2012 at 5:54 am • Reply

    The Mavericks may have found the biggest seleper in the draft.I’m a big Jeremy Lin fan, and not just because he’s a future pastor/minister. At the 2010 Portsmouth Invitation (similar to the NFL’s pre-draft Senior Bowl) against future NBA draft picks, Jeremy Lin averaged 10 points, 6 assists, 3 steals, and 60% FG percentage. In 2008 in 7 games (some multiple) against Colorado, George Washington, UConn, and BC, he averaged 20 points, 5 rebs, 5 assists, and 3 steals, even though the other team was double or triple teaming him all game as the only good player for Harvard. In 2009 against UConn and BC twice he averaged 27 points, 5 rebs, 5 assists, and 3 steals, again while double or triple teamed. His entire life Jeremy Lin has constantly faced obstacles and discrimination (not to mention racial slurs) in the basketball world, because of his race. He was California’s basketball State Player of the Year after taking an unknown HS team to take the championship over powerhouse Mater Dei, yet was offered no Division-I basketball scholarship from any school. Harvard was the only school to give him a spot, and with no scholarship. I don’t think it ever happened before that a Player of the Year in a huge state like California, didn’t get any college scholarship offers to play. Then, at Harvard, all he did was break all sorts of conference records, put Harvard on the map without any other legit player on the team, and this year finished as a finalist for both the John Wooden and Bob Cousy Award, for best D-I college player and best D-I guard in the country. If his last name were different, he might have gotten a chance to start at a different college and become a 1st round pick. He is taller than Avery Bradley, and just as athletic if you look at his dunks, blocks, and steals playing against players who were picked in the draft.For those not familiar with him, here are some ESPN, Time Magazine, and Washington Post,8599,1951044, the poster Rex’: Jeremy Lin plays an extremely unselfish game and makes his team’s better, but you can’t blame him for those losses. His Harvard team had literally no other decent players, and basketball is a team game. Everyone saw how far Cornell went this year in the March Madness tournament (Sweet 16), with 3 legit NBA prospects. Against Cornell, Jeremy’s Harvard team was no match, but Jeremy had 24 points on 7 for 12 shooting. He was hardly shut down’ by Cornell, he simply had no help.

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