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the plague

What it’s like being sick in college, as told through GIFs

Neil R/ Flickr

It’s the season of the four-day (or eight-day, or endless) cold. The first flu fairs aren’t until October, the noodles in Milano’s chicken noodle soup are still too hard to eat, and your roommate will kill you if you get sick.

So you get sick.

You might realize it with a tickle in your throat as you’re falling asleep:

gracefuldreamer / tumblr

Or the next morning when you can’t get out of bed:

suziehomewrecker / tumblr

You can’t make yourself go to class, and it’s not for the usual reasons of fatigue/boredom/laziness:

usernamenoonehas / tumblr

You’re trying to remain optimistic in light of your impending doom:

newfluffytown / tumblr

But you soon realize you’re in the grips of a cold/upper respiratory infection/flu/unidentified Oregon Trail-like illness and can’t escape:

cuter-on-the-internet / tumblr

Your symptoms are so disgusting that no one wants to ride the elevator with you:

thebusinessweave / tumblr

And even your roommate is losing the energy to help you, afraid she’ll get sick (which she obviously will):

pandalala / tumblr

If you call your mom, your dad, and your rooommate in the middle of the day and none of them picks up, does that mean no one wants to rub Vicks VapoRub on you?

vickisaurus / tumblr

Eventually, though, you wise up, abandoning homeopathic B.S. for high-octane drugs—you know, the things they make meth out of (and maybe start a “Breaking Bad” Netflix binge in bed):

mokes420x / tumblr

Before you know it, you’ll be back to your old self, forgetting all the life lessons/health pledges you made during your illness.

freshmenoflife / tumblr




  1. Anonymous • September 27, 2013 at 2:55 am • Reply

    That feeling right when you KNOW you’re getting sick, but you’re not quite sick yes, is the worrrst

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  2. Bronchitisaurus • September 27, 2013 at 12:09 pm • Reply

    This is the best thing to have ever been written on the internet. No GIFs more accurate.

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