Spectrum | Apr. 26 4:09 pm EST
Service Changes

Update: No downtown service from 137th to 103rd

In case you were thinking of getting off campus, MTA service this weekend is a bit weird, according to the MTA website. Both downtown and uptown 1 service is interrupted—especially frustrating is that downtown trains will skip stops around us.


1 Subway Line Icon South Ferry-bound trains skip 137, 125, 116, 110 and 103 Sts

This means that downtown trains will only be running from 96th Street. MTA recommends you take the 1 train uptown to 145th and then transfer for the downtown. I would take the B or C from 116th Street and then transfer to the 1 at 59th.


1 Subway Line Icon Van Cortlandt Park-bound trains skip Franklin, Canal, Houston and Christopher Sts

Once again, the C train can probably help you here. The 1 is running express from Chambers to 14th Street, but the C will be making local stops at Fourth Street, Spring Street, and Canal Street.



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